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  1. Surely the A10C II roadmap is as follows.... Don't worry paying customer here's <insert shiny early access module du jour> instead... (Repeat as necessary)
  2. I guess the key question is WHY is he currently busy - what is he currently working on? Why is it prioritised over the A10C II? If the answer is - "he's working on new modules, that are projected to generate significant revenue, whereas the A10C2 has passed its sales peak" just say so...its not tough! A simple acknowledgement that resource priorities are being allocated to work that is projected to generate more revenue whereas older modules are considered less important as their revenue generation has peaked is all that people want to hear... And if that's too cynical, if that's NOT what's happening - then explain what is instead... Just a peak behind the curtains for all the people that support ED with our hard earned $s!
  3. Think there's a version for the A10C II Tank Killer in DCS User files ready converted https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312919/
  4. Thank you so much to everyone that's responded with such insightful and informative responses...its been really helpful and makes the daunting task of spending so much money (My new GPU will cost almost as much as my last PC) feel a bit more informed!
  5. Thanks guys! Just when i'd convinced myself I needed to cough up extra for a 12700 & 3080 and was starting to work on the SWMBO...It looks like I can happily get away with a 5800X/6800XT
  6. Perfect! No real difference - i'll be putting in a Gen 4 drive for Windows...and speed wise it makes no difference if I put DCS on there as well, but as I too will have a Gen 3 drive kicking about (from my current build) I could use my 2nd MVME slot for that and put my DCS install on that (for organisation purposes) and I won't be losing out either...
  7. I'd always assumed that (and indeed my current PC has) having DCS ona seperate SSD to my OS gave me a small advantage as it seperates out the access to the two... However for my new PC my main SSD is going to be a PCI-E Gen 4 Drive, now given its faster - would it better to have my DCS install on that (as well as my OS) or install on a seperate Gen 3 M2 drive (which will be seperate) but by necessity slower. I've literally no idea what the optimal aproach would be...
  8. Does 3600 CL16 (as opposed to 3600 CL18 memory make much difference? Its quite a difference price wise (IE:200GBP for the higher latency RAM/300GBP+ for the lower latency RAM) Its not something that's ever been on my radar before - will it be noticeable? Cheers
  9. Availability/prices seem a little better so looks like I'll finally be able to put together a new build... Want to really pump up the settings to max (barring SSAA/SSLR/SSAO) and (obviously get good FPS) but more importantly avoid the odd spike of High Frame times (i HATE micro-stutters) Running at 1440p with 2 Cubesim type MFDs (ideally at 1024) What do I really need, given I'll play MP on Syria at least semi-regularly! Assuming the basics (64GB decent RAM/M2 SSD etc) what GPU/CPU combo will allow me to hit that performance level... I was thinking 5800X/6800XT (given they're both considerably cheaper than the new Alder Lakes and Mobos/a 3080) is that going to be enough?
  10. Ah...I was about to say that for ED itself there are NO modern fixed wing jets (you know...the CORE of ED) out of Early Access barring the original A10C (released on Disk and no longer for sale) and the F5E (Originally released by Beltimsek) BUT somehow ED has decided the DCS A10C 2 IS out of early access (despite the obvious omission) so I guess you CAN say hand on contractual agreement if not on Heart that you HAVE moved at least ONE module from Early ACCESS to Completed!!!
  11. As a customer who has purchased Early Access modules (Remember its NOT a FAVOUR from ED "allowing us to get "early access" its a transaction in which ED get substantive funds for an unfinished product TOO) Surely the ONUS is on ED/Community managers to communicate that Timescale to the customers...not for ME to "guess" ! Most people would not consider YEARS with little movement, little communication and no roadmap/timetable reasonable...and so if it reaches that point surely an indication of planned activity and proposed timetables is a far, far better response than "yeah, it'll come when it comes...whatever" My fear is this - I've bought the F/A18C Early Access, the Super Carrier Early Access, the A10C2 Early access one thing I've NEVER seen is an Early ACCESS module completed.
  12. I think its important to remember that "Early Access" isn't an excuse in and of itself. Customers don't buy a product in Early Access to be able to utilise it in that state...they purchase it on the understanding that it WILL be completed within a reasonable timeframe. Its not "You purchased it in an Early Access and you got what you paid for" we DIDN'T we PAID for a module early (thereby giving ED funds at a sooner date than product release date) in the expectation that ED would fulfill their promise to move the module to RELEASE state... Yet instead we've seen countless other modules flipped out to Early Release (and more to come) with increasing little or no move towards completion of the EA modules. Each additional EA module creating an ever greater "development deficit" of work that needs to be completed but for which there is less revenue expected (as ED have already banked the EA purchases)
  13. If its any help (might not apply) when I played through a while ago...I had alot of trouble getting JTACs to respond when I had VA/VIACOM running Turning off VIACOM had them behaving correctly... May help!
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