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  1. From another topic (which I don't remember where I found, but kudos to the original author whoever he/she is): Look into your DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\P-47D-30\Cockpit\Scripts folder (actual game install, not the one in Saved Games!), edit file CLICKABLEDATA.LUA and change the following lines (change 0,025 for 0,0125 for example). This will bring trim sensitivity to a better level. Remember to re-edit after game updates!! -- Trim Control Box --------------------------------------------------------------- -- Aileron Trim Wheel elements["pnt_91"] = cabin_axis_limited(0, _('Aileron Trim'), devices.CONTROLS, device_commands.Button_1, 91, 0.0, 0.025, false, false, {-1.0, 1.0}, {135, -45}, {45, -45}) elements["pnt_91"].sound = {{SOUND_SW5}} -- Elevator Trim Wheel elements["pnt_92"] = cabin_axis_limited(0, _('Elevator Trim'), devices.CONTROLS, device_commands.Button_4, 92, 0.0, 0.025, false, false, {-1.0, 1.0}, {-135, -20}, {-45, -30}) elements["pnt_92"].sound = {{SOUND_SW5}} -- Rudder Trim Wheel elements["pnt_93"] = cabin_axis_limited(0, _('Rudder Trim'), devices.CONTROLS, device_commands.Button_7, 93, 0.0, 0.025, false, false, {-1.0, 1.0}, {135, -45}, {45, -45}) elements["pnt_93"].sound = {{SOUND_SW5}} -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: another way to change (editing default lua): dcs-community-keybinds/default.lua at main · Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds · GitHub Ok, so now back on topic. Cheers!
  2. Been there done that. The Jug is formidable. You can dispose of half the plane and she still flies.
  3. After trimming and getting to the runway, advance a little bit to straighten the tailwheel and then lock it (don't forget this!). Brakes on, increase throttle to 30 (manifold), let it stabilize. Release the brakes and increase throttle gradually until full (2 to 3 seconds is ok, with practice you'll do it quicker). After starting to roll,. don't touch brakes anymore! Maintain little pressure on right foot to keep it straight and she will basically fly itself off the ground at around 130 mph. You don't need to use turbo to take off, so let it rest. You can speed up things taking the tail off the ground after starting your run (stick forward a little, then after 110mph gently back). If you try to slam the throttle to start your run, then you'll get in trouble really quick. Oh, if you're heavy, add flaps (20 to 30) to help. Happy take-offs.
  4. Happened to me just now. Flying a 1h45min mission, returning home almost night, circuit breaker kept popping off. As a result, no cockpit lights. Also noticed that when I pushed the circuit in, battery would show 0 as well, and few seconds after the circuit would pop out again. Kept battery off, gen on, and fortunately was able to land using landing lights normally (cockpit in the dark). Don't know if this is a bug or not, but it was interesting to manage the bird all the way back (oh, and landed with something like 20 gallons of fuel or less). Checked log, not a single hit on my plane, so it's not battle damage - maybe some mismanagement of my part for keeping battery on after taking off?
  5. Yes, this is a PITA. For now, the only way I know to get around this is to instantly active pause the mission after starting it and then proceed to adjust the controls.
  6. To curve in taxi, unlock tailwheel. To go straight, lock it. Don't try to curve with tailwheel locked, she won't (or at least she will need a large radius to comply and will require a lot more power). Just the old mantra: very (!) gentle movements/press on brakes, the same with throttle (the engine is a monster). I mapped brakes to my rudders with a modifier, so it is easier (same difficulty as the Mustang). For landings, try to approach 130 mph, 2500 MP and gear and flaps down. You'll put it on runway with your hands, too. Anyway, it is and always will be purely personal. There's no such thing as one best than another since they are also intended to distinct roles. As DCS has adopted the two weeks trial for all modules, all there is needed is to fire the module up and test. No need to rely on other's opinions for purchases.
  7. It's purely personal, if you're unsure, use the two weeks trial to test them and then decide. I have both, but practically fly the Jug 3B all the time. Big, Beautiful and Badass. Countless missions that I came back to base all shot up, smoking, no oil pressure and with some pistons missing the beat, lol. The thing is really a tank. P51 is pure finesse, so (for me!) it's a little bit boring, although it is nice in dogfights (P47 can be also, just don't extend the fighting part too much (be quick!), and avoid horizontal turning if possible). Try both and then decide.
  8. I've started to read Chuck's manuals. This content is simply awesome. A wealth of information, and all in such a good presentation too. Hats off. You got skills, sir. Thank you.
  9. Last night it happened to me twice: once for taking off in a hurry without warming up the engine enough, the other after (almost) frying the engine on a lengthy dogfight. How are your temperatures (engine, carb, oil, etc?).
  10. Tried to jettison them on a mission and couldn't as well. Something still in the Owen for future releases, I guess. P-47 module has a lot of details to be perfected yet, like the instrument lights, for instance. Anyway, the "Thunderbolts" (A-10s included) are among the best modules this sim can offer, IMHO.
  11. Tried this mission yesterday. Could survive several attacks, although never managed to destroy two vessels, and of course always ended up severely damaged. Never gave attention to the fighters, just fled to the deck and stayed there bombing and strafing. The problem is that I still haven't figured out how to make my wingman attack or do something besides flying at my side. On all instant missions the behavior is the same, even if tuned to the correct radio and everything. Also tried some free campaigns and the behavior was the same, can select radio and talk with ATC, but selecting your fligh channel and asking anyone to do anything doesn't work? Anyway, intense mission.
  12. I'm with Ravent on this one. Although you can trim the aircraft to 99% precision, there's always that 1% left off, making it impossible to fly it completely hands off for extended periods while keeping same course/altitude precisely. There's no such thing on a P47. You can however trim the aircraft to the point where you can give yourself enough time to get a beer on the fridge without smashing the ground or deviate too much of your intended course. Soon or later, though, the plane *will* start to slightly roll or climb/dive. You must fly the bird, period. PS: this may help.
  13. It's a good module, well finished (but has some details, like loosing gauge's color when lights are lit at night - nothing that will hamper your experience). I like it a lot, but unfortunately I managed to fly it on MP only once. Maybe the time I fly, but historic servers are kinda rare nowadays - it's like on race sims, everyone wants GT3ish; on flight sims everyone wants F18ish - or I'm seriously missing something. All being said, I think it's worth it.
  14. Nope. Me too, lost all activities and followed topics.
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