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  1. Don't know if this has ever been discussed or not, but would it be possible to have a multiplayer Instructor mode where the Host(the instructor) can have 1 or more people(students) join and sit where they(the instructor) is sitting, where they(the students)can see with a pointer(or animated hands) exactly what the instructor is doing, or showing the students. Using the VOIP to communicate his/her instructions? I find this would be so much better and very practical for those very experienced virtual pilots to train others online, and in real time. What do you guys think, would it be hard to implement, is it even a good idea? Cheers.
  2. Oh my, new infantry would sure make this sim a game changer and make CA so much more worth it. I would love to see a Javelin fired from a forest line, or good defilade, as his fellow troops wait in ambush for the missile to strike the intended armor before engaging enemy soldiers. I hope for that and I also hope CA gets some VR loving too because it's pretty much useless as it stands now. Cheers.
  3. I am aware that AI can see you through clouds ATM and I know it's a WIP to remedy that, which is great! My question is will that also apply to smoke in the future? I would love to use strategic smoke screens to advance ground units. I'm working on a mission right now and it would be great to be able to use smoke to advance troops, and vehicles for the mission scenario. I can't really fly because of a shoulder problem(not for long periods anyway), so I'm making missions right now to satisfy my itch. Cheers mates.
  4. I think like Jabbers I'm starting to get DCS World Burnout too. That's why I stopped buying anything from ED months ago, and that's why I have no interest in getting anything else until the Core mechanics and AI ground/Air units get a huge overhaul. I would love to get the upcoming Corsair, but I'm not interested in most of the gameplay mechanics anymore. Most of the time when I can play(disabled ATM with a bad shoulder that effects my game-time)I find I just do instant action missions, even though there are plenty of good mission makers out there, hell I even dabble in mission making, and have gotten pretty good at it. But it's just the same thing over and over again rinse and repeat, except for the improved eye-candy, explosions and high fidelity mods. it seems like a naked, lonely world, devoid of realistic dynamic assets, ATC, AI behavior, and so on and so forth. Gets boring, real fast, even online with friends, or in my case my brother. Like I said Jabbers has a great take on it here. Anyway I hope ED realise that just putting out Hi-Res Maps and high fidelity Mods won't be enough to sustain them unless they show significant improvements to the Game core(Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, dynamic environment, ground/sea asset DM, realistic active airspace civilians and military, VR/multiplayer support, especially for a more polished and better Combined Arms etc, etc). I'm not giving up on them(flew my Ka-50 today on the Apache Hunting ground mission, it was okay for an hour, but I had to get off because my shoulder was getting to sore. Anyway I think ED might be getting the point with this thread. I'll be patient while I finish my physio therapy the next few months, but I'm still not buying anything else till then either, or afterwards until the Improvements that BN, NL have stated will happen.
  5. So this update hasn't been released yet? I had to uninstall my I-16 to make room from the last big patch, but I would install it again in a heartbeat if this update was implemented. OctopusG can we get a G-50 or something similar to fight against? Please!
  6. After Vulkan and VR support are implemented, I really hope that ED starts to concentrate on giving CA the much needed love it truly deserves. ATM VR is totally useless in CA, which is sad because it would be very entertaining and immersive to be in any fully modeled vehicle in VR, from transport to tank, and everything in between, not to mention first person infantry for the use of manpads, JTAC, Anti Tank, Fire Teams. Seriously why bother calling it Digital Combat Simulator? instead of Combat Air Simulator?
  7. Well I found out that if you refuel, wait until it stops the first time, and before the bug starts trying to refuel you(forever!)again, just roll forward a bit until ground crew yells bloody murder! "Hey what are you doing!" Then rearm if you have to. Solved! it's not pretty, but it works until ED can find this gremlin that's been hiding for over two years now. Cheers, hope this workaround helps.
  8. I find the flaps do work great when I dive bomb from 3 to 4k or do strafing runs. Before you dive to strafe or dive bomb, put your flaps to bar 2(look on your wings to see them, Black bars 1 to 4, Red being for landing) then turn into target, lower your throttle, or throttle right down, depending on height and angle of attack. Once you make your attack you will see how much easier it is to pull up and fly out with success. make sure to start putting flaps back up while pulling up after the attack to keep your speed, and always dodge, you don't want to make it easy for the enemy to shoot you back. Hope that helps mate. Cheers.
  9. I was flying my 109 with my brother yesterday and we both got the refueling bug. As a matter of fact we always get the bug when we fly the 109. it's really annoying because we like to try and keep our airframe as long as possible before we have to spawn into a new one again, and with the 109 we always have to get a new bird after every mission. Please fix this, it's been two years already!
  10. Ahhhh okay, thank you mate I'll try it right away. Whoo hoo! Now I can continue creating this mission. Thanks again Flappie, and sorry BIGNEWY, my bad never made a road base before so that was new to me. Thank you for your quick reply, your awesome and and a perfect person for the job, ED must be very proud. Cheers to both of you!
  11. Thanks mate, hope this helps. Cheers Road Base Test.trk
  12. Hello all, I hope all is good with you and yours. Recently I created a road base to land at to rearm and refuel, and I put in the proper vehicles to rearm and refuel. For some reason I'm not getting the normal "copy" from ground crew, and nothing happens. I've been making missions for years now and never encountered this problem before. Do I have to do something different because it's a road base and not an actual air base? Thanks all, Hope I can get this resolved today. Cheers.
  13. Love DCS World in VR, and am really glad they fixed it for Combined Arms, but my question is will ED eventually fix it so your head is confined to the inside of your cockpit(whatever air frame you're flying) or will you still be allowed to phase through it like a ghost? I would love to have my head stop and even have a "Clack" sound If I try to pass my head through the glass.
  14. They do plan for all of that, so it will happen eventually. It's gonna get even more real! Happy landings!
  15. Yes I know, but thanks for sharing for others, but that'll get attention in the near future. Cheers mate!
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