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  1. Heatblur is busy with the F4 for a 2022 release, I'd guess late 2023 for Eurofighter EA.
  2. No, technically that plane doesn't exist in the real world. Meteor is a very new weapon at which point all the Eurofighter operators already had all their Tranche 2 Jets capable of ground attack as far as I'm aware. (Warning: Joke) But then again I'm gonna guess that at least in the Luftwaffe there probably aren't enough bombs available for all the tranche 2 Jets so practically those do exist
  3. Its not christmas without smashing a few dcs forum lights
  4. No that doesnt have anything to do with DCS
  5. Well its not 100% accurate of course since AoA is technically the angle between the oncoming wind and wing chord and not the nose position and velocity vector, but since the velocity vector at least in the vertical pretty much always points into the wind and the nose position is close to the 0 angle of the wing its a good reference for AoA. You can check it in game as well.
  6. Psst, thats aircrew interview not the FPP The Typhoon FPP interview is this one
  7. Bei sovielen Flugzeugen ist meist die Wake Turbulence das Problem.
  8. Saying that it'd be cool to get it if they can and "it will be developed" are 2 very different things
  9. You're right that would work.
  10. The AMRAAM is a BVRAAM, the latter is not a specific type of missile it just stands for beyond visual range air to air missile vs SRAAM, short range air to air missile, which on the typhoon would be ASRAAM or IRIS-T. You probably mean meteor? But why would you go with 2 different type of BVRAAM? Also not entirely sure how the pictures are supposed to relate, the upper one has a triple rack of brimstones (a/g missiles) and 2 paveway IV
  11. As far as I'm aware that double rack is not used on any real jet as of right now. The big A/A loadout we can expect would be 6 Meteor, 2 Iris-T.
  12. Those are part of the Test and Evaluation Squadron as indicated by the 98+xx, they also support the Eurofighter program on an international basis and are known as Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA). So far there are no plans that I've heard of to add them to the German fleet.
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