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    is it planned to have some sort of IBIT simulation implemented later on?
  2. Does the A-10C II HMCS have some sort of BIT or alignment?
  3. +1 The checklist system is awesome even in its WIP stage. Wasn't expecting that one, way to go Deka!
  4. I do not think that paying monthly for the privilege of testing the broken aircraft that I already bought is the way to go forward to be honest.
  5. I tested it in a stock through the inferno SP mission. I think it‘s also due to EDs new light effects and 2.5.6 as a whole.
  6. Ah yes, I figured. They are also way too strong right now and have a weird glow to them. Guess we‘ll have to wait for ED.
  7. Die Hornet wird glaub ich nie ganz fertig werden. Das ist mittlerweile meine Befürchtung.
  8. Sure! I don't see fps drops either using the AG radar, only during the lights test. GTX 1080 Ti, 16 GB DDR4, Ryzen 7 2700x, 1 TB EVO 970 SSD However, generally speaking, I can say that fps are worse compared to the Hornet or F-14 for example. Now that the newest DCS beta has worse performance overall, it is more noticeable. My DCS settings are highest except motion blur off, MSAA 4x at 1440p, flat shadows, grass to half, tree vis 80%, preload half, smoke density 5, visib range one below ultra, cockpit displays 512, lens effect off, SSAA off and the newest setting is off as well, no idea how it is called - sorry.
  9. Also, during startup the fps are very noticeably worse with a few lights showing on the warning panel. This was not a problem before 2.5.6, I think it has to do with the new glowing light effects or something.
  10. For me the fps drop to single digits when lights on the warning panel are present.
  11. Hi there Deka! As soon as I press the lights test, the fps drop significantly. Everything gets very stuttery. The problem resolves as soon as I let go of the lights test. fps.trk
  12. It’s marvelous. As Rudel already said, the developers are a great bunch of guys. You can make use of the free 1 week trial of the JF-17 to get an idea.
  13. However, as the saying goes: 9 women can‘t make a baby in one month. Never a bad thing to keep in mind when it comes to software development. :thumbup:
  14. That’s an excellent post, thanks! I was hoping for someone to shed some light on all the different branches and blocks and what they are all about.
  15. Thank you Sir! All the best to you and your team as well. Looking forward to reading more about this exciting project down the road.
  16. Best of luck to you guys! It‘s great to see such a professional team develop the Eurofighter. All the best.
  17. Oh, no I am not, sorry. It was more of an educated guess, as they already commented "FIXING" on the bug thread but it didn't make it into the first patch.
  18. Yes, the shading makes it a bit darker, which I like. Works well with my Gamma settings.
  19. Cockpit shading looks a lot better now. Various textures got updated as well, I like it! Only downside is that the warnings aren’t as readable now as they were before.
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