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  1. Not trying to be a bhole, but all the work is already done for you minus groom http://www.airnav.com/airport/KLSV http://www.airnav.com/airport/KINS
  2. Nights, boats,, lots of things trying to kill, you.......duh, yes:joystick:
  3. Hit it on the head of nail Exorcet. 7-10 g's was likely a quick maintenance inspection, and a free six pack from the pilot to the maintenance crew for being a bonehead. Over 10 likely required the engine to be dropped borescoped, spars checked blah blah blah. With no persistent map or server monitoring continual use, it is almost not worth the effort to make this too detailed. Over 10g's you could have gear doors and stores ripped off (or something similar) increasing exponentially from there. From say 7-10g have a more random way for minor pieces of damage to occur or bend up there aircraft's dihedral so it flies cockeyed.
  4. 77th is working on 21 oriented mission although its still in testing. Might be a good place to get all interested to meet up one night.
  5. JG1 and S77th do you have large contingents in Pacific Std Time zone or are most on Eastern like most squads?
  6. Thanks Klaiber, what timezone do most your 21 drivrs fly and on what server?
  7. 77th server is def fun and I fly the Fishbed frequently there.
  8. Anyone would run into you, youre mountain flying on youtube is definitly not wingman friendly especially in a bfm engagement, but two fishbeds with some more geographic sep working in tandem on comms would free up your dash2 clear sky too.
  9. Is there such a group out there? Seems like there is no dedicated Mig-21 group, squad, support group in the Squadron sub-thread. Seems like there was soo much hype for this module then it fell off a bit (possibly due to no arch enemy aka F-4.) I'd say this is my favorite module these days and finding a group to fly this with would increase my enjoyment. Cheers!
  10. This falls on the mission builders to make missions that require NDB integration or ground controller integration, aka, bad weather or reduced visibility. Most mission builders and flyers not associated with a sqaud who trains in IMC will play or build missions VFR only. Mods shouldn't be necessary for NDB navigation in the Sabre and under the tutorial thread at top is several videos on how to use the sabre NDB system.
  11. You stalled plain and simple, there is no bug, no magic solution besides a smoother input of stabilator. Tweaking your curves might help.
  12. I'd pay for a whole new module if it was a FJ-3/4 Fury with workable carrier if this was built.
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