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  1. This is real life problem for all aircraft without sun filter like Su25/27 ! try to not put the sun on your face ! we try to put some color on the glass
  2. great, happy for you and have fun
  3. Multi crew still not working ! we plan after EFM done
  4. may work ! but you will lose Datalink, check in FM / FlankerCFG.lua, search for FlankerCFG.old = 4 repalce it by FlankerCFG.old = 2 and try
  5. I can't tell ! didn't used those LUA files, ask creator
  6. Target not detected maybe ! should work , did you check the video tutorials ?
  7. Strange as problem ! you just have those two MODS ? did you change any thing ?
  8. hhhh, sorry about that to remove face you need to remove the pilot from the external view, you can use RCtrl+S to use sun visor to hide the face
  9. "THV-SW" is already maped, "THV-CTRL" is protection SW, switch on when approaching combat, then TVC on/off with "S" key
  10. Hi man, you welcome. First you need to be sure you are using 2.0.1b version of the MOD, then the shutdown is the red button beside the start button in the right console, be sure to push and hold for couple of seconds.
  11. can be any other MOD with Custom Weapons Code ! he need to test Mods one by one to get the ONE
  12. In general that's come from custom weapons error ! when adding weapons code, some errors makes unites (ground, naval) disappear.
  13. Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\Aircraft\
  14. You need to watch tutorial again ! wrong installation folder
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