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  1. A-10C - Error in Training AGM-65 Mawerick. Shortly after the start of the training mission, - after the phase "Now set the MFCD on the MAV page - OSB-14", the training mission stops and training cannot be continued! See enclosed Prt Scr. All other training missions work without problems. Please correct the named training mission in the next update DCS World-stable.
  2. Error in the map display – MFCD and F10 map The problem persists, ED does not respond by the message: "We note, it will be corrected". Perhaps overlooked error message !!! :(:(:(
  3. drPhibes, thank you for your explanation, I prefer the 2.5 Release - when released.
  4. I have DCS World 2.5 Open Beta. I am thinking of the early installation of the DCS World 2.5 Release. Then I only leave one version. - ??? Which??? -. What are the advantages / disadvantages of 2.5 OB / 2.5 Release? Please your opinion - advice. : pilot:
  5. Hello friends . I'm sending an error report . DCS World (2.5) OpenBeta - error in the map display – MFCD and F10 map: Instant Action - Caucasus, A-10C, 1. East Georgia - Spring 2. Russian foothills – autumn (The others are all right) I attach Screenshots. Please advice or repair and thank you for the message.
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