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  1. '' an animated condensation cone, vortices, vapor over the extrados and the small fixed surface over the air intakes have been created : pull Gs and watch the effect ! ''' :shocking: wow
  2. and i thought this project was stopped.. :doh: Very nice and detailed landing gear.. Good work Malignant ! :thumbup:
  3. i can't wait till late 2008, just can't... i wanna fly :cry: thanks for the update:)
  4. i found this video from youtube in 3:41 it show Ka-50 with black shark but without the shark mouth's will this skin also be in black shark ? :)
  5. top gun time :):):):):):) !! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! YOU ROCK !
  6. oh.. that tomcat is so pretty :wub: release ? :):)
  7. OMG, this pic looks like real ! thanks for the link :)
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