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  1. same for me, been trying to download a mission, no luck.
  2. It doesn't have to be open beta, I have the stable version and it works fine. eta: aside from from blowing on a runway. a carrier mission works.
  3. That worked, Thank you! Also I was able to cold start, take off and land without exploding.
  4. New problem for me. My DIY headtracker doesn't work when I start up the mod anymore, but if I go into axis tuning all head movements are working. Weird, any ideas? I love my A4! and, btw, headtracking works in all my other aircraft.
  5. is your CL Eyetest software working? thats the only thing i can think of.
  6. Edit: Solved! After looking around some more in axis assign, I found the bindings in the drop down menu. then it was just a matter of finding which went where from a different aircraft and putting it in the right place. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future! I recently reinstalled DCS on an SSD, and noticed the TrackIR bindings are missing in my F-86 module, all my other modules work fine. Any ideas as to how I go about getting them back? I don't think it matters, but I'm using a DIY pseye camera and opentrack, like I said, no issues with my other aircraft. I tried DCS repair...no luck. Thanks!
  7. I have an X65, and I refuse to even dink around with Saitek's stupid SST software. Nothing but headaches. It's weird that yours works when linked. Makes me think its a board problem. The reason I say that is, the right toe brake on my Saitek pro pedals died. If I go into windows joystick program and hold down the left toe brake, the right brake eventually moves up on the indicator! No idea how that should happen. Sorry for the hijack, but Saitek needs to step up their game....
  8. ED Tracker for me. (pretty sure I'm not alone) :)
  9. I know the feeling! I'm still running a core 2 duo 6850@3.0 that I built 7 or 8 years ago(it's had more than it's fair share of upgrades, and still chugs along). I need to upgrade!
  10. That would be incredible! I'm using a 9DOF mpu9150 chip now, but the only movements I get are yaw, pitch, and roll(and it's very smooth, your PC thinks it's a joystick). I know the guys that came up with ED Tracker did it for Elite Dangerous originally. Hopefully they go for the other 3DOF. Can you put up a link to the Github file, please?
  11. You can buy a set of torx drivers that come with the indent for that screw at ace hardware for about $12.00. I had the same problem when the ignition switch went out on my jeep.
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