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  1. What makes you think they hit anything ? Rockets aren't exactly precise at the best of times, and when you start lobbing them towards the general direction of the enemy....
  2. For some obscure reason the JTAC menu disappears from the comms menu completely if I use a radio menu command to spawn a group via MIST. The JTAC unit itself is still there and alive but I can't call him up.
  3. As mentioned to Helljumper on the discord, I had a CTD when pressing DESG. AG mode, pod space stabilised on the Kobuleti X, switch to EHSD on left MPCD, press DESG and crash. Note : I also had a flight in the Hind prior to the Harrier flight in the same mission. dcs.log
  4. Wags' numbers seem to be pretty much what I get during my landings, which I managed to shorten enough to land at the Damascus helo bases. Settling with power doesn't seem to be an option when approaching VRS, so keeping that descent as controlled as possible is key. Another issue I noted was the abysmal forward and downwards visibility (ie where that sodding runway should be), so the warbird approach seems to work best : Downwind at 200-300m (200m is better imo cause you can keep a shallow descent after). Decel below 150, configure gear, retrim, turn off yaw SAS as required, watch out for pitch oscillations at 140km/h, don't correct them. When abeam your landing aimpoint, start a slight turn and keep it going all the way down to short finals, keeping the runway in sight as long as possible. Do not let the nose drop lest you pickup too much speed. Keep your collective inputs as small as possible to avoid stepping too much into your power reserve (which the tail rotor will merrily eat into as well) On short finals switch to peripheral vision to gauge your position, flare and touch with the mains, lower collective and catch the yaw change, use the hand brake to stop. Overall, trying to fly the Hind like a Hip will get you killed. It is designed to operate at a very specific regime, and the compromises made show elsewhere.
  5. Ok man, no need to get pissy, just pointing out a small error.
  6. Just to be that pedantic asshole, it's spelled Bismarck, not Bismark.
  7. As mentioned in the title, half of the parking spots at Wujah are unusable for fixed wing aircraft for no discernable reason, while rotary wings have access to all spots. It's such a beautiful airport it's a shame you can't place more than 3 aircraft like the yak or CE2
  8. When Cyprus is added, we'll get the Akrotiri range, which is just south of RAF Akrotiri airbase.
  9. Hijacking this thread to suggest a scrollable tactical map, so we can move it around and not be stuck with the default views which are either too zoomed in to be useful, or zoomed out so far as to make reading it very hard at best.
  10. Might I suggest a French P-47D. The "Ardennes" fighter group was actually formed at Rayak (Lebanon) in 1943.
  11. Hi, Could someone make a livery of LanceR C No. 6807 ? I had the chance to sit in it and chat with the pilot at RIAT 2019 and would love to have it in game with the new exterior materials. Cheers
  12. Thanks. Personally I think that the downward visibility is rather great as is, but by default the right side, with its waypoint info etc, is clipped by the HUD frame, which is rather bizarre, and the horizon line, backup pipper and often the TVV (on takeoff for instance) is fully hidden. I guess it's not an issue for the VR/TIr folks, but might prove reaaaaally annoying for the others, and it doesn't match the behaviour of any HUD I can think of, besides perhaps the Viggen. All others display all the info on the glass at a glance. I think it might be cause the HUD is rendered too close to the glass ? Font also looks huge, so maybe it's just the HUD not collimating to infinity like the others. Vague and subjective feedback FTW, but if that could be looked into, that'd be grand.
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