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  1. Hi guys, I noticed this several times when reviewieng my multiplayer flights that the Phoenix (I mostly use the Aim-54A MK60 but its with every Phoenix) disappears in tacview for unknown reasons. Sometimes it disappears while: - travelling with more than M2 - just seconds before impact with - after less than 30 flight time All this while well in the air, so hitting the ground is not the cause. From the attached pics from today you see: 1 Launch at time stamp 9:43:24 2 Phoenix travelling about 40 seconds to target since launch at time stamp 9:44:05 3 Short before impact Phoenix disappears with M2,2 at MSL 4932 Does anyone know why this happens? Is this due to the desync issue all Fox 3 missiles are prone to? Thanks for any help/explanation!
  2. Dear Deka team, another issue I am facing is that I can only move the TDC cursor with axis if the jet is hot started in the air. If I start the jet from cold and dark I can only move the TDC via keyboard input and not with the use of axis. Radar monitor is SOI and axis are bound like they should. In fact they were set by default. I unbound and bound them again without any change as well as tried to repair DCS what also didnt help unfortunately. In the config menu the lines axis lines for the TDC are not red, just normal. In the config I can see their axis‘ moving. I dont think that I am missing a step. Can you help please? Thank you so much! Best regards. P.S. Its the same with the target pod.
  3. Jagdgeschwader78 Red Side Ping: 80-130ms Germany JG78_KEULE: F-14B (PIC), Jester (RIO)
  4. Dear Deka team, the problem I have is that for some reason JF-17 Axis assign doesnt work for the rudder. The line is red and for that reason rudder input doesnt work. Keyboard input is fine. Is there anything I can do to make it work? My rudders are not bound to anything else. On all other modules they are working like supposed to. Thank a lot for your help! Kind regards.
  5. ### RED ### 1. JG78_KEULE (F/A-18C or F-15C) 2. JG78_Hel (F/A-18C) 3. JG78_HorAz (F-15C) 4. JG78Flg_Ghost (F/A-18C) 5. JG78_Mutze 6. JG78Flg_FreakinGunner (F/A-18C) ### BLUE ### 7. JG78_mauuuz (F-15C) 8. JG78_Flash 9. JG78_steak (F/A-18C) 10. JG78_M4Cd3v 11. JG78_Diesel (F-15C) 12. JG78_Letzter ### Reserve for either side ### 13. JG78_Oskar 14. JG78_Blackpanther (F-15C) 15. JG78Flg_CoMa 16. JG78Flg_XploD (F/A-18C or F-15C)
  6. Nice, Nicer, Red Flag Thanks to the 104th and all people who helped and participated to make this as much fun as it was. Special thanks to blue GCI who did a fantastic job! :thumbup: May I kindly ask you to share the tacview file as I am really keen to see what I didnt. Looking forward to next event! Cheers
  7. Dear Folks, unfortunately I am unable to attend the match. Hit my left thumb with a bread knife today and just came back home from ER. With the wound and bandage I am unable to use any button or switch. I am so sorry! My knick is: JG78_ KEULE Have fun!
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