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  1. I just flew that mission - no problems at all with it. Okay, that's not quite true - after the initial talk by Wags with the info, I never heard him again and I guess that was a bug, but I had zero issues going on through WP2 and 3 and then with the landing - all the instruments behaved as they should. Good luck.
  2. You need to make sure that you hit the IAF for landing - it's quite a way out, and when you fly through that, the HSI should change to the landing bearing and direct you to the airfield and runway. If you press 'next' or 'previous' on purpose or by accident, it will set the HSI to a different airfield, so it will seem totally wrong for the airfield you are at. Otherwise, these missions have not been updated for a long time and bugs are common. I'll see if I can fly it in the next few days and have a look.
  3. Which headset? If using SteamVR, press the left controller system button and trigger at the same time. You get two screenshots - a single image and a side-by-side image, saved to the relevant Steam folder.
  4. Do you work in Flight Simulation marketing? If not then your opinion is worth no more than any other person on the planet because we don't know what their particular market research has shown.
  5. The Flying Legends airshow that was being promoted in ED's newsletter earlier this year has, unsurprisingly, now been officially cancelled. The IWM are offering refunds, but would prefer the money to be donated towards the museum costs. However, they are offering to transfer the tickets to future events, if preferred. They've offered us (my wife & I) entry to the Battle of Britain airshow which is due in September - but I somehow doubt even that will go ahead, and if it does I personally would not be able to attend as I have to do this shielding thing until a vaccine is available. So if anyone has bought a ticket and has not received an email from IWM - this is what is happening. I'd already read of these intentions having dug around and found them on the IWM website, but it's good to have them confirmed.
  6. Just received this a couple of days ago and it is the best info I've read about not just D-day, but the whole run-up from Dunkirk through Op Neptune to the invasion itself. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1911276883/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Lots of interesting facts and info from a political level right down to Pte Bloggs manning the .30's of an LCT. Huge range of decent photographs, too, from many sources. Really learning a lot from it and highly recommend it to anyone interested in the subject.
  7. When I started in VR in2016 I found a useful utility called Tridef. It had been around for some time with 3D monitors and TV and I believe had commercial contracts with some TV manufacturer(s). Tridef 3D was excellent and became very popular in VR for those of us prepared to tweak and experiment and we got many popular games running very nicely in 3D in our VR headsets. Then they decided to develop a new utility called Tridef VR. It wasn't perfect, but it showed a lot of promise and the devs got MSI to back them on development, though this meant early trials were confined to those owning MSI graphics cards. So things were looking really good for Tridef VR, even though it was effectively just Tridef 3D, without the need to actually tweak or configure any 2D games, it was effectively 3D plug & play. Then they announced the 'price'. It was to be a subscription model. The amount wasn't that large, though it was more than I was prepared to pay - but there was a huge uproar from the customers and potential customers. I was quite shocked at the level of slating the devs got on their own forums over this proposed subscription payment model. But it never came to pass, because within months the company went bankrupt. Whether MSI dropped their support, or due to the reaction of the Tridef customers or something else, I don't know. What I do know is that within a short time of announcing this highly unpopular payment model, a previously successful and popular dev team went down the pan.
  8. I've seen many missions updated for 2.5.6 as it seems to have broken a lot of stuff like triggers. Does anyone know for sure if the updated for 2.5.6 missions will still work okay in 2.5.5 or was it a fundamental change that will render the updated missions unusable on earlier versions as well as the current stable release?
  9. I do have concerns about the end result of this pandemic and what countries may be tempted to do if and when they find themselves in economic turmoil - isn't that why many wars have started in the past - but if that were to be discussed I think it would be best in its own thread, as it would really be just hijacking this one if it were to switch to that kind of discussion, as the obvious intent of the thread by the OP was more a human and moral one, and not political or economic. Trying to support each other or even just having a place to express fears or worries is an important thing - especially where they don't have to worry about being belittled or under any kind of pressure of humiliation or anything else, personal, political, racial, whatever. Personally I'm sick of the blame game, though modern society seems to thrive on it.
  10. I was really hoping (as I'm sure the OP was) that this would remain a non-political thread and that people would be sensible and perhaps offer support to each other throughout this health crisis. Unfortunately it's sinking into the usual mess of bashing egos and derogatory comments having a go at others either openly or by insinuation. Please stick to the original subject and tone and intent of the thread -else it will just be closed like the others that went this way. Maybe that's what you guys are trying to do? We should be sticking together and helping each other.
  11. I use an app on my phone for this kind of thing - Easy Voice Recorder - yeah, you still have to look through the nose gap but I find it pretty easy. All it takes is one tap to start recording (because I have it set up beforehand) and one to stop, then another tap to play it.
  12. Please have a look - and bear in mind, this is a normal, healthy couple: Personally, I don't mind admitting I am struggling just a bit - and suffering the consequences of stress - but thankfully, I know and recognise the symptoms of stress and can differentiate them from worse afflictions. Just being able to do that helps alleviate the symptoms. From today, I am having to isolate myself from my wife - in the same house. We have one bathroom and one kitchen - so it won't be easy, but I spent the whole weekend planning it and preparing for it, so I'm reasonably confident it will work. If I catch this virus, there's little doubt it will be lights out for me - although my wife is confident for herself, she has had "underlying illnesses" in the past and still requires treatment for herself. That concerns me more. She's a so-called "key worker" and has no option but to come into close contact with many different people in a day, which is why we've had to take this awful decision to seperate for who knows how long, in the house. Looking at that video shows me what we decided to do is right and sensible, regardless of how we feel about it. It's time to wake up and do something to help yourself and to help and protect others - or you (or they) might not be waking up at all. My attitude is that I've been in many life-threatening situations, since I was a boy - I'm not going to let ignorance or arrogance do me in now. But if I do get it and if I do succumb, I've had a great time and have done and seen more around the world in my 55 years than most people ever will. Stay safe :thumbup:
  13. Mum has recovered! :)Unfortunately I now have to isolate - but I'm used to it (being stuck at home all the time), so no big deal for me. Good luck everybody.
  14. I remember when the PC rags were all making a big thing of folding back in the early noughties - I never had the GPU power to do it back then (and my PCs were old defunct things, too) but I had no idea it was still going. IIRC they used to give away prizes to the geeks who folded the most hours a month. I say"geeks" because it wasn't just gamers and I can't think what to call computer users in general... :music_whistling:
  15. It's pretty much beyond what I can comprehend, how many people around the world will be in the same situation as I am - seems surreal somehow, in this day and age. My mother came down with symptoms, so we're all just hoping it's something else but we have to stay away for now - and that's the hardest, especially for my sister, who is a professional carer and usually looks after her. I was watching Al Jazeera this morning - they had a documentary about the ebola virus epidemic in Africa, 2013. It was really awful - what we are having now is nothing in comparison to what that was like for them. In that respect, we are really fortunate.
  16. I had a regular appointment with my consultant yesterday afternoon and he told me if I get this virus I won't survive it. Bit of a show stopper because although I'm not getting stressed, I don't think I've thought about anything else for a few days (I was pretty sure of the situation before I went to see him, he just confirmed it for me). It wouldn't be as bad if I didn't continually see people being irresponsible when I have to go to town, like this morning. I don't think they are taking things seriously at all (except they panic-buy all the toilet roll and hand gel - hope we can get some bog roll within a couple of weeks or things are going to get very unsanitary round here - still, we have plenty of old newspapers! :D ). It's fine if there is little risk to themselves, but I wish they would think of others. I'm mostly scared for my mother - 81 years old and just recovered from lung cancer. She works in a charity shop and thereby has lots of contact with many different people. Soon I think I will be told to stay at home all the time, so I may not even see her again - that is troubling me. But even if I am told that, I will still take any opportunity to drive the 38 miles to her home and drink one of her awesome cuppa Tetley's.
  17. Things have been running just fine - but I didn't run it overclocked as yet (only for testing). I had a look at other air cooling options, but in the end, they are all pretty much the same thing, just wrapped differently. the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro that I am using has always been popular and had good reviews, so i see no advantage in changing it. I will be taking it off again and seeing if I can get it rotated 45° - I know that's ideal, but as i said before, the fitting base won't go that way round on this board. I've just ordered some new, quality TIM to use - the stuff I am using atm is industry stuff I got cheap a few years back. Bought a couple of 30g tubes and still haven't even opened the second one, despite how much I build and change hardware in my PCs (I have a small collection of 'retro' PCs and loads of old parts and accessories, which is why I bought the OEM tubes). Anyway, I'll see how it goes and report back on the temps and performance. Been thinking a lot about the 'draw the air out' thing you mentioned, Konovalov. I'll investigate that further. I'm convinced I can get this working much better, so I can get the clocks up to where I like them. I'm still using my Index at 120Hz and 112% resolution at XMP settings with no problems, though. That's 3.9GHz for the cpu, which is the lowest speed I've used since the E6850 was 'modern'!
  18. Listen, in life there are those who try and achieve and those who sit back and do nothing or moan about either the product or those trying to push it forward in one way or another. I won't be using wireless myself, I just want to see if it can be got working well enough so that those who are otherwise unable to enjoy the sim they'd like to fly - and are told by the second group that it just isn't going to happen (as I was when I was flying campaigns with Quest and Link with zero issues and others were trying to tell me it doesn't work). The fact that both SteamVR and Oculus Home start up has always been an issue - so please don't tell me it's just my rig or set-up - normally selecting it to run as admin fixes it (which shouldn't even be necessary - many games in Steam ask the player if they use Oculus or SteamVR and then implement the relevant code, so it's definitely doable). I'm not going to argue - suit yourselves and stay in the pen. the shepherd might be along shortly...
  19. I'm talking about simply recognising the headset - why, for example, is DCS World the only game on my PC that kicks off both SteamVR and Oculus Home? Even though I used the old 'trick' to try and stop Home launching, DCS World seems to circumvent it and starts it anyway. This seems to be confusing the software and as a result, the sim is seeing nothing and starting in 2D. This is very much fixable by ED - why is it necessary to start up both VR systems on the PC? Only game I've come across in the over 4 years of public VR that does so. Still its up to them if they want to gain customers or not, I guess - and yes, that is very much what is at stake, no matter how you try and bubble wrap it.
  20. With the Quest being so popular, it would make sense for ED to make wireless Quest accessable to virtual pilots. It has the same resoltuion as the Index, though with it using OLED displays there is more SDE - but in my tests with Quest and Link, this wasn't a big issue, and the overall experience is good. The whole point of Quest, however, is wireless VR, and it's very good at it with the PC, using an app devised for it, such as freeware ALVR or payware apps like Virtual Desktop. I've been trying to test wireless operation so I could report back and let people know how well it does, but DCS World simply refuses to start in VR mode, even though it fires up both SteamVR - which recognises my Quest as what it is - and Oculus Home, which doesn't! It does, however, usually see it as a Rift S. I actually get the notification that DCS World is starting in the headset on SteamVR, but it disappears as the sim starts in 2D mode. I've tried all different ways and it always comes up the same - desktop start and too bad. Doesn't DCSW use SteamVR engine anyway?. This really needs sorting out, because it should not be a barrier to people getting VR, who don't want it attached to a PC, but want to experience DCS World in VR. The 2 hour battery limit for the headset itself is no problem - I've been using a charger battery unit attached to my headset and after 2 hours play I still have 100% charge left in the headset. It really is a golden opportunity - especially with some other sims failing miserably with Quest due to lack of support, and putting it somewhere down their "to do" list.
  21. Please delete Not worth discussing.
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