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  1. No, that's working correctly. After you drop all your TOO1, you need to change each station to TOO2 so the remaining bombs know where to go. As far I understand it anyway. It would be cool if it switched the station to TOO2 before stepping automatically, but I have no idea if that's accurate IRL or not. Are you using QTY? If so I describe how that is working differently than in PP mode.
  2. So I think it is actually working ok. I think I selected QTY for all stations with jdam, making 2 bombs go to a single point. I thought it would drop from each station selected, but still keep their independent targets. Nope. So I have to drop each bomb in turn. Pickle twice, select TOO2 each station, pickle twice. Then they target correctly. I just tried this with the same setup, but manually typed in the coords for each bomb using PP. And I CAN use QTY with both stations selected to drop, and each bomb still goes to its individual target. So I think TOO and PP behave differently here - perhaps that is the bug.
  3. Using todays patch, I have 2 pylons with 2xGBU38 each. TOO on both. I use TGP to designate target coords for TOO1 and TOO2. Switching between them, the coords seem ok. Step to the other station. Designate TOO1 and TOO2. Again, seems ok. Step back to the original station, check TOO1/TOO2. They have now changed to the coords from the last designates. That is, TOO1 coords are the same on both stations. TOO2 coords are the same on each station. Dropping all 4 bombs, 2 bombs each hit the same coords. This seems like a bug, or is my process wrong? Thanks. Update: maybe a bug - QTY behaves differently with TOO/PP When using PP drops, you CAN use QTY. Each bomb guides to the coord you enter When using TOO drops, you can NOT use QTY. Multiple bombs will guide to one coord, no matter what you put in the TOO for each one.
  4. It doesn't use WMR, it's vive software and steamvr. Thanks though.
  5. Can I use this openXR with a vive pro 2? I don't know how it works, but it seems openXR means you no longer need steamVR right? But when I launch the Vive Console software, it opens steamVR automatically. Has anyone done this with VP2? Thanks.
  6. Perhaps check preload radius. It was set to max on mine, I don't remember doing that myself. No other modules seemed to care, but apache frames went to hell. With a low preload radius value, my normal fps is back and it runs very well.
  7. SneakyBastd

    AH-64D VR

    First flights with apache gave me horrible FPS. Turns out my preload radius was set to max. I don't remember putting it that high myself, but who knows? It did not cause problems with any of my other modules. Anyway, check that maybe. With a sensible value fps went back to normal.
  8. Does anyone know of a 3D printed file for the black part with the 3 bolt holes in it? I can make one up in some cad software, but figured why reinvent the wheel if someone else has done it. I'm doing this from sourced parts, as shipping made it very expensive (DHL only for a 600g package!).
  9. Thanks, but I have only ever used Broadcast Parallel. VOIP control remains on broadcast parallel, with all of its options unchecked.
  10. Tried turning it off. All it did was make the radio menu appear in game. Only every second voice command would work then. I'd press transmit, the menu would disappear, and then the voice command worked. When no menu was visible, pushing press to talk made the menu come up, and then the voice command was ignored.
  11. Thankyou for your suggestions. I'll try that over the next few days. VAICOM already has broadcast parallel selected. SRS Allow VAICOM TX Inhibit is currently ON - I'll try turning that off as you suggest.
  12. After more experimenting, it seems it is SRS that is causing issues. I can have SRS running and just do a custom mission or freeflight, and VA commands work perfectly all day long. But as soon as I join a multiplayer server that uses SRS, I start getting strange button behaviour. I can hold down the radio PTT button on my hotas, but it cuts out half way through me speaking a command - that is, I can see VA stop listening even though the PTT button is still held down. This does not happen when DCS is closed, or when DCS is in an offline mission.
  13. Hi guys. I've got a problem with VA. In DCS, I can press the listen button, say a command, and release the listen button. The command works just fine. Maybe this works a few times, maybe 20 times. But sooner or later, it hears something it doesn't recognise, and from that point on the "listening" icon in VA with the headphones has the red crossed out circle on it. Pressing the listen button again will never remove the red crossed circle. So it can never action anything I say again. Sometimes, after waiting awhile, I can say commands again (it starts to listen) but mostly it is just dead until I restart VA. Please note that this only happens to VA when playing DCS. If I don't open DCS and just press to talk, issuing commands to VA, I can do it all day long without issue. It recognises everything I say, and even when it doesn't, I can just immediately try the command again. The red crossed out circle ALWAYS goes away when I press to talk. Any ideas why VA cracks it and refuses to listen after an unrecognised command in DCS only? Thanks.
  14. dcs.20220129-042214.dmpdcs.20220129-042214.crashserver-20220129-151118.trkHi. I made a multiplayer training miz for my mates to teach them slamER steerpoints. It crashed the game for each client connect the moment I pickled a slamER. My game kept running no problem, but everyone else DCS crashed. Server track and log files attached. We set up 1 slamER each, with 5 steerpoints, individual altitude per steerpoint, and then designated a waypoint for the final target point. Doing this same mission file in single player, it works without a problem. dcs.log
  15. Agree with Taz. Get 32GB 3200/3600MHz and whatever GPU you can afford. Wouldn't hurt to overclock the CPU also. Check link below. You can see that even with my recent upgrade, GPU is still far and away the limiting factor. The CPU overhead is nice to have - it helps to smooth out frame drops, but a faster GPU is always going to help more.
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