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  1. Thanks for the opinions, guys, and your detailed explanation, Konovalov. I have already tried several different ways and also all of the fans have been tried pushing air both ways. Unfortunately, it's not possible to put the 200mm fan at the top - it isn't wide enough. I also didn't put one at the bottom sucking air in, because that is where the majority of dust is - and this house is very, very dusty. I have instead just put a dust filter there. All of the inward fans have dust filters fitted (but of course there are many leaks all around the case). I have turned the rear fan around so that it is blowing air directly onto the CPU tower and that whole area - there is nothing between the fan and that motherboard surface with the VRMs and other power gubbins. After doing this, and closing up the case, I have fans at the front and back blowing air in and fans at the top and side blowing it out. Unfortunately, the side 200mm fan is also pretty slow and the volume of air it shifts is very low. Since doing that, the temperatures (all of them in case) have dropped about 3°. So now they are all comfortably under 30°C. I would dearly love to have a more modern case, but I've spent so much on this PC over the last couple of years (two VGA upgrades, two CPU upgrades, RAM upgrade, three motherboards - two developed issues, the Virpil HOTAS then Index and Quest as well - then DCS modules on top! :) ), I really have to watch every penny now. I'll try the things you've suggested over the coming weeks and see how it affects the temperatures. Hopefully, I can move to water cooling at some stage - but that won't be for a while, yet - probably next year. The case is made for it (with an external radiator). Cheers.
  2. OK, I've got enough set up to upload the photo's now (reduced size). I have actually decided to turn that top rear fan around already. So far temps are good, but nowhere near finished setting up, yet, so not relevant now. The top and rear fans, along with the CPU cooler:
  3. I'm rebuilding my rig, including a new mobo and CPU as per my SIG. Just connecting up the fans and thinking about switching things around. Its an ATX rig, in a large case, a CoolerMaster HAF 922. I have a 20cm fan in the lower front drawing air in. I have two 12cm fans at the top expelling, and a single 12cm at the rear also expelling. I have a tower cooler for the CPU, similar to the old arctic freezer pro from athlon64 days. I think it's an Arctic Freezer 7. Anyway, the fan on the cooler faces upwards towards the two top expulsion fans. I have some snaps, but without my PC can't upload them yet, so I hope my description is good enough. I'm considering turning the rear fan around and drawing air in, instead of out. That fan is at the same height, but to the side of my CPU cooler. So whaddya think? This set up served me very well for years with my i5 2500k at 4.3GHz, but since switching to Haswell, my over clocks have not been that impressive. Though I read today that Has well runs much hotter than expected anyway. So far the BIOS auto overclocker has given me 4.6 GHz with the 4770k, but I'm concerned that I'll have some issues when the weather turns warmer (currently mid teens in my PC room). I'd like to get it running cooler anyway, with the hardware I currently have. Might splash on a better one later in the year. PS - forgot, I also have a 20cm fan on the side of the case, above the mobo, expelling. The twovfans at the top are high-volume fans on temperature sensors, which I have sited under the motherboard near the CPU and RAM.
  4. I've not been using it, no - but I was wondering if its impending change was the reason I coudn't deactivate - so that is probably it. Thanks for that - a bit of relief. My A-10C activating issues were about a year ago. I do still use the standalone A-10C and Ka-50 1 & 2 purely for fun, to fly the many community-made missions I downloaded and never flew. It's still worth doing them for a change. I considered buying a second A-10C during one of the sales just to top up my activations, but since the sale prices are no longer the drop they once were it was no longer attractive for this purpose, and I decided against it.
  5. I'm getting nervous because I am about to reinstall windows and will have to therefore reinstall or reactivate everything else as well. My C drive SSD is throwing a wobbler - 1st reason to reinstall, plus I am upgrading my CPU and motherboard - either of which requires reactivations. A while ago I had the same issue as the OP with A-10C requesting activations out of the blue - repeatedly, every time I started the sim despite having been activated the previous time I started it. From having a number left I have gone to zero activations left. I did contact support via the website but got the usual "whats the worry? It will all be replaced soon" number. Now the system has not been replaced and I will have to reactivate. If anything goes wrong anywhere I'm left up the creek with the A-10C (yeah, come on - "what''s the worry? You just have to wait a month...!". Do me a favour - it isn't acceptable. Apart from this, when attempting to deactivate both BS and FC3 a few minutes ago, I was told it was not possible. Possible reason given that I had run out of activations - which I struggle to believe as I note down how many activations and deactivations are left whenever I perform it, and the only module with zero is that A-10C due to aforementioned bug (which is what it has to be). This archaic and over-zealous system should have been ditched years ago. I'm really sick of so-called anti-piracy systems screwing me around - in all of my flight sims, not just this one, whilst the skull and crossbones crowd just laugh. As you can tell, this a sore point. Yes - for years I had zero issues until 2019 and the above shenanigins. It was one of many events over the years that made me close to ditching the whole thing (which may yet happen - despite the silly amount I've spent on it, which is why I haven't done so up to now). Nothing more to say.
  6. That's great Muse - I'll give it a try once I have my 'new' PC installed and let you know how I get on. I'll be trying the 'official' method described in the Aviation Historian book as well.
  7. Hi Belly - yes, thanks for your efforts, I did download those missions - though they are in my ever-growing list of ops to fly! Have to take an enforced break now, as well, so still can't fly them for a while! I have that book by James Holland, too - very informative and interesting. I also enjoyed his whole set of WWII fiction books (Jack Tanner) and his Battle of Britain book with fictional characters participating in actual historic events. We are lucky to have so much information readily available these days.
  8. Well I didn't really want to turn it into another ED critique thread, but anyway - I am reading another book atm about the role the RAF played (not just the RAF, but combined arms) in prepping for and supporting D-day 6th June 1944. This bookazine is by a recent spitfire pilot, who was also CO of the BBMF for a while and this opened his eyes to the history of the WWII aircraft and so he did a lot of research in archives and with fellow pilots and personnel and came up with this book. Apparently, the Spitbombers did play a vital role beyond the FEBA, on call to FAC spotters who would call on the Spitbombers and Typhoons for CAS ops, but also operating beyond the lines and harassing lines of comms, trains, convoys, depots and dumps to prevent the enemy from moving reinforcements in, and deny the front line troops of resupply. So pretty much the classic front line ops that we would consider par for the course today, but in 1944. This wasn't the first time such combined operations were used by the allies - that honour fell to the Italy campaign. Incidentally, whilst the aircraft were called in to support the troops, a simultaneous call would go to the artillery batterys, who would shell known AAA positions in the AO. I've also just been watching an interesting British Army training video from the war, where infantry section anti-aircraft tactics are demonstrated. So lets not complain about "golden AK" bringing us down! I also read about such a thing happening in Aden to an RAF Strikemaster pilot - brought down by a single 7.62 bullet through his fuel line! It does happen. And then some! :)
  9. 7 months ago I was expanding my PC hardware by reassigning my 2TB SATA HDD to external storage and purchasing a couple of SSD to replace it, due to the falling price to something very acceptable. I came across Drevo on Amazon, Their 480GB SSD was ridiculously cheap, at around £40, so I did the usual research and investigating around the 'net, but could find nothing negative printed about them. So, considering the loss if something went belly-up, I went for it. In the first months I was impressed enough with it to make it my C: drive when I reinstalled Windows. That was a mistake. It has recently started playing up, often really badly. Unable to read directories, unable to load web pages and other simple day-to-day tasks taking very long times or just hanging or freezing. Lots of poor performance in VR games etc. I went back to Amazon to see about a replacement only to find that every Drevo SSD has disappeared from the store except the 60GB one, which is nevertheless shown as 'out of stock' and apparently is unlikely to return. There are now many 'review' posts about people's SSD giving up the ghost at anything from a week to 14 months after purchase. Not only that, but it seems Drevo have jumped overboard and abandoned the products. I get a warning from Malwarebytes when I try to visit their site and others state that even when they have sent messages to the company, there has been no reply. One customer was apparently offered a 50% refund. At least he got an answer! I did see that a number of "no name" companies have sprung up selling SSD, and I do wonder if any of them are Drevo rebadged. Whatever, I would avoid buying these in future. I have 4 Samsung evo SSD and they have performed flawlessly, some for several years now, and I have a Corsair M2 NVMe SSD - which is what I will be using for my O/S when I reinstall - thankfully a reinstall is due for me now anyway, due to a new mobo and cpu. I also have a Kingston 1TB which cost around £100 - great value and works fantastic for all my Steam stuff. With prices even for branded SSD as cheap as they are now (though they have risen slightly with the things going on in the Chinese production industry atm), I would say always go for the names you know and trust. Edit: I'm now able to open the webpage for Drevo - I still wouldn't trust them. Note that the good reviews tend to be at least a couple of years old - the newer ones are where the issues seem to have started. https://www.drevo.net/product/storage/x1-ssd Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/DREVO-X1-120GB-2-5-inch-Version/dp/B071YSP7JQ
  10. Yeah, I'm so pleased I could get this (with a little help from Mrs Brix) - in all it cost me £215 together with the CPU - still not a bad price. I can save my current rig as a back-up as well. Happy Days :)
  11. **sorry - wrong thread again - just saw my old cpu topic and posted this before realising it ain't the "For Sale" forum. It's my age... :doh: -FOUND!- Just bought myself an Asus Maximus VII Gamer!!! :D:D:D Typical - not 5 minutes after posting I find the perfect one!
  12. With reference to this post I made a couple of days ago - these "bookazines" are a goldmine for WWII research and enhusiasts. Yesterday I was reading an excellent article in one which demonstrates the testing done for dive bombing in the Spitfire IX - first practised operationally on D-Day, complete with altitudes, speeds, dive angles etc etc - it's a real shame I can't scan and post the relevant diagrams here (copyright) - but I'm sorely tempted to make my own version and post it on my website under the Spitfire guides, though. If I do (highly likely) I'll post the link here. They were called "Spitbomber" - and it was an apt name as apparently, the project really bombed! Arf :doh: Compared to the Typhoon, P-38J, P-47D and P-51D, the Spit IX was considered the worst dive-bomber, mostly due to it's high speed and light payload. Less damage and more likely to "auger in". It also had a dismal range when carrying bombs, compared to the others. Here's a minor eye-opener - 60% of all Spitbomber crashes were due to blown tyres because of the extra weight. Recalling a relevant phrase by Brutus back in Roman times: "You may call a cat a fish, but it cannot swim..." :cry:
  13. This guide was made during early access but the minor differences are explained on the page DCS World Guidesite CASA C-101 Start-up
  14. Start-up procedure in pictures: DCS World Guidesite MiG-19P Start-up
  15. I thought there was a specific thread for reference material, links etc, but I can't find it - in fact I know there was one for WWII/Normandy, because I visited it a few weeks ago :helpsmilie: Anyway, I just came across a really excellent source of printed and electronic info whilst doing some research for one of the campaign writers - especially for WWII - at the Morton Group (and they use Classic Magazines) and some of the material is also available for kindle. I just got off the phone with them (turns out they are just a few miles up the road from my home here in Bomber County) and they said not to worry if issues are shown out of stock - which a lot are - as they invariably become available again either on one of the websites or electronically with Kindle or pocketmags on android/iPhone. Here is a sample of some interesting issues: Kindle only atm: D-Day RAF - The RAF's part in the Great Invasion at the website: B-17 Spitfires over Berlin Battle of Britain This one covers the period between the wars as well as WWII and after - I bought it and it has a lot of eye-opening stories of various air force's operations: Special Operations also, here are some great stories to provide further details and inspiration: https://www.aviationclassics.co.uk/
  16. There's always one... (and it's usually me.... :music_whistling: )
  17. I was thinking about this module this morning and I am really doubting that pretty much any aircraft would be considered a 'milestone' in ED's developing history - multi-position aircraft such as B-17, AWACS or MRTT perhaps excepted - but there is something that has been talked and speculated about, and even information requested, which is armour. So I'll back a DCS: AFV module - and the way this sim has gone, it's bound to be American, so DCS: Abrams, probably. Though it could be a weather engine, I suppose - but whatever it is I'll not sit in the edge of my seat - too much current module learning, practising and execution for that. Then when it comes I can say "oh really? How nice..." :)
  18. I came to see who was going to the Flying Legends airshow, but should have known better, that it would just be pages of endless speculation on this planned module... Get enough speculation every day on the BBC news channel, but since everyone else has had a go - I did also originally think about the Apache, but then remembered the B-17 and that this would actually be a milestone, Although you could say the same about the AH-64, if it has a fully operative AI WSO or pilot as that would be the first DCS helicopter with such. I'd lay more odds on the B-17, though. PS - I just remembered a comment made in one of Wag's videos referring to thoughts about a tanker - so could be an MRTT! :D
  19. Just like to say what a good job I think you've done with this manual - definitely one of the best in the DCS series. I remember the nightmare I had trying to read the Ka-50 manual comfortably (many, many times) and whilst comprehensive, it wasn't the easiest read due to the layout and persistent insertion of Russian words and technical specifications rather than general names. Over the last couple of decades and longer, I've read multiple manuals and documents on the F-16 and this one is quite honestly the best of the lot, from an operating perspective. Yes, there are mistakes with grammar, spelling, getting abbreviations in the wrong order etc, but I've been reading it every night when I go to bed before lights out, and it's been not only an easy read, but an enlightening one. Good job! I wish the manuals for all modules followed the same format and principles as this. :thumbup:
  20. I've since tried to fly DCS World wireless with Virtual Desktop, but I can't get the sim to start in VR mode. I'm not convinced it would be ideal - especially for target spotting - as I find the wireless image just a smidgin more blurry than Link in other games, but wanted to try it anyway. May be possible some time in the future, or with a hack of some kind, but I will try again.
  21. The X56 linked to HERE has just gone to CEX - fortunately, they just increased what they'll pay for it - plus I will actually get money back on an i7 4770k p/x (with 2 year warranty). It's been available here since July last year. Even the graphics cards I had advertised in that post went to CEX (the money paid for a new Oculus Quest!). I'm disappointed - this will be the last item I will post for sale on any forums. I always offer my stuff on flight sim forums before anywhere else, and always cheaper - cheaper even than ebay. My stuff is always very well looked after and always in perfect working order, with everything that originally came in the box - including the original box itself. I always wait a couple of months before advertising elsewhere, as well. The only thing that has actually sold from a forum, was the TM Warthog HOTAS to a guy in Bulgaria - who was very happy with it. Yet when I have stuff stuff to give away for free - be it a module or (once expensive-) hardware, people are queueing up. I've sent entire PC systems across the country at no cots to the recipient. When I opened a marketplace shop on Amazon to sell a lot of hardware I'd amassed as a result of ever changing new technology, everything I had for sale was gone within a couple of months. Unfortunately, it's not worth doing this with only a couple of items to sell. When I read around the forums of people having to make do with crappy cheap joysticks or things like the HOTAS X (I've had one as a back-up - it was awful compared to what I'm used to and it sold very quickly in my Amazon shop) I feel compelled to advertise my decent stuff here - yet rarely is there any interest at all, and when, the interested party will usually just at some stage simply disappear without another word. Maybe that many people don't look in this forum? Maybe they are mostly in far-off parts of the world that would make it uneconomical to deliver to (but I know there are many members in the UK and Europe making do with poor kit). This item itself is a top quality HOTAS, in excellent condition - like new - and yet I can't even sell it for £100, even offering payent terms for those that are hard up (which, believe it or not, I am myself, as a mortgage-paying pensioner - I just have certain priorities and my PC is high on the list). Just about everything I have bought for every PC I've owned, including the PCs themselves, has either been on credit or some deal I've struck with a generous fellow enthusiast. I would suggest that those making do and not so well off do have a regular look at the items for sale forum and also if something is just out of your budget, ask. Asking costs nothing and maybe you'll get a nice surprise, or be offered terms not mentioned in the sale post. Here is the For Sale forum: https://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=144 Anyway, I doubt I will advertise stuff for sale here any more - with great disappointment I have to say, because I feel I'm not doing myself any favours at all. Good luck to those who do. :v:
  22. This is still available, but this will be the last post on it - been up since July 2019. Willing to swap for a Haswell i7 k cpu or i7 1150 Haswell and motherboard (maybe your last pc before you updated and still sitting on the shelf?) and don't mind adding cash for the right deal - i.e. if your mobo is top end. I'm loathe to sell this to a parts company - would much rather it went to a good home in the community.
  23. I'm currently testing my kneeboard start-up guides and coming across issues that were not previously present in VR. For example, in the Sabre, I was completely unable to close the canopy at all. It showed a behaviour similar to those seen in other cockpits, where pressing a button for an assigned control (canopy switch in the Sabre)and holding it didn't hold the button or lever in the cockpit. It had the same effect as if I had simply clicked it momentarily. When the item being operated got close to being at it's intended end position, it would suddenly revert to its original position. This would then repeat ad infinitum. So to make it clearer, I am using my HOTAS assignment for "left click" to press the canopy operating switch. I hold the button down, but the canopy only moves a couple of inches. I release the button and press it again and the canopy moves a couple more inches. This continues until it is almost closed, but on the next press of the virtual left mouse button, it suddenly slides all the way back open. This also happened with several slider type controls in the P-51D, in exactly the same way. I was eventually able to get the P-51D controls to work by left clicking (using my HOTAS UI assigned buttons again) and then operating my virtual mousewheel, whilst still holding the left-click button. Took a while to work out how to do this, and I have to say, if it's intentional then it is far worse than the original control, which was simple, effective and intuitive. We need either a left or right click, or mousewheel action - not both at the same time! At least not for simple lever movement or switch pressing.
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