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  1. Well then I guess either no one is enabling random failures in the construction of their F-14 Campaigns, or they're not working. As I've said, I've never encountered a single system failure that wasn't brought about by damage. IRL the Tomcat was known to be quite maintenance heavy and crews did experience various systems failing on occasion. Be nice to have to work around an issue mid-mission every now and again.
  2. Engine failures? Is this a thing? I've never had a 'Random Mechanical Failure', engine or otherwise, are they modelled? The fire extinguishes don't do anything, never have.
  3. Mission 6 - Tanker Texaco not transmitting TACAN single and I think causes game to freeze/crash. Perhaps player's F-14 not set to T/R at outset. Need to check... EDIT: ...Confirmed, player's TACAN is set to T/R.
  4. My I recommend checking out the Grim Reapers' Dogfight Technique videos:
  5. DCS listed a couple of potential fixes in today's patch. I shall checkout Mission 2 again shortly... ...Okay, so it worked this time. Perhaps today's patch corrected something. Thank you.
  6. Game has frozen a couple of times for me in Mission 2, when trying to change waypoints via Jester menu. null
  7. Auto-throttle light (below NWS light) not coming on. AT only engaging for me when the throttle is roughly lined-up with the the rivet. Not when it's between 75 - 90%, as stated in the manual:
  8. Just before the game froze-up again today I noticed the radio tuned to a frequency automatically when I attempted to contact the carrier via the Comms menu. When I asked Jester to tune to the Carrier TACAN the game froze and crashed. Some servers have Easy Comms as a global setting. I have Easy Comms deselected/switched off in my local settings. Perhaps this hints at where the conflict is. I suspect it's only on servers with Easy Comms that the crash occurs. Suggested workaround: If you stick to using the Comms menu on servers with Easy Comms, then the radio will automatically tune to the right frequency and you can avoid using the Jester menu for this purpose.
  9. I commented on this on May 18th. I cannot get auto-throttle to engage at between 75-90%. It usually only works just above idle for me, but not any more than that, making it a very narrow target to hit. It sometimes takes multiple attempts to engage. As per a Grim Reapers video AT used to engage anywhere between idle and about 90%, now it's very tricky:
  10. I concur. APC (Auto-throttle) is still too tricky to engage.
  11. I think the manual says you must be between 75 - 90% power for auto-throttle to engage, but in practice I find it engages more easily just above idle. It certainly doesn't engage as easily as it used to, but perhaps it's been made more realistic. I find it helps if the gear and flaps are fully deployed and probably the DLC too. There is an auto-throttle light beneath the NWS (Nose-wheel steering) caution light, but for some strange reason it only seems to come on for a few seconds, instead of staying illuminated when the system is activated, like the NWS does.
  12. Yeah, that's about where mine froze-up too.
  13. Thank you Sandman. I shall keep an eye on Enfield 3 & 4. If they don't leave the rendezvous point I'll know it isn't worth continuing the mission and restart. I've played the mission four times and have only had it work properly on one occasion. Unfortunately on that occasion I failed to land on the Carrier, d'oh! I appreciate all your efforts and I'm loving your Campaign. EDIT: Just playing through now. Everything's working as it should...and the game froze on approach
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