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  1. Oh, and @philstyle, one more request: Would it be possible to get a sound notification (ping or something) associated with the radar contact report. I've noticed that they are easy to miss while on VR and looking for contacts, as they are not centred on the screen.
  2. @philstyle Thanks for checking! I think it could be the mission file (as this seems to be possible according to the discussion linked above). Today in a different mission the TO assistance seemed to be off. Yesterday it was the June 10 Afternoon mission where I noticed this, so that might help to narrow it down a bit.
  3. Hey @philstyle, Is the take-off assistance on (by accident, perhaps) the (excellent) SoW server? I can see my Dora shifting its pedals during take-off without any input, and this doesn't happen during SP (and double checked before joining the server that the TO assistance is off in my game settings). According to this thread, it can be enabled / forced via server settings: Cheers!
  4. Anyone found a solution for this one. Still struggling with it in end of 2020
  5. Missing the fun helicopter action :) Any plans for another one coming up in the near future, @Alpenwolf ?
  6. "That pays for two educational scholarships for children of fallen service members." That is the best news and the only thing that matters! And I was very much enjoying the only fight that I had against Winglet (and was glad to see him go all the way to quarter-finals!) and the streams after that. I felt that the enthusiasm and the spirits were really high on Discord, when we were waiting for things to kick off last weekend. Thank you for organising this Mover and Moltar (and all the other staff involved), and thanks for getting the panel of your colleagues to join and comment today's fights, Mover. I know some of us simmers can be pig headed, but there is also a huge silent majority who are soaking in your stories, anecdotes and knowledge to try to get more immersion and fun out of our little game. Please. don't be discouraged by a few forum posts, but keep interacting with this rather fanatic (in good as in bad) gaming community :)
  7. Just a quick update, the above didn't work completely. Still getting crashes / freeze. Rider said he's looking into it (but the bug might be difficult to pinpoint...)
  8. After help from Rider, I removed the VRK hooks from DCS (delete / rename VrkGameGui.lua at <Windows install drive>:\Users\<UserName>\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Hooks\). At least so far this seems to have fixed the crashes. I'll keep testing.
  9. @AMVI_Rider Absolutely love VRK. But unfortunately it seems to cause crashes with DCS when I'm playing Syria Blue Flag online (haven't had any problems with any other map or mission so far, but haven't done extensive testing). I'm using VRK with Intuos S. I know this might be nigh impossible thing to track down, but if there's any information I could provide to possibly help fixing, let me know.
  10. Just a humble observation, but could we stop this petty argument about the tournament rules? Here we have a person who's done what each of us dreams about, when we are sitting in front of our monitors or with our headsets on. And he's taken enough liking to our small online gaming community to organise this opportunity. We actually have a chance to save a life without having to pull the paddle switch in Hornet or yanking the stick to over G our Tomcats by signing up or donating and offer a chance of education to someone who's lost a loved one or have them become disabled. Can't see things getting any realer than that.
  11. Registered. My main mission is to have fun for a good cause and offer target practice for someone :)
  12. @Alpenwolf, are we going ahead with this?
  13. I know this isn't probably what the OP wants to hear, but for me the solution was an upgrade from TMWH base to Virpil T50CM2 base. Made AAR almost easy. I was surprised how much of a difference it made in the end.
  14. A shameless plug: A compilation of Blue Flag Persian Gulf A2A missions with the Hornet. 5 kills in one day (Sun 28th of June), with some nice ad hoc cooperation with CardinalPoint. Includes commentary and Tacview overlay. The aspect ratio gets better around 4 minutes. I'm relatively new to video editing, and not that good of a pilot, so feedback is very welcome.
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