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  1. Argentina navy buy the the Super Etendard to replace the a4 squadron do to age of the a4 and cracked frames, the total buy was around 15 SE and 30 or more Exocets to be delivered that year, I can provide details numbers and dates if interested since that will be a nice scenario, also have details of the camberra chaff implementation, the use of h130 radar to search for the fleet, the use of thermal cameras (first use on a war) to detect argentine position and laser bombs usage by the British. (all well documented)
  2. Well I see VKB has return to its origins and go full modular, kudos. BUT Where is a Saitek type modular or not throttle? Front panels must have regulable attachments for phones tablets How the gunfighter work with this modules?
  3. they must use external power or recommend a powered usb hub, a line of devices that search such precision cant be at hands of the pc that can have power problems or under gaming is stressed the psu. I have tell that to VKB for years, also the rudders mus have protection for the electronics inside.....it live on the ground cant have the contacts exposed. future, the throttle, some lcd screnns? panels, etc. must go for an external power source.
  4. I have see picture and read about the llaser guided bombs, and not always can they fly low, there was a Oerlikon skyguard that protect a 300meters bouble. the laser guided bombs was used during the ninght attacks.
  5. from what I heard it was not welcome in the raf how he finish the shutdown of the c 130 when it was about to make a sea landing. but that's old history.
  6. https://nhacmp3youtube.com/video/bjpgSEPk1TY.html radar on 82 harriers, by veteran pilots
  7. look like a VKB copy...…………..not even their email work.
  8. yes must be available (option/modern mod/etc) Plus I was used after the war in the 80s/early 90s , argentine air force send planes straight tothe island to make the British on alert and send planes but before get close to BR air space the argentine planes turn back. That wasdone several times. some post war intercept missions do happened.
  9. for the music, I am really against abut discussion's like it was a football mach. http://www.defensionem.com/rise-fall-argentine-air-force/ doc is the best of ar air activity http://www.radarmalvinas.com.ar/radar_malvinas.htm all pdf with British version, my point is to show how intense was and how dcs could make the best aut of the conflict faa2-ct.pdf
  10. missions are not easy, like the anti radar for de skyward and the ar radar went off, brits think it was hit and ar wait to the harrier came close and turn it back on. there a lots of surprises there like am38 lunch from ground....so is not a easy ride. for those people that loose their life's there, brits and ar are very much a like and that war change naval war doctrine.
  11. The nice about this war between allies (that's how I call it) and one thing was the battle for the islands and another the war with uk, was the military equipment performance. Some things work other not, the lack of the a4 radar end electronics make then totally passive and hard to detect. the starting to use john with a machine guns (cant have software malfunctions). My old man is non military engineer that at the time work the ar minister of defence (also consultor of Europe cannon and tank builders), after the war he have a ton of work creating different weapon system usage reports.(skyward for example) In war you use to the limit all you have even if was not designed for that use. I can provide specific information, and detail activities of all ar air activity, like the h130 (have pictures) modified for bombing that sink the Hercules ship (well it was skunked not by the bomb that exploit but for the one that did not explode (nobody want a ship with ammo whit unexploded bomb so the crew sunk it). normally in forums ar and brits discuss this like a football mach...….I do not, I can provide documents for the creation of historical missions. taken all equipment to de limit can provide very great missions (harriers forced to land on small ships, south see conditions, weather, night raids of ar camberras that have to race home when harriers went after (camberras use custom build radar jamming window type) so all was to the limit, no mission have a safe ticket back and that was for both sides. Custom mission could include the bombing of ar key continental assets like the nuclear reactors or airbases.
  12. there where all type of missions, h130 low alt, then go up for moment to make 1 radar sweep, the Fenix squadron use civil planes and pilots to make approach's and then run back, lots of planes: from no tech (not even altitude radar) to lots of tech. One h130 bomb the ship Hercules, so we can have h130 as bombers...…,Camberra bomb at night, heavy A/A to learn to dodge (skyguard), it have many possibility's, all missions are ultra risky and we can add more things.
  13. http://www.f-16grips.com/ expensive...…..
  14. A4 still operational Mcdonnell Douglas/Lockheed Martin OA-4AR Fighting Hawk
  15. the keyboard means that a future vkb devices will include simmers oriented keyboard? will be a foldable feature to hide all that fast? (a must if work from home and married)
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