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  1. Same problem here. The only workaround I found is to steal the Hellfire from George, then I get the symbology, it locks in LOBL mode and I can fire it myself.
  2. Same problem here, working as CPG with a friend PLT. Sometimes the Hellfire does not detect the laser and the square will stay small. And when it locks, the missiles consistently go to the exact same spot 20-30m away from the lased target. Looking at the Hellfire from external view, in the terminal phase it moves all around the place. Even more problems: I introduce points, routes and make direct, select acquisition and my pilot does not see anything of that, he has to do everything by himself. Once we landed and he saw my TADS drifting away from the place I was aiming it. It is as if the syncing is constantly lost. Probably everything is related. I have tried to leave the aircraft and join back, but the Hellfires still consistently miss. We have tried this both serving myself a mission and using a random public server, it never worked.
  3. As we know, there is a delay when launching an air to air missile (in particular the radar western variants) while the aircraft feeds the missile with target data and gets ready for the launch. It is implemented in most DCS modules: F-16, F-15C, F-14, etc.; but not on the F/A-18. For me, not having this delay reduces a bit the immersion of the module. Will it be implemented at some point? E.g., here is a part from The Fighter Pilot Podcast where Mongo describes that "it takes about a second to leave the airplane" when launching his AIM-7. Thank you
  4. Also please note that this problem is not exclusive of the exp modes. It happens in all a/g that I have tried: standard ground mapping, freeze, even in sea mode... Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 4 mediante Tapatalk
  5. CBU-97 and -105 are basically the same bomb, just the -105 is wind corrected but it cannot be used in CCIP mode.
  6. I wonder how you can visually id a locked contact in the Hornet with the bugged launch steering dot over it hiding it.
  7. This happened to me yesterday too. I remember this bug from the legacy A-10C: a pitch down was felt after passing under a bridge or under another aircraft. Then when landing at the threshold the pitch did reset, so a strong pitch up was felt there. It was fixed years ago. I had no time to check whether it is the same bug, but it definitely felt the same. A few threads from that time:
  8. Ignore the ATC, it will not give you the QNH altimeter setting but the pressure at the field elevation (QFE). For QNH, just set the altimeter so it reads the correct field elevation or use Alt+B to display the briefing and there you can see the QNH setting at the end.
  9. How was that video recorded? Is it a superposition of the aircraft recording the HMD display over a gopro video mounted on the helmet? There the symbology on the HMD is very easily made out from the one on the HUD (this one is not even in focus and cannot be read at all). The problem in the sim is that it is very difficult to distinguish between the symbology in the HUD and the one in the helmet, so for example when I get something like in this video, with 2 TD boxes one pointing up and the other one that seems to be pointing down because it is drawn on the lower of the HUD, it is painfully confusing. And in dogfights this happens all the time. I am sure that we are missing something here. Probably in the real life is easy to differentiate which symbology is from the HUD and which from the HMD and everything is more intuitive Perhaps because of the missing arrow in the HMD that Dorian says. Perhaps because the HMD is only in one eye or it is just more apparent. But I am sure that it cannot be as confusing as what we have now in DCS or they would have told the HMD developer to modify it.
  10. Anyone that has tried to use the AG mapping radar to designate targets knows it is a mess. You need to designate while the current update. If the next swipe starts you are now designating in an old radar image and it will be off. Same thing happens when you use the freeze option: the image you see will always be old and the designation totally useless. Every time you make a designation, you need to wait a refresh or disable and re-enable the EXP option to force it, and then look where you actually designated your target. All this makes no sense at all.
  11. I see this was already reported. I was trying this campaign today. I can't see anything except for the GMT radar, but still an IR SA-9 just appears out of the fog and the clouds and obviously hits me. AI-omnivision: 1 - escaner: 0
  12. Maybe this should be posted in the bugs section for better visibility. After all it is an implementation inaccuracy.
  13. Thank you for the workaround. It is definitely weird that you can select the azimuth scan volume but not the antenna movement in the radar page.
  14. After uncaging the Walleye, an OBS "CRAB" appears to recage it. In the attached track I show how it works correctly with manual slewing, but then when I use WPDSG to designate a target; after uncaging and auto-slewing to the target, CRAB option appears again but it does not work. Note also that stepping out of the weapon station and back to it the weapon appears recaged. I expect to be able to recage the Walleye with the target designation. But if it is actually not possible to recage it in these conditions, probably the CRAB option should not appear as it makes no sense and leads to confusion. I think that some investigation on this issue is in order. Thank you walleye-recage.trk
  15. In RWS/LTWS with a reduced azimuth scan area, how can you select now where to point the antenna? It defaults to center, but I would like to move it left or right. Clicking with the TDC just tries to go STT there. Thanks
  16. The HMD automatically rejects most of its symbology when looking through the HUD, but when we have an A/A target locked, it displays its TD box anyway in the HUD area. Therefore many times we see two TD boxes in the HUD: one drawn by the HUD itself and the other one by the HMD. This situation is very confusing for me, because most of the time they do not even match position due to field of view limits in both displays. Is there a way to prevent the HMD from displaying the TD box in the HUD area? Is this behavior even correct? It seems so weird and confusing... PS: sorry if this has been discussed earlier, but I cannot find any post about it. Thanks for your help
  17. Indeed, both the F/A-18 and F-16 have been at 50% discount during the pandemic confinement sale and free trial period in March-April-May 2020. I think that they were again at 50% later at the very close summer sale, but not sure there. There were also coupons advertised by several Youtube channels that increased the discount further by 5% IIRC. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2020-03-18/ They never have reached those discounts again though.
  18. Now that there seems to be some F-5 love again, maybe you could look into this 4 year old bug report that never got any answered or fixed. I am attaching a track that basically does the same as in the first message description and the video. Thank you. f5-df-rdr-bug.trk
  19. I have uploaded the trackfile here, but even at 2x speed it deviates from the actual events pretty soon for me. The maximum closure with the "ghost" happens about 29 minutes into the mission. My radar could see the contact (upper HAFU) even at over 80NM and when not scanning its position, and as dorianR666 says, Tacview does not show anything at its position. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AKGGp4UzfucH71_yP3yfxlUuYeoctSg5/view?usp=sharing Edit: I have tried the track also without acceleration and it also does not work for me: at some point my aircraft starts turning to the left and going upwards instead of following its actual flight. But this kind of things has always happened to me while other people say they work for them, so who knows.
  20. BIGNEWY, I don't know how to replicate the problem. there should be a couple of tracks from multiplayer sessions in my disc, but they must be 3h long, probably not useful. Would a chunk of video streaming help?
  21. I keep finding these bandit air to air contacts. I can lock them but visually there is nothing there (see screenshot at 0.1NM range, it should be perfectly visible). I will not lose lock on them even when they are behind my aircraft, out of gimbal limits. AMRAAMs do not track them and Sidewinders do not give me tone either. I cannot find any post about them in the forums. What are they? Is this a bug? If so, has it been reported? Thanks
  22. These CMS hat changes aren't supposed to be something related to the newer suite in the Tank Killer module? Also, the original Warthog module manual was not updated, which is inconsistent to updating the CMS functionality as happened in it.
  23. In the book "Hornets over Kuwait", Jay Stout (USMC pilot in 1991 ODS) says that for CAP (defending their air base in Bahrain IIRC) they were taking 2 fuel tanks (one under each wing), 3 or 4 Sparrows, 4 Sidewinders and full gun ammo. That is weird, because in order to carry 4 Sparrows they would need to carry one of the tanks in the center pylon or drop 2 Sidewinders, but I guess you get the picture.
  24. High lift devices. That is the generic name for flaps & slats in aviation.
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