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  1. I follow their progress through their site since a few months as they are very discrete on this project, I don't remember to read anything significant about it in this forum! Yes day one purchase for such a badass plane!
  2. I'm with you guys! Just the time we are in "navigator" position we need a "fictitious"pilot who maintain heading and altitude.
  3. No mods installed, I renamed the DCS Openbeta folder in "User, saved games", did a Repair with the "DCS_updater repair". At first it worked, I could open the Mission Editor but now the problem happens again! Any idea?
  4. If you follow the advices of Reflected, you don't need Take off assistance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8aa9d4geDs
  5. Thank you for your suggestion silverdevil but as I can see in this topic it's the whole game that is stuck. In my case it's the Mission Editor! Cheers
  6. Hi guys! I've a problem with the Mission Editor which stop loading in DCS Open Beta (last build). This the Channel map but it's the same with Normandy . I joined the "log". Thank you for helping. Best regards dcs.log
  7. That trailer! Wow awesome and this epic music should be the Mosquito theme!
  8. Anyway the quality is the same level as the one I quoted! Keep up this awesome work Cheers
  9. I agree, since the beginning F-14 track never worked! May be it's time to do something guys!
  10. HoldMyBeer? Same as the one of SR22 Turbo G6 for Xplane11?
  11. I have the same behaviour even with the Option to sync the controls and no duplicate controls! Edit: This a problem of control sync. I found a solution by making a quick collective imput as soon as I press fly!
  12. My mistake, yes you can't close it but you can open it with the rear handle! T45 Canopy.trk
  13. It works perfectly fine for me from the backseat with both handles front & aft(Last build) Regards
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