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  1. Cool, thanks, that's not bad. Perhaps the numbers will go up with the new DM. I might install the game again to give it a try. abçs,
  2. I would like to ask you guys, how is the multiplayer scene for WWII nowadays? I might need to take a break from Il-2, but I would like to know if there is a crowd in multiplayer. My WWII experience is also almost non-existent, I only flew WWI in the last decade, but I may adapt. I got to fly DCS for a couple months in 2017, but I didn't even get to map all of my controls. It may be that this time I get hooked. Anyways, I might install the sim to see how things evolved since 2017, perhaps take the P-51 for a ride / I love the startup procedures. I think I have 3 WWII modules. As a note, single player has 0% appeal to me at this point. I appreciate any input. Cheers, -------
  3. Thanks, I'll give it a try when I have some spare time (I'll return a feedback). If it does not work, I'll redo them sometime in the future.
  4. Should I consider the profiles lost? I think that I did the right thing. The same procedure I did when I bought the Normandy map / and it worked OK. Do someone from DCS check these bug reports? Its been a while.
  5. To make sure that I was doing the right thing, I just did one change to the P-51 profile (ingame) and a folder named P-51 was automatically created in the folder "Input". Then I just copied all my aircraft folders and pasted to that folder (Input). The aircraft folders have subfolders named Joystick, Keyboard, Mouse, Trackir.
  6. I pasted all my old profile files to C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\ and nothing happens. It appears that I have to redo them all from scratch. Does anyone know why that is? It is a bug or the procedure to handle profiles changed?
  7. I pasted all my profiles to C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\Input\ and nothing happens. Does anyone know why that is? Do we have any feedback from the developers? Is it a bug or do we need to redo it all over again? EDIT: I'm with the released version, not the open beta (had no idea there were two). Mods can delete it. I posted at the released version section.
  8. That's a module that I would buy even though DCS is on full backburner for me. You can also lobby (if that ever works) for it here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=189449
  9. I don't see that way. DCS created an 'official mod' with tinted glass for whatever reason (might be a internal bug) and now we have to create a countermod to fly the real thing. It makes no sense. Unless they don't have time to fix it now, but whenever we have a release version it should not come with a tinted mod version of the real thing. Dang, it is not historical and it impairs visibility. How come that should be an official version? And in all modules? It is not even a version. Let's say Preddy had a custom made tinted glass on his P-51 (hypothetically) and DCS releases a "Preddy version". Fine, people can even buy it and help the cause, but not in all modules. It is a matter of good sense.
  10. I agree. I expected to see a fix with this last update. Not everyone has time and dedication to be looking for fixes, and even some veterans are having problems with it. Is there any official word regarding the problem somewhere else?
  11. THanks guys :thumbup: I might try it tomorrow.
  12. Cool, I'll research about it or I'll compare with the 109 to see how it is done. Thanks :thumbup:
  13. Can I change the glass for multiplayer or this is just for SP? It is the same as making a skin? As a matter of the simulation per se, it does not make sense to create a tinted glass that is fictional and force everyone who wants to fly the real thing to create a mod. It should be the other way around. So I hope they fix it.
  14. Thanks, that's bad news. They should offer it as a mod for the players who like to give a twist to their planes. I rather stick with simulation and functionality.
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