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  1. Really looking forward to it - I just hope there will be a Zero as well not far behind the Corsair
  2. You wont get the same feel with a spring loaded stick cause the stick in the F-16 uses force sensing. There was a force sense stick from Saitek one - the X65f
  3. Nice - looking forward to all those nice liveries! Unfortunately I wont have time to participate - good luck to all!
  4. Or get an USB hub where you can turn the individual ports on or off.
  5. Can you post some pictures? What do you mean with relief? - normal map? Are you using PBR materials for your objects?
  6. You are around here long enough to know that there will be no exact dates .. just let it rest and be patient like the rest of us ..
  7. Haven´t played it - but you could try to open the mission in the editor to find out which building you are supposed to land on.
  8. Would love to see a Stuka in DCS!
  9. You'd need it in an image format that supports transparency - for example .PNG .TIFF .TGA ...
  10. You will be able to use early access of the Apache in Open Beta Standalone. With the Steam version you can only use stuff bought on Steam - so if you got your Sim and the modules from ED themselves you should bei fine.
  11. Denke, dann fange ich mit der "alten" an (die steht schon im Hangar) und wenn ich besser drinnen bin bzw die Systeme kenne, hol ich mir das Upgrade. Thx!
  12. Bezüglich A-10 Wenn ihr die noch nicht gelernt hättet - würdet ihr die A-10C lernen oder gleich die A-10C II ?
  13. I am using the V4-L with the CM2 base, a 7cm extension and the MongoosT-50CM2 grip which I guess is about the same height as the Warthog grip? With the V4-L you have more options to place your setup vertically - base, extension (7cm) and grip together have ~44cm of height Might be that with the V4-s you end up too high.
  14. Ordered a CM3 Throttle on December 9th and got a shipping notification today.
  15. Ordered the CM2 base with MongoosT-50CM2 on October 29th and got the package on November 15th (based in Austria). My guess - depending on your location it shouldn´t take much longer than 2-4 weeks even with the AH-64D on the horizon.
  16. You could train in a FG-1D in a GA Sim until Magnitudes version comes out Looking forward to it - just take your time!
  17. Placed an order on Oct 29 and it should arrive here on Tuesday the 16th
  18. Was using rctrl + pause but it isnt working anymore for me. Should have mentioned it before - sorry. So for you this key combination still works? Gonna try this - thx!
  19. Stupid question which probably was already asked - how can I display FPS in the latest beta build? Ctrl + Pause isn´t working anymore.
  20. Not an expert on the F-18 but if I am not mistaken both rudders inward is for takeoff as this should create a downwards component of lift behind cog generating a pitch up momentum to support the elevator. Take a look at the rudder in your flight configuration to see if it works correctly.
  21. Hach ja .. wer günstig kauft, kauft 2x .. ging / geht mir so ähnlich. Hatte damals mit dem X-55 von Saitek angefangen und mir später dann die Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals geholt. Der X-55 lebt zwar noch, aber wirklich zufrieden bin ich damit nicht .. alles ein wenig "lieblos" bzw. fühlt es sich nicht sehr wertig an .. die Pedale haben dann kurz nach Ablauf der Garantie den Geist aufgegeben .. hätte zwar versucht, das fehlerhafte Zeug zu löten, aber irgendwie war da glaub ich mehr im Argen xD Hab mir dann MFG Crosswind Pedale geholt und seitdem keine Probleme mehr. Zum Fliegen 2 alte Sidewinder 2 besorgt, welche ebenso problemlos funktionieren, da der X-55 Stick nicht so das gelbe vom Eis ist. Für moderne Flieger hat der Sidewinder 2 halt zu wenige Hats, Buttons .. etc. Tja, und jetzt hab ich mir ne Virpil Base mit Stick bestellt .. Throttle folgt dann wohl ein wenig später noch.
  22. I used a rotary axis on my throttle before I had rudder pedals .. this worked also quite well. Not sure if it is comparable to your slew button mod but you might try it out as well to see how it works for you. Nothing comes close though to using pedals
  23. Well, took me a while but I finally pushed the button for the following items: VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Grip VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base VPC Desk Mount V4 - L VPC Desk Mount V4 Adapter - MongoosT-50CM2 Base VPC Flightstick Extension 75mm
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