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  1. Flew a range mission with the S25L. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with launching these guided rockets, which isn't good for campaign points, but was good from a testing point of view. The orange smoke marker for the target was easily visible from well outside the range of the ordnance carried, though red smoke was slightly less easy to spot under identical conditions. Targets were barely visible at the 7km distance of the pre-launch waypoint, though the surrounding scenery and FARPS were easily visible and recognisable, which allowed me to get the Shkval TV onto the targets without much trouble at all after the smoke had burned out, on second approaches. I thought the smoke from burning targets (a BTR80 in this case) would be sufficient to mark the target for me, but at a height of 4,000m msl it was difficult to spot - but not impossible. I actually found that it's appearance was highly dependant on the angle of view. Some angles it stood out easily, others barely at all. An important issue with Quest was the lighting. After running this mission in the Index and needing no adjustment, I found that in Quest it was far too light (at 2.2 gamma) and I reduced it first to 1.8 - which was far too dark to see things well enough through the top half of the HUD in the Su-25T, so I upped it to 2.0 - which was a reasonable compromise - but it was just that, a compromise. On RTB, I found the runway very difficult to spot through the top part of the HUD from the IAF (this was Gudauta and runway 33). It was better in the lower part of the HUD, but I really needed to be a few km closer to have a clear view of the runway. I put this down mostly to the SDE. I took some screenies, but as they are from the monitor, they are not really an accurate representation - but they do demonstrate the circumstances. I just checked the screenshots and I actually think it was easier to see stuff in the headset than on the monitor! Probably due to the screens being in front of my face... So - target marked with orange smoke... You could see this quite well in the Quest with no zoom... here it is, zoomed in: Unfortunately, on the screens I took of the target burning smoke - you can't even see a thing on the monitor image - not even when zoomed in! **EDIT: Yes, you can - circled... This was the point at which the runway was clear... So it's not all plain sailing - but still say it's very much doable in Quest. Will be interesting when I get to the proper combat missions. Targets were visible at reasonable distances (by that I mean in time to set up and engage them) but AFV were not identifyable - things like hangars were. Flying without any mods.
  2. Unfortunately, it seems there are still issues with the S25L missiles (or guided rockets, if ya like). On one out 4 run-ins, they launched correctly - on 3 they didn't launch at all. Identical approach, procedures etc. So not good - but as it's a practise mission (in an Su-25T for an Su-25(A) campaign) it's not the end of the world. I think these weapons are only loaded once for the campaign, iirc, so I think I'll fly the missions individually instead of as a campaign, so I don't have to start again after losing points to this problem.
  3. I'm currently flying the Su-25 "Revanche" campaign - done the first missions in the Index (which is great) - they are non-combat missions, though. I'll fly the rest of the campaign in the Quest with Link - that should be a good enough test for it, with mostly A/G and having to avoid quite a bit of AAA plus a little A/A action against other Su-25s and helicopters. It also includes a night time SEAD mission in the -25T. That would be a good all-round test of the performance and target spotting.
  4. You must be talking about a different campaign - the first one in Revanche is a movement order, the second and third are training on the ranges. If you let me know what targets you are trying to destroy, I can tell you what I would use. edit: If you follow the link in my sig to the kneeboard files, look in the Su-25T folder and there are some munition sheets in there. It's for the 25T, but the munitions you get for the -25 are listed there, too. The sheets describe which ordnance is best for which targets.
  5. I've flown this campaign twice before - once in FC2 and again in FC2 with DCS World 1.24 - enjoyed both times and wrote up some AARs for different forums at the time. Now I'm flying the full campaign in VR for the first time. I've done some testing of the first movement and training missions, just to see how I got on with them in VR, without being able to easily check references like I can when flying on the monitor. So far, it's been really great. Despite having a number of issue with performance in the Caucasus in VR since 2.5 was released and mostly with the full-fidelity modules, it has run very smoothly, with no stuttering or hiccups, despite the often large number of AI active. My only disappointments on the graphics side so far are the light, or gamma, don't really know - but this tends to be the case a lot, at least for me, with DCS World 2.5 in VR - and the aliasing. I'm reluctant to increase AA as it tends to be a performance killer in VR, but outside of the cockpit (which looks The Business in VR) the jaggies can be really bad - and then combined with the lighting issue, it can make airfields and the objects on them look pretty dire. But I tend to just overlook those things and try and concentrate on the good stuff! The missions themselves have been fine, so far (big thanks to Winz, yet again, for his work on updating the campaign), though there are some issues, such as flight timings and getting your flight to actually land when or after you do, they are not game-breaking. I do exit the missions with other aircraft before I would like to, due to the landing issue - don't want to lose aircraft for later missions or get a lower score because they run out of fuel and crash. I'll continue to report as I fly through the campaign and mention any important issues that may appear. Otherwise, I would recommend this campaign - especially for those getting back into the sim after not doing much, or wanting to try a campaign in VR for the first time. Not too much to think about with this aircraft - pretty simple (though interesting and fun) steam gauge technology at it's best, here :)
  6. OK - in my attempts to make these easier to read whilst wearing a VR headset, I've gradually made various changes and these are the ones I'm currently using. I should say that I now only label buttons and switches that are different to my default set. All views, comms, engine starting and other actions that every module needs are what I class as my 'default set'. I will always remember what those are and where they are - so to save having so many labels on a diagram, sometimes making them appear very full and busy, I no longer even print the controls that they are assigned to. So with that in mind, here is my current T50 stick diagram: This is not the last one - I have just taken some new photo's of my stick and throttle - which I then convert into these diagrams - and intend to make some simpler, clearer ones in the near future. Once I've done that, I'll post the diagrams for all of my modules, along with the profiles themselves, so that anyone who wants can download and use them and change them to suit themselves. I'll upload them as an archive, in the user files section. - That will be a little while, yet, as it all takes time to do. Here's my current throttle (v3) handle diagram: I also don't print the modifier buttons any more - same reason. My defaults are like this: PS - use as you like ;)
  7. OK - made a short and unplanned video on the Quest VR Cover - **sorry - I've deleted my YouTube channel for the fourth time this year, with Google repeatedly trying to force things on me that I don't want - such as having to use my real name. I wouldn't have an issue with that if the same applied to everyone, but why should I have to if no-one else does? I don't plan on starting a new YT channel.
  8. My current USB 3 cable will do a good enough job for now. Actually, this is probably a good thing as it means I will get to hear how much better the optical cable is and whether it's worth getting it rather than just continuing to use a standard cable. It probably will be better, but I don't have many complaints as is, so we'll see how things develop.
  9. You need to post in the problems thread - I'm afraid I can't really help here.
  10. Seems the rest of us will have link available next year. 2nd class customers. Now I know how the Canadians and Aussies felt when Index was denied them for months.
  11. I agree with that. I also just received my VR Covers interface and padding for the Quest and all I can say is WOW!! :shocking: What a difference. This thing is the mutt's nuts for my fisog. it completely changes the feel of the headset and makes it so much more comfortable and supported much better than the default padding. I did also order the rear padding for the strap, but when I fitted that, it actually made things worse. I've done some quick videos, which I'll upload once I've cleaned them up a bit - shot in my VR room with my DSLR and they are a bit dark. I also ordered VR Covers interface for Index and that isn't as good - but for Quest it's well worth getting. :thumbup: PS - out of stock already! :( - not out of stock - seems the UK isn't a priority market.
  12. I made a short, through-the-lens recording with Quest. It's obviously not focussing that well when changing the view, but the intent is more to demonstrate how smoothly it is running. Video This is a simple flight over Normandy (during the landings - the flotilla is directly below my aircraft, so there is plenty of action going on, with shoreline bombardments under way). So far, I've not had any peformance dips during A/G test sorties. I'm currently testing A/A combat, with specific attention to spotting the enemy, especially compared to the Index, and I'm making some comparisons which I'll post about later.
  13. Thanks for the info - I will give it another look. I used to record in 3D SBS mode from Rift CV1. Performance was barely affected and the program I used was the only one that recorded directly from the Rift output - so the viewers saw exactly what I saw in the headset - just zoomed out a bit more. I used to test for the dev and he got fed up with all the Oculus updates cos nearly every one broke his program (sound familiar?) and in the end he gave up, about 18 months ago. I fully understand, but it's a real shame. Under these conditions, with constantly moving goalposts, I can't see anyone else attempting something similar in the near future - maybe just the actual headset producers. You would think they would be keen to have such a thing for promotional purposes.
  14. I looked at OBS - looked at it a few times over the years but it didn't tickle my fancy. In the case of recording Quest I saw that (if I understood it correctly) only one eye is recorded.I'm a bit reluctant to do that. I did when CV1 came out and people watching on YT did like the vids, but it always felt kind of a half job. Good news on V12 there - I think Link is going to be the mutts nuts by the time they are finished adding everything and tweaking it. It'll be nice to be able to fly without cooking my face and building my cheek muscles :) Only have the lesser FoV to put up with, and while the Index FoV is one of its best points, the positives probably outweigh the negs (no pun intended).
  15. I had another flight in the Ka-50 and Caucasus yesterday - still think it's a good option for those with only Quest or considering it. Looks like I will only be able to do a through the lens recording, and they are never very satisfactory, but I'm not trying to prove anything with it - just want to show what it's like. If people think it's not up to what they want, well that's their choice, of course. If I didn't have a powerful enough PC for dedicated PC-VR I'd certainly be happy with Quest and Link. It is a shame that the in-built recorder doesn't seem to want to record when Link is connected, though - wonder if that's a design choice or just something with my current set-up.
  16. It does seem important (at least in my case) to use the same mic for training as for the voice control apps and I always use a ptt - being an ex operator it's a habit I doubt I will ever drop out of - also gave up running a couple of online groups due to people refusing to switch off open mic even when they were told how much background rubbish was coming through. Unfortunately, the VoxATC training doesn't give the option of using ptt, though the app does. It's just very useful for teaching your PC to recognise flight-related words. My worry has always been those random inputs that VA seems to come up with that I've not had with any other voice recognition software. In Elite with HCS add-on I had all kinds of wierd commands being given without me uttering a syllable (on ptt) and it made me extremely wary - that's the main reason I haven't trusted anything except dwVAC in DCS up to now. I knew that worked well from other flight sims I'd used it with. Now it's past its sell by date, though, and it looks like VA is the app of the moment, so I'm determined to get it working. There have been a few VA updates since I last tried it in-game, though, so maybe it is better than it used to be.
  17. Hey, good news, dailey - I finally have been able to get VA to recognise wtf I am saying! Happy days! (don't know if you remember us speaking about this). The only question now is how much random rubbish it will stick in between... I'll test with VAICOM and HCS and get back here if all goes well :) edit: I used my VR headset mic to do all the vox training and then to speak to VA - before I had used my Logitech headset for the training then the VR headset for VA. I also went through the voice recognition training more times than I care to remember, then repeatedly ran through flightplans in VoxATC X until I was fed up (so for a couple of hours). Every little helps...
  18. Yeah, it sez that in the post I just quoted above :) I long since did that - but I was having an issue actually updating Home - every time I went to click on the update link, the durn thing disappeared! Finally managed to catch it unawares, though - but it still messed me about a bit. Got it finally working, I couldn't get the video recording to work, so not much use anyway. I just found out about upping the SS for Quest as well, so that's my next test for DCS World. - Oh, and want to try it in 1.5.8 as well, to see what the performance difference is (I still fly in 1.5.8 now and then - huge backlog of missions and campaigns).
  19. Having found out how to record through Quest, I was planning to record a session in DCS World this afternoon - however, it seems the recent hand tracking update has messed up my ability to use Link - so it's a no-go for now. I'll do it as soon as I can get Link working again - which probably means after the next update. For me, so far hand tracking is very rudimentary and unreliable - and the latency is quite high. Edit - this explains it: My app is trying to update on the PC, but something isn't working right and it's not updating - so until that's sorted it's no link today, thank you.... Quite a cock-up if you ask me, for something they are obviously keen to promote.
  20. You could say the same about the Gazelle - but go and fly the Dixmude campaign then come back here and tell us it's pointless in DCS World. Strange for a first post, btw, leaves one suspecting agenda.
  21. Great! Loved the Gazelle, loved the campaign and working on it with Nicolas - hope he'll be giving us something special for the Kiowa (I would love to fly Dixmude with the Kiowa - there's a thought!) :thumbup:
  22. Thanks, pleased it's of use to others :)
  23. Link to the web page has been updated in 1st post
  24. Well I meant that it runs very smooth at an indicated 36fps (which of course is half the 72Hz that Quest runs at) which would be using ASW to bump it artificially to 72. As mentioned - no stutters, no artefacts, in fact it was as good as my Rift CV1 at 45fps. I was very surprised I couldn't run it at 72, but as it was acceptable as is, I'm not really bothered - and as I've had many issues with VR in 2.5, perhaps it's all I should expect. I hadn't thought of it before, but I also have 1.5.8 installed on my PC and I will see what sort of performance I get with that (but not for a few days - very busy atm). I got good performance in that with CV1 and I'll give my Index a go, as well. As for handtracking - the beta is out, but it also depends what version you are running. Many people are not very happy just now, as the rollout of the required V12 update seems to be taking some time. I'd love to have hand tracking in the sim, but I think it would need to be implemented by ED first - and if only the Quest will use it, who knows if it's worth their while? I'm running link via a 10ft USB3 cable. I tried a high quality USB2, but it did the same as someone here reported - it showed up as connected in Home, but wasn't reliable in Quest and basically wasn't any good. I'm using a JOTO cable - so far, I've not seen anyone saying it hasn't worked for them, but it is rather a case of 'suck it and see' until Oculus release their optical cable. It works in some of my USB 3 sockets and not in others. I'm happy to try and answer any further questions about Link and DCS World, so if you want to know any more, just shout - if I can ;) PS - Oculus have also said they are not finished with optimising the Link performance.
  25. Well, well, we are salty and determined to try and put people down, aren't we? Much like those I was referring to. The point I was making - pretty obvious really, but difficult for large egoes to comprehend, no doubt, is that it's no good saying that someone with experience of said aircraft should come here and state that an FM is accurate or not - or give any other opinions, because as the detractors have so clearly demonstrated, they would be ignored, told they are not telling it "how it is" or similarly made out to be full of it. As you have made a perfect example of. Like I said - I was making a point - a valid one, as you have confirmed even though you are trying to put me down about it (funny how much that happens when you read around these supposedly friendly forums and oh yes - it's because people care so much about the sim) and that's all. because I refuse to get into pathetic arguments about who has the largest privates, or I know more than you. Have a nice day - I 'll be unsubbing from this thread because I'll be too busy enjoying myself in my Mirage 2000C, amongst other modules ;) After all, DCS World is a game and is made solely for entertainment.
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