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  1. If Steam responds to my support ticket, that's the plan. For the time being, I'll stick with what I have left and chalk it up to another wonderful Steam experience.
  2. I can't log into the Steam client, only the support account, the user and support accounts are different. I have the serial numbers recorded but they don't work(blacklisted). As I mentioned earlier, the only hardware change has been one SSD for a larger capacity SSD. I uninstalled and reinstalled DCS World and wound up with the stock Su-25T and TF-51D as well as a Fw 190 D-9 that I purchased through the DCS website and the A-10C that I bought from Steam. That will have to do for my DCS experience.
  3. Yes, I know I have to be able to access my Steam account to do anything but Steam support is slow to non-existent. The oldest support ticket for this DCS issue is over two months old. I can sign in through the Steam website, but not the Steam client. I have the PayPal invoices but no one to show them to. DCS was the only game I had on my Steam account, I'm assuming since I moved to a standalone version of DCS and had no games on Steam, they blocked or deleted my account and blacklisted the modules. Guess I'll uninstall DCS and start from scratch with one plane. I certainly won't be buying any more modules, lesson learned about spending a lot of money on computer games.
  4. I bought the modules during the Steam Holiday Sale using PayPal. I have the invoices, but I can't do anything with them unless Steam responds to my support ticket. I'm guessing they know that...
  5. I don't access my Steam account very often and can't log into it. I contacted Steam about it about a month ago without a response. When I do the license check, they are all blacklisted. I've had no hardware configuration changes save for switching one SSD for another. I'm not a big fan of Steam, that's why I moved to a standalone installation shortly after I bought all the modules during the Steam Holiday Sale and got to know more about DCS.
  6. When I first got DCS, I purchased a bunch of modules through Steam. This was during the time when modules purchased at Steam worked on a standalone version of DCS, which I use. The modules worked until I started up DCS recently to a slew on login errors due to hardware configuration and blacklisted serial numbers. None of the many modules I purchased work and lock up the DCS program at the mission start screen. Am I to assume that these ten modules and planes are no longer valid for some reason? That's a lot of money down the drain.
  7. Thanks. Love it when things work out. I'd like to see the 2.0, have to check for space on the game drive. These games/sims are really getting big.
  8. I've been away for a while, when I went to update DCS today, the "Searching for Updates" flashed briefly then nothing. I'm on, is that the latest version or is something not working properly? Thanks
  9. Figured it out. The DCS installation is on an SSD that holds only video games. When installing DCS on this drive, the Start Menu shortcuts(DCS Update, DCS Repair, etc) did not point to the DCS executables on the SSD. Manually edited the shortcuts, good to go.
  10. The version I have is
  11. DCS does not update automatically and it will not update from the "Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Update DCS World" on the Start menu. A window appears briefly saying "Searching for Updates" then it disappears and nothing happens. Any ideas?
  12. Guess I'm just not as smart as you are. Reckon I need to spend more time playing computer games and hanging around internet forums.
  13. It appears that the upcoming version of Windows and Xbox One will be closely linked, for what it's worth...
  14. Depends on components and configuration. My rig is fairly "mature" with a low to mid range video card and I think I'm getting at least 30 fps in single player mode. I can't be sure because I can't get the fps display keyboard command to work.
  15. The reason I am, and will always be suspicious of anything that is "free", is because the "free" stuff doesn't seem to stay free for long. Microsoft lost my game console business with their BS DLC policy; you buy a new game for $60, install it and the first thing you see is a screen to buy DLC. Windows 10 may start out free, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that Microsoft is going to adopt the Adobe business plan of subscription software. We might wind up paying for updates, media players, internet browsers, stuff like Direct X, who knows? Apple gives out free operating systems because they have proprietary hardware you have to buy, Microsoft doesn't have that, all they have is software. As far as "marketshare" goes, if you don't buy anything, it doesn't mean much, it's a pretty nebulous term. But, like I said earlier, if you have a PC, as far as operating systems go, your options drop off pretty quickly after Windows.
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