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  1. Hello, I just would like to ask, what is the status some of my old bugs, if you are still working on them. I did what I could there, so just asking, no offense : Thank you Jiri
  2. Hello, when I have an external tanks loaded, fuel gauge does not show fuel amount when switching fuel gauge switch to external 1 or 2. Could you check on that? Track included. Thank you External fuel tanks.trk Jiri
  3. I can confirm this behavior. I can trim helicopter, hands off controls and it´s oscilating a few degrees up and down and it visible on AP pitch channel.
  4. Hello, here is the track: Vibration test button inactive.trk Thanks Jiri
  5. Thank you @BIGNEWY, I will work on tracks for my other bug reports.
  6. @BIGNEWYhello, could you please move this thread to a bug section too? Thank you. Jiri
  7. Beacon light speed; Shturm Rack mount; No Headshake.trk Hello, here is the track for this bug. Please, confirm it is right, I am making this reports for first time :). Thank you Jiri
  8. It´s handbook for a Mi-24V or Mi-35 - Czech Air Force. I don´t think that there is a difference between these versions and P variant in this kind of systems and procedures. Thank you for your time and checking. Jiri
  9. Thank you for your time and for checking it. I really apreciate that. Track - I dont think I can show you something you cannot show yourself - I never did a track so I will try it. Thank you Jiri
  10. Thank you for checking. Yes, it is old V and new M or PM witch I dont think there is much difference. I understand, but I dont have an actual pictures. Technicians will not load helicopter just for one picture or my sad eyes to prove my point :). But if you compare load with Mi-8 model in DCS, there is a difference in tires and dumpers. Thank you
  11. Sorry guys, I didnt think of that, I will try to get another picture. BTW it is not just about a tires, it is about a dumper position itself. Thanks for notice. Jiri
  12. Hello, I noticed some kind of things I would like to ask or check. 1. Beacon light speed seems to me as very quick, is it right? 2. Load menu has an option 9M114 Shturm-V-2 Rack but if I select this, I dont have any rack on wings after loading sequention. 3. Are you going to implement headshake like in Mi-8? Because I did not notice any of it. Thank you for checking Jiri
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