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  1. Still Waiting for me. The shop said this week. When not i cancel the order. I am done with Waiting. Not then not.
  2. Nvidia settings to performance and not High quality. Cheers Merry christmas
  3. that's the first time in all this years... hahaha
  4. Wow Mine comes in a few weeks. I've got the reverb g1. I expect much better View. In the preview from different youtubers is this the Dream, so I think it's software related issue. I see some differences in wmr updates and steamvr updates through time.
  5. NICE.. definitely I was hoping. :D Hope i got mine soon. I already mailed the shop where i pre-orderd. :D
  6. Yep i wish this a while ago. 6 years....:D and waiting to pick it up. Happy with the deckcrew now on the supercarrier.
  7. Wow... DON...Today?!? Hope hearing your experience.... :D Yes.It was an update for the G2. MRTV said it was for further clarity update on the G2. I saw no difference on the G1 yesterday. Awaiting my G2 too. :D
  8. 3080 all the way. Playing for 2 weeks now and happy. Waiting for hp reverb g2 and it's on ED now choosing /Building the New game engine for our New Systems. :D
  9. As I said. Would we improve in VR. ED gonna grab the engine by the Balls. Vulcan? Is this now in final stage? Or another game engine?
  10. Oops I filled in Max DCS load. Sorry
  11. Don't get to enthousiast. I have the 3080 now. Clocked 9900ks on 5.2 GHz. Rtx 3080 clocked on 2070 MHz. Yes, there is Improvement but very less then I expected. My opinion that I Hope that ED ASAP a New game engine introduces for our New game Systems. Very important step for VR. You'll see what I mean if you upgrade your Systems.
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