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  1. The idea is to have an attack on a port. As you will be aware, there are ships already on the map in many of the ports (i.e. not placed by player, they are just there). Can you make/fool the computer into recognising these ships as an object, e.g., be able to send a message to say that "Ship X has been destroyed". Place a speedboat on a ship?
  2. Hello ME'ers, I have just been "dipping my toes" into the murky waters of the Mission Editor. Hope to build a Campaign if I can get into it. Everything has been relatively straight forward and, of course, the power of the ME is in the detail. Given the range of modules and eras that are covered by DCS, the ME appears to be somewhat "dated". Wondering if there has been any news/plans on updating the ME and objects so it is also relevant to other than modern era, ie WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc. Are there any "avoid" issues re scenarios designed for MP? Thx for your advice,
  3. +1 SGTPappy Also, my reading suggests that the Mig15 was a poor performer when diving, as in not inclined to pull-out. Players do not seem to have any hesitation in following a Sabre all the way down and the Mig15 pulls up just as well! Perhaps all Mig15 players are "honchos"!
  4. Re air-to-air missile deployment - check John Boyd's "Aerial Attack Study". Free pdf - very informative.
  5. Hi SFC Tako, Having some fun with your Sabre campaign. I have edited it so I can take a wingman along. It has worked well. I have made a bit of a blog about it if you want to have a look. Might help other players with a bit more info as well. http://blueorchids.freeforums.net/thread/120/f86f-outremers-french-caucasus-campaign
  6. Good luck Chimango with the campaign - love your screenshots! I would vote A. Would like to see some historical references in the mission briefings.
  7. Blue Orchids Australia Australian DCS Korea and WW2 Squadron Also fly il2 BOS. Easy going group who are keen virtual pilots. See our forum for more details. http://blueorchids.freeforums.net/
  8. The F86 did employ skip bombing. But cannot get this technique to work in DCS. Have used this many times in other games. Tried the delay fuze etc but no joy. Keeps exploding on impact. Height sub 100ft.
  9. Thx for the Sabre campaign. I added a second Sabre so I could have a friend along as a wingman, plus changed some of the settings. It is an interesting mission, tough to get time on target against the rebel convoy. Pleased to say the flare etc worked as advertised. Some of the comms are in Russian! Makes it a bit of a challenge! Is it possible to have a multiplayer campaign?
  10. I have downloaded a mission. The ATC audio is Russian. Can this be changed (to English)? I have the cockpit language setting in Options set correctly. Thx
  11. Excellent! Thanks Chuck (and Wags) for the article. For a WW2 junkie like myself it was a real boost. Should improve the Korea experience as well. How about 2016 for DCS World 2 and 2017 for the Normandy map! That is like tomorrow for DCS! Korea map by ...
  12. Is the intent of the KW50 to have it running all the time when in a dogfight or do you use it in bursts, eg when climbing, then disengage?
  13. What a find! Hope the guy gets the stuff back - what a gyp! I cannot imagine the guy leaving this stuff to his grand-nephew or something! I daresay the state would have got the stuff eventually.
  14. Had the same issue. enter ralt \ to enable comms. i never get any response from ATC re nav assistance. F10 to see the map, then use the ruler to get a bearing and distance.
  15. aus3620

    Labels.lua mod

    Thanks for the thread. Anyone have any more information on what symbols (i.e., {) produce in game.
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