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  1. me too here. once started engine 1 i have to almost immediately start engine 2, otherwise engine 2 won't go pass 53% and failed to start.
  2. Hello! This bug is very strange and I encountered it a couple of times. After Left engine started, click Right Engine start switch and wait for the 20% Np, then press SHIFT+Home to bring up right power lever. If this bug happens, the SHIFT+Home key press won't work, using mouse curser to move the right power lever won't work. And most strange is, Win key won't work, ALT+Tab windows switch won't work. Anything that in the Windows 11 system that should switch the application won't work. Then I have to push the reset key on the PC case to restart the computer. I'm using i9-9900K, RTX 3070, 48GB DDR4, some SSDs, Windows 11 22000.556, NVIDIA 517.96 driver.
  3. Just come up with this idea. What if I have two computers and login onto the same Apache in the same server? One for the CPG and the other for the pilot.
  4. I'm getting used to it. Just keep practicing and understand how it works.
  5. DCS Cold Start List.xlsx I made an excel checklist
  6. hi! i have the same problem. even after passing 20% RPM then move the throttle it still can't start at all.
  7. Hi guys! I have this problem. I may missed something on the manual or in the forum but I can't find a similar one. If I start a mission with an empty aircraft that has no fuel at all, it seems that I can't get the ground crew to refuel my aircraft. Because I can't start my engine after the refuel & rearm commands, fuel indicator always remains empty. But the ground crew actually rearmed my aircraft. In some cases, like in the F-18, the ground crew only refueled part of the fuel can, left one or the right one, the other part is remaining empty no matter how many times I talked with them. I tried on different aircrafts on different airfields on different maps and different sides. Anything I may missed?
  8. Hello, same issue here. i9-10900K with 3080Ti on 4K default High settings. Tested on every map with A-10C II, F14, F16, F18. F14 is the only module that causes this stutter. Very Annoying. Every other module can run at over 70 fps on all the maps, flying with the F14 module will causes the fps drop to only 5 at the worst. About 1 year ago the F14 module won't cause such problem. Maybe something changed?
  9. bought. worth the 20 years waiting for a good apache sim.
  10. i run dcs in 4k resolution with high settings. my 3080 rig runs fine with above 70 fps on average, not accurately measured. i have problem running the same settings on my other rig that has a 3070, it's almost only half the fps comparing to 3080. i tried different settings in dcs trying to lower the system memory usage and the video memory usage, from 18GB and 9GB to whatever i can get a better fps. but it didn't work that way, dcs seems to be don't bother with the memory usage by changing the settings, at all. now i'm considering buying another 3080 for a smooth 4k high dcs experience.
  11. The new clouds are very immersive. Also the overall performance is significantly higher than 2.5.
  12. This is very annoying. I waited a whole night yesterday and it's like this.
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