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  1. I like this! ok thanks, I'm going to give it a go!
  2. Hi, not sure this is in the right place. I have set a KC135MPRS in mission editor with a speed of 250knots on all its waypoints includig the plane itself at 20,000ft. However when I go to tank with it it's doing 188knots. It's pretter hard at such a slow speed in a F-18. Is this a bug or is there a way around it?
  3. ok that makes sense. I was thinking of simple two possible function. Turn visibility on and visibility off for a specific object.
  4. Just a follow up from what Octuplefire was asking. Does anyone have any examples of a script on how to show/hide an object? It would be great to show or hise them when needed.
  5. Hi all, I'm having a problem trying to get my Predator to act as a JTAC properly. I'm trying to get his to tell me to drop GBU-38 on some infantry. For some reason he likes to tell me to use guns all the time.Is there a work around this to force him to request GBU-38? JTAC-Reaper.miz
  6. Hi All, I have a series of sound files in one of my missions. I updated one of them but when I open up DCS it's still the old sound even though it's different. Is there a way to clear it so it plays the new sound or do I really have to just rename it?
  7. Still not working. Seems to still repeat itself after however many seconds. The idea is; 1. A message will pop up when a coalition is in a zone whenever a coalition will enter it each time. 2. If any member of that coalition is now not in the zone it will reset itself and trigger again if re-entered.
  8. I tried this and it just broke. I have uplaoded the .miz file. Anyone feel free to play around and see if you can figure it out. Message-Loop.miz
  9. Hi All. I'm having an issue with a message being displayed everytime a trigger is tripped. The following works, however it keeps getting repeated constantly. I only want to display the message once everytime it is triggered, not repeated contantly until the switch. Any ideas?
  10. Hi does anyone know of a good video to learn Auto Lofting with the JDAM? I can't seem to get the bombs off the rails in this mode.
  11. A great idea. Usually in a brief (for land forces at least) it will have a moon state of waning or waxing, first light, last light for the sun. Certainly for mission editor some sort of indication what the moon is doing would be very helpful.
  12. Anything really. Just needs something to help a story flow.
  13. Hi Just another idea for immersion. I was wondering if there was an appetite for having the ability to add in cut scenes between campaign missions?
  14. Hi I was thinking, in editor I can drop buildings down but when click on statterlite view I can see the building along with the other map structures. In game however it you only get to see the symbol. I think it would be better if you can see static buildings on the F10 map in game. Or at least have an option. It feels like the object is separate to the environment.
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