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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for guidance on the target size. I understand the missile will go pitbull at an early point when using large target size which has the advantage of going nose cold sooner however it also warns the target earlier and the AIM54 is not the most maneuverable of missiles. However from your experience have you found a sweet spot for these? I appreciate there are plenty of variables and I'm particularity after people who are PvPing with these rather than single player. Advice, tips and general anecdotes are appreciated.
  2. When you say X'ed out do you mean when the X appears over the target? (Just want to be sure I understand you correctly).
  3. Thanks for the reply. I hadn't thought to look at the size of the miz and see how much it increased when I added a new unique sound. Makes perfect sense. Right now I'm sending to all but will make it more specific eventually and will likely use the radio message (of course if people aren't tuned in they'll miss it ;) ) Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I was wondering what I need to do if I am using unique audio sound files (.oggs) in a mission and want to make sure they are heard in multiplayer. Do I need to make sure people have downloaded them? Does the file structure have to be the same as my own? Thanks
  5. I was wondering if there is likely going to be support for the F5-E in the future for HT?
  6. N1tch

    Poor Fred

    Poor Fred! Saw this earlier today.
  7. Sounds like a fun thing to try out. Will give it a go tonight!
  8. Even after the patch which will make the seeker head FOV larger, I would still advise uncaging the seeker head.
  9. Ah so that was my first mistake and misunderstanding. I knew the RWR in of it'self wouldn't detect IR launches but I did think the F-5E had IR launch detectors but wasn't sure if I didn't have them on or not. Thank you QuiGon.
  10. Hi all, Like many of you I'm very much enjoying the F-5E module and no doubt I've shot or or been shot down by some of you already on some of the servers. The F-5E has given me a far greater appreciation of my environment and situational awareness and I know that one of the answers to my question is quickly simply be constantly looking all around for the missile launches. I am using the RWR and occasionally I've had alerts to missile launches and had more often than not success in defending and evading them. However several times I've been completely blind to a missile launch. So my question/s are - How good is the F-5E at detecting launches and could I be doing something wrong to allow it to detect? Are there other tips and techniques that you might suggest to improve situation awareness (short of flying with a wing-man or two which I have done and of course helps alot or of what I mentioned previously about constantly checking all around, especially both shoulder checks). Any advice, suggestion greatly appreciated :D
  11. mattebubben excellent infomation. Thank you for sharing and while I'm at it have some rep too :thumbup:
  12. The cowling of the engines is not occluding the lighting effect. As someone else mentioned this is a engine issue and how it deals with lighting of models (or someone hasn't flagged the cowling properly in the model)
  13. I think some people don't appreciate what goes into making a module. The Gazelle variants were planned way before launch. That's not to say Belsimtek won't add new module variants in the future but for a long time we knew what we were and were not getting. A variant with a mav as someone else mentioned would be fun but that would also require a different cockpit and quite a bit of coding / scripting to have that working (not to mention additional controls). A refueling probe would be fun as mid-air refueling is good practice but I don't feel it's needed. As someone stated, the A2A guns for the F-5E are so nice and fun to use, not to mention a decent amount of ammunition. If you think 2 AIM9s is bad on the F-5E you should get the Hawk... Worse AIM9,s a terrible gun and very limited ammo :pilotfly:
  14. Personally I like the idea of 1 PTT and 1 channel cycle button. Makes it much simpler. Granted you may need to press the cycle button once or twice depending on which radio you want to be on but for many who don't have fully HOTAS setups it will be a godsend. Also, as the name suggests... Simple Radio :D
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