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  1. The issue with the cloud shadows is the ignoring of indirect lighting by the sky itself. The sunlight shines through the atmosphere and spreads in all directions. Also to the ground. The problem could be reduced by decreasing the cloud shadow intensity, which might look weird in some situations as well or it could be fully resolved by creating another soft light source, with the color tone of the sky, shining parallel down.
  2. Hey guys, my request is adressed to the more experienced and enthusiastic modders and coders around here. You may know that there are two textures on the caucasus map which fill the most of it: "noise_1" and "snownoise", while its depending on the terrain height which of these both textures is visible. From a predefined altitude on and above, "snownoise" is blended in and replaces "noise_1". Thats how it is now and the prinicple is simple. But unfortunately this also means that the texture, which can be found around sealevel AND on mountains from several hundred meters height is the same, which is kinda unrealistic. So I would like to squeeze another texture between them to create a more gradual transition. That means from a specific altitude on a new texture replaces "noise_1" and from another and higher altitude "snownoise" replaces the new texture. I snooped in some LUAs but I dont know enough about coding to know how to do this or if its even possible. My question is, is it possible and if yes, how can I do this? Thanks in advance.
  3. You are right. Its not perfect but way better now. Before, the lightning and shadowing were simply too strong. Too bright in sunlight and too dark in shadows. After over 2 years they finally fixed (at least to me) one of the most distracting graphic issues of this map. Time to blow the dust off and fly it again :)
  4. I guess ED tried to model the partial transparency of leaf. Its a good idea but it definitely needs adjustments.
  5. @jerzem Ich selbst mache das davon abhängig, welche Zusatzinhalte noch kommen werden. Eine F-8 oder G-8-Variante oder Rüstsätze. Die A-8 ist relativ vielseitig aber eben erst WEGEN der Umbaumöglichkeiten. Bliebe das komplett unberücksichtigt, würde sich das irgendwie unvollständig anfühlen und ich glaube nicht, dass sich die Anton dann für den D-9-Besitzer lohnt, da das Cockpit, Flugverhalten, Optik und Bewaffnung nu nicht SOO erheblich von der Dora abweichen dürfte. Im Multiplayer kommt das noch mehr zum Tragen, da sie deutlich langsamer ist, als die Dora und ohne Umrüstungen wenig taktischen Wert hat. Im Luftkampf gegen Mustangs und Spitfires wird man mit der Anton bestimmt viel fluchen. Wenn aber irgendwann 3xSC250 oder die SC1000 dazukommen...oder vielleicht sogar 2xMK108 und Torpedos! Alter Schwede! Dann schlage ich sofort zu!
  6. Mmh. Sie haben gemogelt. Sie haben den Rahmen des Windschilds verschlankt ;-) Ich habe nun selber schon gegrübelt, wie man das bewerkstelligen könnte. Man kennt doch diese Pixel Shader, die benutzt werden, um Wasser oder Hitzflimmern zu rendern. Ich glaube, wenn man Pixel Shadern eine entsprechende "gerichtete" und statische Maske verpasst (also ohne dieses Wabern), müsste man einen beliebigen Bildausschnitt verschieben können, ohne eine leistungsfressenden zweite Viewpoint einbauen zu müssen.
  7. Funfact: I even mentioned the unrealistic lighting a year or so BEFORE release when the first screenshots were shown. Later I even created a thread about it but only very few cared because it seemed to be too early to judge. I hate being proved right. But the worst thing about it isnt even the bad lighting or shimmering issue or the tiling effect. Its how ugra media handles it. They published this map with the named issues and then faced new projects, like "well maybe we care about the normandy map again someday when we finished the syria map" and the customer has to deal with a somehow unfinished product, which he cant have much fun with for years. Atleast I cant.
  8. Ich würde auch gern erfahren, welche Rüstsätze verfügbar sein werden. Wenn die Vielseitigkeit der A8 nicht durch diverse Rüstsätze ausgereizt wird und man die Dora schon hat, erscheint die A8 irgendwie weniger reizvoll. Ein wenig mehr Transparenz wäre nicht schlecht um die Kaufentscheidung zu erleichtern. @Gerd-Wiem Das ist die gleiche Rakete, die schon für die Dora verfügbar ist.
  9. Alright thanks. The Anton is pretty versatile so I hoped for a little more.
  10. Does anybody have a confirmed list of loadouts for the A-8? Couldnt find anything yet.
  11. I didnt try it yet because I just read that these drivers could cause unnormal high cpu usage. Maybe its better to wait until they hotfixed this. But anyway for those who installed it alerady, the cpu usage is something to have an eye on.
  12. I know its impossible to satisfy everybodys taste but I really liked the subtile blueish style of the previous version 2.5.4. It looked more hazy and misty. Like thicker and moister air absorbs more light. Kinda atmospheric. Still an awesome mod.
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