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  1. Hello all. what is the logic regarding defaut activ runway, i used to think first in list returned by getRunways is defaut except if wind is >3m/s then atc will use reverse RWY in some case. but what is the rule regarding two parallel RWY like Andersen, or Nellis ? is there a way to know defaut Take Off one, from defaut Landing One regarding order in getRunway, ?
  2. of course yes with MSFFB2, as every other dcs planes.
  3. i don't use P47 because of the trim bug since day one. wheel turn in cockpit view with no in flight effect as other modules does. MSFFB 2 here with FFB, but reading above, i think FFB is not the issue ...
  4. @NineLine here is a link to a FW190A cockpit with its own description.lua for user files liveries directory https://c.gmx.com/@563375116566666231/qENwrrUHSHqtiPK5W2s9Pg from original here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315596/ as it could not be tested so far, description.lua could be bugged a bit br.
  5. also see in the quick manual page 28 : for non FFB stick
  6. would love also to have a complete manual, before beta to study and read before. But so far, every time i did this ( with real manual for exemple ), i could'nt really remember or anderstand until, i can use it and experiment step by step in cockpit , also you can have a look here on some ressources , http://eechcentral.simhq.com/index.php?title=Mi-24V_Flight_Manual_part_1
  7. it depends if you have a FFB or not. defaut trim in special game menu for Mi24 are for FFB trim ( stick should stay where it is when trimmer used ) but not working as intented so far ( like Mi8 or Huey) If you have no FFB you should use the return to middle option. Edit allright 've got it right now for MSFFB ( checked in flight and with the axes indication ingame Trim Button OK / Trimmer reset OK for MSFFB in defaut mode : trimmer force 45 / shake 80 ( more trim force is not needed swap axis : YES invert X : YES ( not as usual ) invert Y YES ( not as usual ) defaut trim nose up nose down wing left down and wing right down are also ALL INVERTED ( not as usual ) : be aware
  8. same here for months now, with MSFFB2 .... no decent FFB and elevator trim not working in flight, ( no effect ) but the wheel turn ... with no effect. DCS warbird released out of beta, without decent FFB and no functionnal flight trim , is a shame, really.
  9. So far no change : Any news and Updates ? no elevator trim in MSFFB2 .... go on please ...
  10. please give us more details, about what's you have in mind for your project. we can't answer so far. What do you mean by rename ? spawnable AI unit ? activable AI unit ? replacing an Ai F14b in Mission Editor by a F14a Ai ? ATME don't modify so far lua inside the Miz files. but it can disable a unit and spawn an other, with same flighplan for exemple.
  11. first attempts : in model viewer generated a description.lua file with key combinaison left CTRL SHIFT ALT + G I get this : replaced DIFFUSE by 0 livery = { {"P51_wing_R", 0 , "p51_dif_wing_r", false}; {"P51_fuz_rear", 0 , "p51_dif_fuz_rear", false}; {"P51_fuz_front", 0 , "p51_dif_fuz_front", false}; {"P51_wing_L", 0 , "p51_dif_wing_l", false}; } --and added this name = "P51B test by SNSNPR" countries = {"USA", "RUS", "FRA", "UKR", "SPN", "NETH", "TUR", "BEL", "GER", "NOR", "CAN", "DEN", "UK", "GRG", "ISR", "ABH", "RSO", "ITA"} no more success in modelviewer once mounted with generic files .dds tried also a zip with dds in world bazar texture ... any help ?
  12. spit IX version 2020 by Snowsniper. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2268445/
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