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  1. I haven’t seen any validation of the stab deflection rate. Can you elaborate? In the higher transonic it apparently became much easier to rapidly overload the airframe. This must be a fairly recent change as I didn’t experience it a few months ago. How does this mechanic work? I’m curious to test it out now.
  2. My understanding is HPRF PD, at a sufficiently high duty cycle, is virtually the same as CW. Hence the term “Interrupted CW” (see reference below) I could be wrong but why couldn’t the PD signal be routed through the flood antenna? From Radar Handbook 2nd Ed., Slonik: The 7F seeker was a conical scan type whereas the AIM-7M (M for monopulse:smilewink:) employed an inverse monopulse seeker which is not compatible with CW illumination. From Radar Handbook 2nd Ed., Slonik:
  3. From a paper discussing a roll stability augmentation system to suppress wing rock in the F-14
  4. I posted this in another thread but wanted to share it here for visibility. The guide below will allow you to import and export BC7 DDS textures in GIMP (I’m using build 2.10.8 ) Importing: You should now see the pretty tomcat texture you chose in GIMP: Exporting: Let me know if you have any issues, cheers!
  5. Yes, I believe so. There are two .dds options in export file types. Choosing one will export directly as BC7, the other will bring up the dds dialog allowing you to select between DXT3/DXT5 etc.
  6. It is possible to import BC7 dds using Gimp (I’m running 2.10.8 ) 1) Install the GIMP dds plugin from here 2) Download the Microsoft DirectXTex utility called texconv.exe from here. Extract it to a folder and make note of the directory. 3) Download this python script here. Open file-dds-texconv.py in Notepad++. Now enter the full directory for your texconv.exe binary from the previous step. Save file-dds-texconv.py 4) Paste file-dds-texconv.py in your gimp plug-in folder (eg, Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins Now open GIMP and select a BC7 .dds file. A script will run briefly and the texture will import. You should be all set.
  7. SinusoidDelta


    I believe it’s the AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) Here are some close ups of an F-15SG:
  8. It’d be nice if the radio system was functional or could be linked to SRS.
  9. SinusoidDelta


    I really wasn’t trying to argue any further. I thought it was a good video; I think we can agree on that?
  10. SinusoidDelta


    Just saw this on another forum (-229’s, no CFT’s)
  11. SinusoidDelta


    Yet if you look at the F-15E -1 perf charts, it contains level flight envelope, level flight acceleration, and sustained level turns without CFT’s and explicitly says “Data Basis: Flight Test”. :dunno:
  12. SinusoidDelta


    Thinking of this one?
  13. SinusoidDelta


    I’d prefer the C model though I agree. I think most are more interested in the multi role capability. For S’s&G’s :smilewink: :
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