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  1. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3504350#post3504350 ITS HERE !!!!
  2. Not a bug, in AUT mode computer will release bombs automatically, just like in CCRP mode in A-10C
  3. Hi, try downloading it from here: :thumbup: http://blaueente.net/Mods/?sort=n
  4. Hm... great... I Can't wait to see modules like: UH1H Multicrew module F/A-18 Weapons Pack Caucasus 2.0 Assets Pack (Oh... Hello WWII Assets Pack)
  5. You never know... :) And easy, that was sarcasm... :smilewink:
  6. I can't wait to see the "F/A-18 - Weapons Bundle"
  7. Ctrl + Z <- To Accelerate time Shit + Z <- To reset time acceleration Alt + Z <- to slow down time
  8. :joystick: I want to go to Las Vegas :pilotfly:
  9. Hello, i've noticed PAPI lights are all red, even if i'm on the glideslope or above it.
  10. Hello, the parachute in mig29 is invisible. Here's the screenshot.
  11. I Love You <3.... Can i get one ? ;D
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