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  1. Leagues: 6v6 Squadron Name: TAW Teamspeak: taw.net Contact person: redcoreSix#0984 Leagues: 4v4 Squadron Name: TAW Teamspeak: taw.net Contact person: TAW_Spectrum#4323
  2. League: Diamond Squadron Name: TAW Teamspeak/Discord: taw.net Contact person: redcoreSix Aircraft Selection. F-15C, F-16C, F/A-18C, F-14B, M-2000C, JF-17 Pilots Roster: TAW_redcoreSix TAW_DarksydeRob TAW_Savior TAW_Alephro TAW_frostii TAW_croncat TAW_GERSTRYKER TAW_Sineg TAW_SuddenlySquirrels TAW_NewbieTwo
  3. 12 slots for TAW, willing to fly on both sides. TAW 1: TAW_redcoreSix (F-15) TAW_Sineg (F-15) TAW_SuddenlySquirrels (J-11) TAW_Alephro (F-15) TAW_DarksydeRob (F-15) TAW_NewbieTwo (F-15) TAW_STRYK3R (F-15) TAW 2: TAW_Insidior (F-15) TAW_Croncat (F-15/M-2000) TAW_VenomZA (J-11) TAW_Frostii (F-15) TAW_Mago (F-18C) TAW_Spectrumm (F-18C) TAW_Steeltiger (F-18C)
  4. League: Diamond Squadron Name: TAW Discord: redcoreSix#0984 Contact person: redcoreSix Aircraft Selection. F-15C, F-14B, F/A-18C, Su-27, J-11, M-2000C Pilot Roster: redcoreSix (Germany +2 Zulu) Alephro (Moldova +3 Zulu) STRYKER( Germany +2 Zulu) Petkov (Bulgaria +3 Zulu) Savior (UAE +5 Zulu) DarksydeRob (United Kingdom +1 Zulu) Sineg (Belgium +2 Zulu) Zhen (Russia +3 Zulu) SuddenlySquirrels (United Kingdom +1 Zulu) NewbieTwo (Denmark +2 Zulu) Mago (Germany +2 Zulu) League: Gold Squadron Name: TAW Teamspeak/Discord: Contact person: OverG Aircraft Selection. F/A-18C, F-15C, M2000, J11A, F-14, Su-27 Pilot Roster: OverG (Norway , Zulu + 2) Fragal (UK , Zulu + 1) TAW_VenomZA (South Africa , Zulu + 3) ImpactDE (Germany , Zulu + 2) Badlego (Germany , Zulu + 2) Frostii (Germany , Zulu + 2) Noctrach (Netherlands , Zulu + 2) SkyRL (UK , Zulu + 1) croncat (Germany , Zulu + 2) Insidior (UK, Zulu + 1)
  5. Thanks! Interesting, for the typhoon it's suggested that the AMRAAM turns off the receiver once it has acquired (presumably this is referencing MPRF guidance). So I wonder if AMRAAMs behave differently from aircraft to aircraft then, tracking logic wise.
  6. I must have missed that part. Got a quote or something I can reference?
  7. Do you have any data on that? I've seen other things.
  8. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3722103&postcount=6375 https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3723317&postcount=6391 It's not going to happen...
  9. It takes into account temperature as well.
  10. I think you forgot a 0 there on your F-16...
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