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  1. A collection of gun camera clips recorded online by our squad on the Storm of War Server prior to it being shut down. Hope you enjoy!
  2. I agree the damage model of ships and the U-Boat in particular needs work, even putting a full salvo of rockets from the Mossie into a U-Boat doesn't seem to do a lot of damage! The ability to knock out individual FlaK guns with gun fire would help a lot with naval strikes, even just a temporary suppresion of the FlaK gun crews.
  3. Would be great to have some extra airfields added for the Axis side to make the map even more useful, especially considering the ongoing expansions to the Syria map.
  4. Would be great to have a Typhoon, it's perfect for the DCS WW2 setting.
  5. Would be great to have the option for when doing night intruder stuff!
  6. Yes please! Given how adaptable the Mossie was it would be great to expand its role to cover some more unique scenarios for DCS, like introducing night fighters and level bombers in the case of the B. IX
  7. Yes please, cookies and cameras!
  8. I thought it was just me not knowing how to night refuel properly, it took me four attempts in the end, the first time I crashed into the sea trying to turn the cockpit light off, second time I ran out of fuel looking for the tanker, third time I found the tanker by locking on with the radar, but ran out of fuel trying to hook up (so I shot it down), fourth time I managed it but only after turning the cockpit lights and HUD down and the VDI off, and even then it took 10 minutes of plugging in and losing connection over and over just to get up to 7500lb of fuel. Hardest thing I've had to do in a flight sim (so far)!
  9. Very thorough report, I hope this gets sorted out!
  10. I just like to assign them to my Saitek throttle quadrant as it most closely matches what's in the cockpit. You can move the lever with the mouse, but it doesn't actually operate anything (as the manifold pressure doesn't change), using an axis does change the manifold pressure but the cockpit levers don't move, I didn't check to see if the manifold pressure changes when using buttons.
  11. RAM air control does work if you have it set to an axis, it's just that the in-cockpit lever doesn't move when you do that. On the other hand, moving the in-cockpit lever has no effect on the actual RAM air, as mentioned.
  12. As of 2.7 the parking brake no longer locks the toe brakes in the forward position as it has previously, instead the toe brakes return to the 'off' position when you release pressure, as if the parking brake were not applied. Despite this the functionality of the parking brake works as usual, so it seems like an animation issue.
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