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  1. Hello Folks, as the title says i wonder how the transition from the home on jam part to the endgame part of the missile flight is supposed to work for the aim-120. I am talking about a situation without burnthrough at launch, sothat the launching aircraft does not know the range to the target but only the direction. I know that the HOJ-mode is completely passive and therefore the missile does not need to emit radar signals but just flies towards the jammer. I wonder if the missile even needs to turn on its radar or if it can guide into the target all the way silent. What i experienced so far is that the missile still goes active at a certain distance to the target and that the target only then receives a warning on its RWR. So i wonder how this is possible or if there is a bug, because this also happens when the launching aircraft never burned through and therefore at no point could give position updates to the missile. The missile can only make use of its radar when it is within burnthrough range. For this it needs to keep its emitter on all the time as it does not know when the burnthrough will happen. And this should give the target a missile warning all the time, which is not the case atm.
  2. When the pod is jamming a Radar you can always See all Channels active so i guess it does not matter in the actual Implementation of ECM. But i would like to know if the pod has more power on the channels when fewer are on. Why would a pilot only activate some of the Channels?
  3. The Bug ist still Not fixed completely. It is Not possible to alogn the hmd after takeoff. It cannot be aligned in the air and not on the ground when landed.
  4. This sounds great! Are you also working on RCS values for artillery shells and Balistic missiles? The ground based phalanx CIWS is supposed to intercept mortar shells and i would love to see this in DCS as well. Thx
  5. I only understood the Last sentence. Do i have to CZ before every single pickle or can i Go through SP26 to 29 and CZ Them at the Ingress and Go through and pickle at SP26 to 29 then?
  6. I played around a bit with the markpoints as well and have some questions and unclear points. First, am I right that the markpoints store an Offset to the active steerpoint, sothat a markpoint 2nm east of steerpoint 1 will also be 2nm east of steerpoint 2 once SP 2 is selected? I tried to employ 4 GBU38s on 4 outposts in Pre mode using the FCR and setting Markpoints by the FCR. After designation i switched the Steerpoint from SP1 to SP26, pickled and incremented the SP up to SP29 (4 bombs, you know.....) My observation was that the impact points of the bombs matched the shape of the outpost distribution, but they were offset from the target. I think the offset was the same as the offset between SP1 and MP1 (which is SP26). So what needs to be done during asigning the Markpoints to prevent this offset. Do i need to CZ the FCR before i set another target? do i need to CZ the FCR at any other time of the procedure? does the Steerpoint need to be on the target for SP26 (or MP1).....From my observation there is an offset that might be because of some errors in the asigning procedure but i have not found out which or when....
  7. Please correct me but i thought so far that throttle Inputs are handed from the Cockpit to a Computer and then to the engine and therefore setting the throttle to idle too early does Nothing as the computer will only start up the engines in the proper conditions. I have No sources for that but i Wonder why the digital Interface has Not been discussed Here yet. Maybe in Startup the Computer System is Not running yet or bypassed for safety reasons?
  8. In the VIS mode demonstration Wags was using a TDC cue on the HUD and it was shown, that the TGP was not slaved to this cue. It is a known bug in the F16, that the HUD cue is off the target position on the ground. Therefore, I assume you will miss your target when aimed with the HUD cue. Is it possible to use the TGP to get the impact point in VIS mode instead (this would make it equal to a TOO mode, just without storing the target points like in the hornet)?
  9. OK so when a target is heading towards me it should point downwards on the radar screen No matter on which position on the radar screen it is. The hud is showing it correctly.
  10. Hello, The F15 radar screen uses the B-Scope projection which plots targets in angle-range coordinates. When using TWS a target vector is plotted as well, which gives aspect information. From my understanding, the aspect information should be based on the same coordinate systen. For example: The vector of a hot bandit is pointing vertically downwards. Now to the problem: If a hot target, which is flying on a straight line, is locked and then it is moved to the radar gimbals, it changes aspect on the radar screen. Again from my understanding, the target should point downwards independent from the position on the radar screen, because the vertical lines in the b-scope projection are all pointing towards the radar in cartesian coordinates. I have attached a small track to show the problem. The track was taken with Best Regards, Badlego F15-BScope-target-aspect.trk
  11. Hello, if i leave the wing pylons empty in the mission editor, they are removed. If i order the ground crew to rearm and leave the wing pylons empty as well, they are not present first but then appear when the rearming process is complete.
  12. If you have all necessary Buttons on the UFC bound to the Keyboard you can enter the coordinates while still in F10 Map. This might need some Training as you dont See the UFC.
  13. It would be very helpfull to attach a small track (no MP, n mods) to show the issue
  14. I Wonder If Harms can be used in POS Mode on Station 4 and 6 as this Mode does Not need the Harm to send a Sensor picture Signal to the Plane. And where is the Sense to ferry Harms? You seem to Put a Lot effort and time to clear that topic. Wouldnt it be better to add a "Special wiring" Option that can be forced by MP servers? I mean this discussion seems to Break down to the fact that the wiring is preventing the use of mavs and Harms on 4 and 6. Lets assume the US airforce or Partner countries did Order some Planes with Special wirings for SEAD or Strike purposes....the Special Option might reflect that.
  15. Nice to get some positive feedback about this. Thank you very much! A static name with a custom livery only works if everyone has the skins plus you need a complete skin for every pilot in your flight although only the nametags are different. And this can take a huge amount of disc image and maintenance. I am therefore hoping for an answer from ED about this topic. There are some standard liveries, that have a box on the edge of the cockpit glas for nametags, e.g. the 152nd Fighter Squadron "Las Vaqueros"-Skin. That is the place where the nametag entry should go then.
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