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  1. Got one first this year but the FoV was not good with my IPD, so it went back. I'm thinking I'll return the Index, see what the Link is like and if not up to snuff, just buy another Index. Chances are that it should be better than the first two.
  2. I'm really in a quandry over this. I will be getting another Quest (sent the first one back due to connection issues, but have a new and excellent wifi router now) to use with Link, but I am hoping it will be far better with the official optical Link than it is now, even more so once they have increased the res, as mentioned. My Index has the dreaded "scan lines" issue and although I was able to negate most of it with the tool they released in summer, now we have colder weather it has degraded considerably, so that in some apps and games it's quite prominent. Despite assuring me that if the then new 'fix' didn't work on my headset, they would replace it (for a second time), they are now telling me I can either put up with it or have a full refund, as they have no plans to work on the issue any further and are not offering RMAs for it any more. So I will be relying on Quest and Link. I'm told it works well in Elite and it seems to be doing relatively well on DCS World, from the comments in this thread. So I hope it will be enough for me to enjoy and an improvement over CV1 - which is what I am going back to today, whilst I pack up my Index. At least I now have the required graphics card, just up to Oculus to make the Link what we all want it to be (except perhaps 'S' owners...)
  3. I'm also pretty sure that if you have a Microsoft account - which is good for installing Win 10 (I can use any amount of them for free, just by entering my MS account details) - you can have the personal speech recognition data (i.e. your own profile from when you use voice recognition that the API uses to know what you, personally, are saying) uploaded for use in any systems you install in future.
  4. Few years back I used to sit and watch the battle unfold from the ground, if I had to hit the silk. I'd get as close as I could to the enemy armour and watch it all unfold - was great fun. If there was a drivable vehicle handy, I'd jump in and carefully tour the battlefield. Was awesome watching the airstrikes come in, from a relatively safe hiding place, as well as the dogfights and air defences doing their thang. CA is overdue some work - but I doubt we'll see anything soon, with all that's going on.
  5. Set view centring in the UI Layer section. Does the same as Num5, for VR.
  6. Reluctant as I am to express a point of view - I recently flew one of the MiG-29 quick missions (an A/G one) having not flown it for years, and the landing went perfectly (having not looked at any manual or guide for this aircraft module for as long - so I landed it like I would any normal aircraft). So if there's a landing bug, it must be intermittent. The mission was flown since the last release patch.
  7. I'd also recommend Leo Bodnar's boards - I currently have 4 of them. The A is the cheapest, but the X is by far the easiest to install (though it's also larger)
  8. Very witty - I've been flying sims since 1986, matey so take your snotty attitude elsewhere, please. Oh yes - and flown real RAF aircraft as well, many years ago. Like I said, afaic redout/blackout is sufficient. btw anything done sat at a monitor, under a roof, is about as realistic and authentic as daffy duck - so don't come on the "it's not real because it doesn't have what I think it should" crap. But like I said earlier - where you wanna stop? Fly caught in the cockpit and buzzing around your face? Itchy nuts? Feeling pukey? I mean, it's a simulator - so if you can't have that, well maybe you're on the wrong platform? Here endeth the lesson - goodbye. :smartass:
  9. Then it will end up about as realistic as the rifle sway in Arma. This is something you can't accurately simulate because everyone is different. Different levels of fitness, different levels of tolerance etc etc imo the blackout/redout is sufficient. Such things will only drive people away and make the game overall less popular if there is no option. It's like the heavy breathing - if that wasn't an option - i.e. if we were forced to hear it, I would not be flying DCS World at all because I actually have respiratory problems and hearing that noise makes me start to feel uncomfortable.
  10. Maybe we should have them simulate a fly in the cockpit, buzzing around your face, or itchy nuts?
  11. Well this thread was fun and interesting - I usually stay well away from these forums these days, except for those threads concerning my efforts to help as per my sig links, but it was fun then, while it lasted. Unfortunately the inevitable happened and now it's time to vacate the premises for the same reasons. ...und tschüß
  12. I think this is overall the best consumer headset on the market. I've not tried them all, of course. Not that it matters - I have an Index, I think it's the best solution = happy days!
  13. I haven't linked DCS World to Steam and yet I also get Oculus Home starting every time I start the sim (with an Index) and it is frustrating as it takes up resources. I also use Revive. I think if DCSW detects Oculus, it starts it, regardless and I am therefore removing it altogether. It isn't just DCS World that does this. Luckily, I still have my old VR PC that I had when I bought the CV1, so I will just use Oculus on that and ensure it is entirely cleaned off my current rig. Would be far better if it didn't happen, though.
  14. I knew Steam client was not available when in application-launched SteamVR (such as DCS World, IL-2 etc) but couldn't be bothered explaining why - but just to confirm, I tried to change my controller (Knuckles) setting just now and got the message "Steam is not available" in SteamVR. Apart from that, if I run one of those sims (or EliteD) which use SteamVR and then close the sim, without cloasing SteamVR and start the Steam client, then try to run anything from Steam in VR, it gives an error message. SteamVR then has to be restarted to enable it within the Steam client, or it just won't work. It's been this way since I got my Index - maybe before, as the Steam Client never ran when I was running these sims with Oculus Rift through SteamVR. There ya go - I explained it :)
  15. Thanks - I'm already flying - it's just the last piece of the set-up, the desk mount for the throttle. Looking forward to being able to place it just where I want it :)
  16. It's a long time since I did any new KIF files. I will be checking through everything to check it's up to date and changing as necessary. I understand changes are afoot as far as kneeboards are concerned, so I'm reluctant to dive back in and do new material, as yet. However, as long as the current system remains, I'll do a folder for the F-16C after EA release. Luckily, I've read the F-16 operational manuals many times over recent years, so shouldn't be a problem to get something done.
  17. If you put an image (or 2...) on your kneeboard, you won't have to remember anything.
  18. Great - now TNT are slacking and delayed my delivery until next week - and didn't even bother to let me know, after telling me it would come today. Good job I like to check up on these things. Long years of experience...
  19. Someone on reddit suggested buying these bags for storing the Index in and keeping out the dust. I ordered a set of 3 - they need to be ordered from Amazon US - and when they arrived I thought they would be too small (size is 'small') - but no, it's an excellent fit for both my Index and Rift CV1 - so I'm guessing they would be right for just about any current headset, too. Nice and light, breathable, soft, with a good drawstring you can then use to hang the headset from a hook. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078RF5VMV/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item
  20. One thing not reported in the beta notes is that the range of adjustment for SDE/Vertical lines issue has been doubled. Seems most users are now reporting their issue resolved. I haven't tried it, yet, but when I came off the alpha and went onto the beta, the lines were back as bad as ever. -5 on each lens gave me the same results I'd had with the alpha (gone on one screen, greatly reduced in the other). Many others were reporting exactly the same after 4.10 and were asking for more adjustment. The response was very quick - unless they had been planning it, anyway and just got the confirmation after 4.10.
  21. Haven't seen a performance change at all on my set-up. Still enjoying my Index - been doing the Huey rescue missions around Dubai and lots of fun! - In fact, with my new(ish) T50 HOTAS and Index, it's the best PC helicopter fun I've ever had. Just need to get Caucasus sorted, which looks and runs pretty awful and has done for me for some time.
  22. There is also a side image on the VPC website - pretty sure it's the v3, but might not be - from the mounting solutions page iirc: Been having a go this morning with my trembly, arthritic, spasming fingers and it won't really do the job - but if anyone wants to continue it and see what they can come up with, this is what I've done so far, over recent hours, using a photo and my very limited graphics editing knowledge. Anyone who wants to try to improve these and get them decently wireframe is welcome - I got the ones I want already (I don't use boxes etc cos I use at least two modifiers = 3 assignments per button/switch = potential mayhem!):
  23. I would recommend using a hat or 4-way switch left & right for the rudder until you can sort something out. Maybe with a modifier if you already have your hats assigned to something else (but you would need to use a modifier with the A-10C due to the direct control assignments). I had to do this for a while when my pedals had an issue and was surprised how well I got by.
  24. When I had a defective Western Digital hard drive, I was required to send it back to Germany and would receive a new one in exchange. WD offered an advance replacement, so that I wouldn't have to be without a hard drive, but they took my payment card details first and booked the full amount of a new hard drive before sending out the new one (in case I didn't send the defective one back), with the understanding that I had 30 days to return it or I would be charged. Maybe this kind of option would satisfy those customers who feel they can't manage without their hardware for a couple of weeks? IIRC Paypal can offer such an option - though I don't know what they charge for it.
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