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  1. We're alive. Many things happened lately that kept us busy more than ever before and complicated so far simple things. We do realize some of you're waiting for the resumption of production and new UTC version. We're also aware some of you already lost their hope and patience. We'll be back in business as soon as possible, till then we'd like to put all the effort into further development and workshop upgrade to offer you more in less time. P.S. We've probably lost access to our mail vgddevices@gmail.com after security breach. We've already regain access to some resources, but this mail may be permanently compromised. If you didn't get any reply from us lately, we're sorry. Till new one will be published, please contact via forum's PM.
  2. Sorry for late respond. Dunno why I didn't get a notification from forum or I simply missed it. So again, sorry for lack of respond earlier. Currently all copies I had in stock has been sold, and to be honest, don't know yet when next batch will be available. I spent more time on work trips lately than at home, so time is not my ally... Plus due to current pandemic situation, international postal service doesn’t work so smooth and most of shipping options are pretty much restricted. So this kinda complicates the situation. Hard to tell how this will look within next weeks. Thanks for the tips MartinAir. Both have been mentiond some time ago, and will probably be implementet when possible.
  3. Another review, courtesy of Particular Pixels. This time it's a comparison between direct face tracking and with the usage of tracking clips, so might be useful especially for people who start their adventure with head tracking. Also, a direct comparison between UTC II+ and Delanclip Fusion.
  4. No, there isn't any indicator. So you either need to count time how long you have played and compare that to total battery time limit or simply play till the battery is "dead" and plug the cable to recharge. UTC can be used while charging too.
  5. Hi Al-Azraq, Please check your mail for details ;)
  6. Slightly refreshed info including new photos available in first post. Also several new copies are available for you. Waits only for a battery placement, suitable for your needs. Contact via email: vgddevices@gmail.com or PM, here on forum.
  7. Thanks for your kind reviews. It's great to hear that you like it and met your expectations.
  8. Available again for sale: SOLD - 0x UTC II+ Pro - 225 PLN (approx. 60 USD)/ 1 pcs Shipping worldwide, shipping cost not included. If interested, please leave me a PM or mail me at vgddevices@gmail.com
  9. Still got 5.2.2 on my hdd. You can grab it here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoXef-mQNrRfgyACgfnXmh76F2E4
  10. I've managed to prepare a few new copies of UTC Pro. Like to grab one for yourself, please leave me a PM or mail me at vgddevices@gmail.com Available for sale: SOLD - 0x UTC II+ Pro - 225 PLN (approx. 60 USD)/ 1 pcs - SOLD SOLD - 0x UTC II+ (regular) - 200 PLN (approx. 53 USD)/ 1 pcs -SOLD Shipping worldwide, shipping cost not included. UTCs are in constant production, meaning if you're interested in other version e.g. Light or wired they can be prepared for you, mostly within a few days.
  11. We've already talk about this via mail but I'll repeat myself here as well. This looks rather like a problem with your camera/UTC placement so I would look closer here. You should have best results with UTC mount to your left headphone shell. Optimal - vertical placement with top LED (short arm) straight above bottom one (longer arm). TrackIR camera should be placed straight in front of UTC. In most cases that will be slightly to the side of your monitor. Preferable on the same horizontal/vertical level as UTC. This will look all the same no matter if you use TrackIr or other cameras like e.g. PS3 Eye.
  12. Just to let you know - few new UTC units await for new owners. Also please note, due to slightly different production method, seam line beetween halves of the casing may now be slightly more visible. Check the pics below. Shipping worldwide, shipping cost not included. Contact via PM or vgddevices@gmail.com
  13. Well, most similar clips, including Track Clip Pro, use THT LEDs which have different light characteristics. The light doesn't come only from the tip of the LED but also from the sides. Also the most popular LEDs in 3rd party clips are Osram SFH485p with 80° viewing angle (those in Track Clip Pro are probably even worse). UTC uses SMD LEDs with different light characteristics compared to THT LEDs. Lens has also different shape, so they can be "hidden" in enclosure without the needs to expose outside. And the viewing angle of these fellas are 120°... enough to loose the sight of your monitor and still don't loose the tracking, even on your widescreen probably ;) So how does this work in practice?... well 120° are dry data on paper, straight from the manufacturer. In reality, siting straight in front of my camera, I can move my head to approx. 80° to left/righ before loosing tracking. That give us approx. 160° viewing angle, enough to barely see the monitor with one eye with squint. Check your PM ;)
  14. Wow, that's something new. Never happened so far. Thanks for the info. If you'd like, send it back, I'll repair that for you. New switch is already on my 'to do' list for UTC III. Present one was used rather because no other reasonable options were available at that time. I'm not happy with him, either. And since the enclosure is cast molded, exact switch dimenssions must be used...
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