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  1. Remove the MB-339 mod.
  2. Same issue here. List freezes after 5 or 10 seconds.
  3. OK good to know. @Snoopy, I couldn't find it, but that could be me ofcourse. Tnx.
  4. Not sure if already mentioned (couldn't find it) but when the speedbrakes are fully opened, the ALQ184 goes right through it when stick is moved to the left.. Graphical bug?
  5. Will try to reproduce, but when landing on Bassel Al Assad, after a full stop you see the lines in the left "taxi to parking space" and the radio menu appears on the right. Above the radio menu was "Gudauta"...
  6. Ordered the slew sensor a few weeks ago, and received it today. Very well shipped, professional. Took the instructions and the only gritty thing was getting the old one out; couldn't get in there with my thick fingers. However, I managed, installed, reassembled, calibrated and it works like a charm! Much, much better than the standard one, would recommend this one any time! Very happy customer here; tnx Damien!!
  7. Was I that sleepy....????? (Going to kill myself now ....) Tnx!
  8. Since last update, my TGP keeps moving from the moment I touch the slew button. Example: I have it looking straight forward. (btw: I can's see the pipper in the HUD anymore..??). When I used to slew down, and released the slew button, the view/tgp kept looking at the position it was when I released the butten, and stayed looking at that. Now, when I release the button, the TGP shows "RATES" and it keeps moving, along with the aircraft movement... Something new, or am I doing something wrong..??
  9. Strange. I never ever had to do that: when I start DCS with the throttles in the cut-off position, it's also the setting in the game. Only thing that is NOT synced when I startup, is the position of the flaps regarding to the position of my TMWH flap selector. Always have to move the flap selector one notch up or down, and it's synced with the game. But throttle setting was always ok...
  10. If you use the TMWH, then it's already functioning out of the box. If you use another controller, it works as a toggle. So, from the "up" position, one toggle "down" and it's in MVR. Another one down and its in "down". And reverse, ofcourse.
  11. I have a feeling you're both not talking about the same slider...
  12. Strange question perhaps, but what is the difference between the O.B. and the stable release? I did nothing at all; all I got was an update for the updater, and the only difference I notice is on the startscreen that all icons are labeled "2.5""; instead of "NTTR 2.2" it now says "NTTR 2.5" and so on. The user/saved games dir still says "DCS Open Beta".
  13. The problem is known and reported as a bug. Mavs DO have a tendency to be unable to get a lock in this version.
  14. Deferred shading is the culprit. Turn it off, and night flying is possible again like it is/was in 1.5. If you switch it on, cockpit lighting in most A/C's is ****ed up.
  15. I tried both (with and without Target) on my TMWH (OP uses Cougar, I know). I found out that using Target was a major PITA. Best option is (AFAIC) to disable Target and bind the axis and buttons in the game. Yes, that IS a lot of work, but after you did it, it's easy to load the profile while other A/C's are selected. Some small things are to be noticed, like inverting the wheelbrakes and stuff like that, but the energy you spend on it in one evening is well worth it.
  16. I experienced the same, with the D's. I made a mission with a truck driving on a road, winter Caucasus. It wouldn't lock in point mode. However, after I switched the mav screen from whot to bhot and vice versa, I could get a lock on the moving target.. Furthermore zooming out a bit (so not completely zoomed in) seemed to help..
  17. In the HUD, below the airspeed, you can normally see "RO" or required airspeed to target, if setup. I noticed a "PM" there today... can't find that in the manual, or I'm looking at the wrong place.. anybody?
  18. A-10C is, in my opinion, still the best ánd most attractive plane in terms of handling all the systems. Besides that, it somehow makes sense, it's a logical plane... I practiced and practiced the startup of the KA and other vehicles but somehow I can't seem to remember it, while I startup the Hog "with my eyes closed". Ofcourse because I spend 99% of my airtime in the Hog. Love it. And really, really hope, PRAY, that 2.5 lighting will be corrected ASAP because night missions are almost impossible right now... :-(
  19. Not to my knowledge. It remembers last state and doesn't respond to changes made in another SOI. As far as I'm concerned, it just stays on last mode, and when you make TGP SOI again it's going to respond to changes you made after that, not before that. It's sort of a "passive" switch, i.e. it only gives commands to the SOI of that moment when you alter the state of the switch. No altering = no change..
  20. When you have your Mav as SOI, the boat switch changes the MAV cross from white to black and vv. Only when you have the TGP as SOI, it will have effect on the TGP.
  21. Here it is, everything I want: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=195480
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