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  1. Because your below statement makes anymore sense and includes more information than the fact that I stated there are no F-15E's stationed near Roanoke, VA. Do you enjoy making yourself look bad when attempting to troll everything I say?
  2. You should lay off whatever the drug is you are on. There are no F-15E's based around the DC/Virginia area, nor the Roanoke area. The closest location would be Seymour Johnson which is more than 150mi SE. Even then, you wouldn't be seeing two random F-15's low and fast if they were on a route between Seymour and Langley. Maybe you saw a really large RC plane?
  3. You obviously missed the point. I am referring to the amount of fuel being burned HERE when it is supposed to be burned over THERE. 4 to 6 Red Flags a year is much too much.
  4. The objective behind the decision is to preserve money and only demonstrate the latest and greatest piece of hardware and the key recruiting tool of the USAF (the Thunderbirds). Maybe if the Air Force would stop blowing millions upon millions of dollars from hosting 4-6 Red Flag's every year, the Air Force could actually afford to support more demonstration teams as well as more combat flights overseas.
  5. Are they all just progressive updates and we only need to download the latest one?
  6. Just cut and paste the files to a new directory on the new drive, then open the registry editor and change the directory path for each. Don't forget to edit your execution path with your icons too. It should hopefully work without having to use another activation.
  7. Here is an original version with original sound..
  8. Good luck with your sound paymod. Just be sure you don't include copyrighted audio files from other third-party mods and/or steal sounds from videos posted by individuals on YouTube. That is if you intend to copyright payware that is already copyrighted.:D
  9. I didn't say that I know what the next jet is, nor have I previously (because I don't). I just have a good idea of what to expect given from what I have learned through word of mouth of background sources. I admit, I could be wrong and there is no way of knowing till the official title is released by ED, but I suspect a 99% probability that I am correct.
  10. Yeah, okay.:laugh: We'll see who is right when the time comes.:)
  11. I don't need to say exactly what but I will say that I know for a fact of (unnamed person) receiving a certain something for a certain aircraft back in 2010. Yes, I do know.:smartass:
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