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  1. It's such a shame D3DGear stopped updating their VR support. I was never told why (I was beta tester - you can see my Elite vid on their website and YT channel) but I got the impression it was because updates to VR API kept breaking things and presenting new challenges to the single dev. It was the only utility to record direct from output to the headset and I used it for all my YT vids for the first 2 years, until it didn't work any more. We could really do with another such utility, but I'm guessing the same things will put other devs off, too.
  2. Plus the awesome sound they had back then - like no other aircraft!
  3. I really like the look of the new headset and was going to get one - but the way FB/Meta policies (and thereby UI's) are going with VR has made me have a major rethink and I really don't want to stay beyond the Quest 2. Such a shame, but others will make decent headsets, too, so I'll just use what I have now, and wait.
  4. My Quest 2 runs DCS World very solid with Virtual Desktop wireless. 45fps locked for normal ops and drops to 30 (but a solid 30) when there is lots of action or AI. It's very playable at those framerates and gives a good experience. Virtual Desktop wireless connection speed is 866Mbps. The only module that kills it is the Apache - where it drops to a slideshow, even sat in a cold and dark cockpit. Haven't had the need for OTT since a couple of years now, so my settings tend to be standard - though I do tweak a little using Sidequest - texture size, for eggs. Don't know if that has any bearing on DCS, and as all was well except up to the Apache, I've never checked.
  5. I'd normally be happy to, but with this module I get less than 10fps in VR, so I can't do a thing with it and just hoping I haven't thrown away another £50.
  6. Is the Open Beta required for this? I tried yesterday and got a notice saying it was a newer version - I did need to update DCSW release, so I did so. But today it's still telling me its for a newer version.
  7. I can't do much flying these days, but I will definitely give this a try and let you know what I think (not that I'm an expert, but some opinions are better than none!) PS - Campaign is a great idea
  8. I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more DCS modules after the Hornet. But I was deceiving myself. Then I told myself I wouldn't buy any more after the F-16. Then the Hind. Then the Apache. This time I know I will buy the BO105, so I won't kid myself. I love that expression from Fragger: " high Blade bitch" but was he referring to the aircraft or the noise?
  9. Do you have to restart after adjusting? I've always left the IPD at what it was and is about my real IPD - 68 (real IPD 68.5mm). I did try adjusting the IPD after reading similar threads to this one, but didn't see a big difference and they seemed about right until yesterday when I flew the F-15C and found it impossible to get my head anywhere near the canopy. First I was trying to find the bandits, but then when I realised how much space there was I did my best to try and 'touch' the canopy any way possible with my helmet - except it was not possible. Tried to see from photo's if that was accurate, but it can be really hard to tell. The A-10s seem okay, but still not sure. In civvy sims I watch videos shot from the cockpit and see how much pilots are having to reach controls and buttons so I can set it right in VR - but it's a lot harder to do it that way for single seat military aircraft..
  10. Just like to pop in here and remind those who might be interested that I did a set of pictorial start-up guides that go onto the kneeboards and are very easy to follow from inside the cockpit. Module releases up to and including the F-16 are included. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GpjGrFTJa84Xr6gJ7ZXT1FmAx5MmtafM?usp=sharing In the coming weeks Google are making changes to Drive and not allowing duplicate files and this may affect these guides, so if you want them, grab them soon. Don't know why they are doing this, as I pay them for storage space and it should be up to me what I put where - but that's another subject. Just be aware it may mess these files up. I'm planning on taking my pennies and files elsewhere, but for now they are still on Drive and still okay.
  11. Reading this news, I am hoping it will spark more interest from ED: https://www.roadtovr.com/oculus-quest-2-hand-tracking-2-0-upgrade/ edit: although I have noted that there isn't any dedicated thread on Quest use in the sim, and when I mentioned optimising it for DCS after the inital release I got bombed out.
  12. I haven't used open beta since before the Hornet. The reasons were twofold - that I was writing tutorial guides for my website, so these needed to be based on the stable version, but also for VR stability. I see a lot of people complaining about VR performance - not as many now as before, but still enough - and after building a new PC and doing a fresh clean install of the stable release at the time, I suddenly found my performance was very smooth and well within the acceptable range. I didn't want anything to mess that up, so I've no mods (except some long standing object additions necessary for many user made missions) and stayed with stable to not risk messing that up. I can't fly as much as I used to and some of the aircraft are beyond what I can manage now, so I think it's worth it. I also stopped flying online where OB is mostly required.
  13. Yes, I looked at the release announcements page posted by Big Newy - maybe it's just me being an old duffer, but I just couldn't find a stable release for this year, only open betas. Funnily enough, after I read the replies here I started DCS and the first thing was a 38GB update! So that sorts that one. The Apache is shown as open beta only - but many of the campaigns are also listed as requiring it - the whole first page and first two of the second page (12 campaigns in all) on the eshop.
  14. That's good to know - I hadn't realised and hadn't been around for some time, so not surprising. Now I can try the Apache Thanks guys edit: does make me wonder why a number of modules in the shop state that the open beta is required to play them, though
  15. Hi all, can someone please advise how well VR is working in the current open beta release? Performance for me is good in the stable. Thanx
  16. Are there any or many switches etc located behind or to the rear side of the pilot or CPG? I only fly in VR and have had to give up flying modules where I have to turn too much to see or operate controls due to my Ankylosing Spondylitis. It just isn't possible for me to do so. A couple of controls is not really a problem as I can assign them to HOTAS with modifiers specifically for out of reach things. Whole panels of controls/switches etc are just not viable. Even the stuff at the rear of side consoles can't be reached without physically getting up and turning my body, so I hope there aren't any in the Apache so I can buy it and keep myself busy with it. Cheers.
  17. I just did this yesterday (recentering in the way you have described) and then further refined it today while in VR in the A-10C, so it it's definitely working. One thing to make sure of is that you need to keep your head in the right position when you press the save key. That was quite awkward for me - but I realised I had to do it after my first save was skewed on pressing recentre - pretty much like you describe. edit: another thing I had to do yesterday was, after saving the adjusted view press Num5 which put my view in the standard centre position for 2D, then used my VR recentre key and this showed the saved position I wanted. Didn't have to do that after refining it today, though.
  18. When I flew the ADF practise mission once, I picked up the squaddie and as I was lifting off my blade tips clipped the nearby powerlines which were out of sight at the time. The helicopter plummeted instantly to Earth, no ability to control anything. Is that what you wanted?
  19. Ok thanks - I did really like using the 'gaze' method to switch things etc and I'm glad it's still available - being able to hide the cursor is something i think everyone wanted, so great that it's now implemented. I'll be trying the Leap Motion control, too, so I hope there's nothing too radical with it. The way it works in MSFS is too unreliable for me, so hopefully it will be better in DCSW - looks more like the old FlyInside method from the couple of screenshots I've seen, which is no bad thing. Thanks - hopefully ED will update the provided documents at some stage.
  20. Hmm, I looked up and down the list but didn't see it - I'll check again, thanks. I mean where you would simply look at the control you wanted to operate (using the onscreen dot), then use the UI controls - left and right mouse click or mouse-wheel - to operate the control/button/switch. Although the menu and recentre functions are working as before, the mouse controls aren't. I will have a look at the UI section, then, maybe something has happened to the assignments.
  21. I just updated to 2.7 (I had to give up on flight simming for some time) and am finding it difficult to understand what is going on with VR and the various control settings (seems the gaze control I liked so much is gone). I also couldn't find the previous UI profile in the control assignments panel, though the previously assigned controls for recentre and to bring up the menu are still working. Checking the manuals in the sim, I see that they are a few years old and don't explain the new stuff. Is there a document somewhere that does?
  22. Here: https://sites.google.com/view/dcsworldguides/dcs-world-guidesite Must have removed it from my sig. I don't visit the forums very much since they don't have the latest topics listed on the DCS website any more, so if anyone has any questions in future, I recommend sending me a pm, so I should be notified. Cheers.
  23. I don't fly any more, for various reasons, and took my site down a while back as the info was getting a bit old and without flying etc I wouldn't be aware of updates and changes. I also thought that FC4/MAC or whatever it will be called would be out by now and the FC3 info would be of little use, but that hasn't happened. The website has been sat on my Google Drive since, though, and I decided I might as well republish it - but bear in mind that some of the newer modules may well have had things added and procedures changed in the last year or so. I'll leave it up as long as I keep a Google Drive sub. https://sites.google.com/view/dcsworldguides/dcs-world-guidesite
  24. Unfortunately this kind of thing just doesn't happen any more. A long time back, when Black Shark was the only DCS product (excepting Flaming Cliffs of course) there was a "Rookie" group and an open server and it was a lot of fun. I've not seen anything similar since - and that was over 10 years ago. You could always set something up yourself, or ask who is interested, to gauge how popular such a thing would be.
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