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  1. Case you want replacement for the Cub Pilot UberNXT Hall Sensor, the one used is made by Midori (Japan), the QP-2H/QP-2HC. https://www.midori.co.jp/wp/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/MIDORI-English-Catalog.pdf https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18819&p=204360&viewfull=1#post204360
  2. Relatively easy, with few clicks you load the profile for the new grip.
  3. It's a new NASA tech, so on homage TECS will be released when NASA land a pair of humans on Moon, supposedly in 2024.
  4. This deadzone in firmware is need to compensate the center play of plastics gimbals.
  5. A point to notice is that NXT is no more limited to one type of grip. SCG - pompously meaning "Space Combat Grip" - in attempt to catch the "cosmosim" community, but being in reality a "Generic Combat Grip" (don't attempt by replica of some real grip); was designed for desktop use, so they make the grip less tall possible, not much friendly for big hands. But F-14 and KG-12A grips have more space for hands. MCG grip was not approved - by VBK; to be used in NXT base, due their heavy mass and height, too much for base springs.
  6. This solution AxesToButton work but brakes are 0 or 100. Instead buttons can set the twist left (from 50% default position to 0%) for generate a new virtual axis and twist right (50% to 100%) for generate another virtual axis, in both cases varying proportionately from 0 to 100% proportionately to twist axis movement, and then assign this two new virtual axes for planes that requite independent right and left wheel brakes (toe brakes). And can use one of the new virtual axis for planes with "differential brakes" (e.g. Spitfire, MiG-21... - press wheel brakes, move rudder for select the wheel that want brake), in this case setting twist for left (more wrist friendly) plus a button or key modifier for "Wheel Brakes", for differentiate from "Left Wheel Brakes". Advantage is that in this way you have a proportional control of brakes, instead of the "ON-OFF" of the AxesToButton. How set the new virtual axes, using VKB DevCfg: 1 - Click in "Save" and save the actual profile in the joystick in some computer folder, just in case. 2 - In "Profile" tick for the new virtual axes the boxes "En" (enabled) and "Vs" (visible), if use axes #5 and #6 will have similar DX names: Rot X and Rot Y, but can use any number not used in the profile. Attention that in front Brake V1 are a sign of + for one axis and - for the other axis. In % you can set - in want; a "deadzone" for brakes axes start respond, e..g. 5%, so avoid that any small unwanted movement of twist axi active the brakes. 3 - Is for make this axes visible for games. 4 - After done click "Set" button for save this new settings of the profile in the joystick controller EPROM. 5 - After click in "Test" and see if work as expected. EDIT - Tip for assignment: The twist axis - Rot X axis; will be picked first than Rot Y or Rot Z, since is this axis that generate the others, so have two options for deal with this: 1 -Before hit the assignment box, twist the stick a bit for left or right and hold, open the assignment box and now twist the grip until the end of movement, the virtual axis will be picked. 2 - If don't use the twist axis in any game, in DevCfg "Profile" just un-tick the box "Vs" (visible) for axis #3 - Rot X (the twist axis), then this axis will be hidden for games.
  7. My bet is that it's just a adjustable "clutch" like in VPC Tork pedals or the "dry-clutch" of VPC Gunfighter base. ForceSense base it's already available - by Real Simulator; no much sense VirPil risk in compete in this "niche of a niche."
  8. Have you tried the MACRO wizard in DevCFg, under Profile?
  9. An option for set the axes in IL-2:GB (Bo'X') is edit the file "current.action) in game Input folder. I use VKB Gladiator Mk.II twist for "wheel brakes" and this axis give me proportional movement from 0 to 100% (or like BrakeV1), not the 0 or 100% of T-Link. Half of twist give a full axis, the "Rot X" axis, responding to twist left: For this T-Link is not needed, just need chance two box in DeVCFG for twist axis, one removing the center position of the axis, and other for invert the response, without inversion is need twist for right, less practical than twist for left. Too don't need create virtual axis. What I need test is the configuration in DevCFG like you did, but with the joystick twist axis (T-Rudder in your case) pressing one virtual axis for right, one for left, this will give "toe brakes" without extra software, modifiers and without need use rudder pedals. The same axis plus a modifier button can be used for "wheel brakes". Gladiator, have two modes for buttons, so I can use trigger to be the modifier, setting one mode for ground use, where trigger is not needed. So press trigger, twist for left = wheel brakes. I am avoiding touch Joystick Gremlin due vJoy, I have headaches with this driver setting R/C transmitter as computer controller for R/C model simulation. Nice, I suggest post too in VKB.forum and Reddit/r/HOTAS.
  10. "Dead horse"... But curious with the differences of operation between TinyBox (early T-rudder) and BlackBox - in the last the brake force being proportional to rudder movement, I check DevCfg manual, there are four options for "virtual brakes": BrakeV - is the default setting for TinyBox of early T-Rudder Pedals, the brake force is 0% or 100%, going for 0% in one wheel when rudder is 8% off the center for this side. BrakeV1 BrakeV2 BrakeV3 BlackBox probable use BrakeV1 or BrakeV3. BrakeV1 - (from manual) "On rudder pedal moving differential brake of corresponding direction is engaged. It begins when rudder axis response exceeds value of % field (Fig. 3.11). 3.11. On brake button press both differential brakes work. On rudder moving idle axis will reach engaged then they will move together. On brake button release both axes will be released. Idle to zero engaged to value depending on rudder pedal response value." Curious is that BrakeV1 in TinyBox move the virtual brake axes -, e.g. move rudder for left, engage left brake in proportional way; without need press the button in joystick, but T-link need be active. Pressing the joy button wheels is brakes 100%, even with one already braked less e.g. 50%. Anyway brake always working with rudder movement is dangerous. Don't figure practical use for this settings, despite looks ideal for taxi- as resemble more an "toe brakes"; is dangerous for takeoff run when the rudder is needed. BrakeV3 is similar to Brake1, but inverted, pushing left pedal, cancel the brake force in right wheel proportional to rudder movement (from center to left). Require assignment of the brakes swapped and may make less sharp turns on ground. BrakeV2 is similar to BrakeV but the activation seems more instantly, less than 8% of rudder movements cancel the brake in respective wheel.
  11. Or you make one with 3D printed parts, examples: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3641494 Or try adapter a commercial "multidirectional switch", eg. the expensive OTTO. https://br.mouser.com/datasheet/2/603/T8_T_tactile_mini_trim_switches_catalog_page-1815508.pdf https://br.mouser.com/c/electromechanical/switches/multi-directional-switches/?m=OTTO&sort=pricing But before analise if you have space inside the grip for fit one these.
  12. WingWing have nice models, although more specif aircraft (F/A-18) oriented (like warthog) with more attractive price.
  13. Yes, It's a good alternative for use the twist axes, and give proportional brake for both system. But the question is that create the virtual brake axis (just one for twist left) in (VKB) DevCfg was a "hit and miss" thing for me, took many attempts, re-flash firmware, so for don't risk in "broken" all again, just enable T-Link eventually is not big issue, I fly mostly British planes in WWII sims.
  14. Yes, but I use "half" of twist axis (left movement) of VKB Gladiator Mk.II for "wheel brakes", because in IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles this command work for any plane, regardless RL they use "toe brakes" or "British brakes", giving differential brakes when used combined with rudder movement. Need use T-Link "virtual brakes" for DCS and IL-2 Sturmovik: Clod BLITZ planes that use "toe brakes" (Luftwaffe, USAAF...) to be able to taxi.
  15. Understand, this is better than I have, 0% or 100% only. Could be because you are using Black Box controller - I use the old Tiny Box; and probable with this new controller you have brake force proportional rudder pedal input. So your only problem is the axes in 100% when you expect 0%, then using (VKB) DevCfg make a backup of actual profile and test inverting the rudder axis (as above). If this solve the brake issue, but result in rudder inverted, you can fix rudder inverting in DCS controls.
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