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  1. I am having similar problems. I tried some of the free modules (eg. F18, Spitfire). I thought the servers would be busy so after successfully installing the free modules and trying them I went off-line to play my paid-for modules (eg. A-10c). I was having problems so I created a support ticket attaching my game log. However, Antoly Zhavoronkov at tech support said ED is busy and and tech help is not available. He directed me to use the forums and the manuals instead. In my ticket (98087), I mentioned that before creating the ticket I googled the issues and asked in the community forums (I also searched the manuals) but could not resolve the issues. So in frustration, to make it simpler, I went online to uninstall the free modules. However I was unable to uninstall the free modules. And now, also nothing works. Not the paid for A-10c or the UH1 Huey. Checking the logs show that my log-in authorization passed. However other than the sound playing on the main screen, everything else is frozen. I have to use Task Manager to exit the game. I did this several times including rebooting the PC. What do I do next? Please advice. Thank you.
  2. @Emmy , I'm not sure that I understand the question. I'm learning how to use A-G weapons. I have non-moving Russian bombers, a tank, and a couple of trucks parked; and, a fuel depot and a bunker on that huge X-airport for target practice.
  3. How do I re-spawn or get a new plane? rCtrl-rShift-Tab is not working for me. Under what scenario is it possible? Can I re-spawn even when the plane is not damaged or crashed or flying, or at a training or custom mission? Thanks. What is the keyboard shortcut for re-starting a simple mission I created?
  4. How do I change the font colors of the HUD in-game (rCtrl-h doesn't seem to be working for me) and change the default HUD color? Also, how do I change the color and the fonts of the text displayed on the top left side of the game screen (where the fps is displayed)? Thanks.
  5. Interesting. Is that how it's done in real life too? No indicator in the HUD or or the front panel like the flaps have them?
  6. Pressing the left Alt-z key places the plane in slow motion mode. Left Ctrl-z accelerates the game speed and left Shift-z places it in normal mode. How does one tell the status of the game speed (not the speed of the plane). Also, left Shift-Ctrl-Pause puts the plane in Active Pause (an oxymoron for sure). Is there a video somewhere demonstrating the effect of Active Pause? Thanks.
  7. I'm using a single joystick. How does one tell if the speed brakes are open or close from inside the cockpit? Thanks.
  8. Pressing the keyboard shortcut 'u' makes the HUD the SOI and places an asterisk on the left side. For me, the asterisk is always there even if the HUD is not the SOI. Why is that? Also, when the MFCD is the SOI there is supposed to be a frame or a container box on the inside of the MFCD screen. I don't that either (after pressing the shortcut letters 'h' or 'k'). Any ideas why the frames would not show up? Thanks.
  9. You included what exactly?? ... I scanned over the prior messages thinking that maybe I missed something from you but could not find any. Please elaborate. Thanks.
  10. Thank you both. I'm reminded of this article: :-) https://hbr.org/2009/09/death-by-information-overload
  11. @David_OC - wow! @Dagger71 - nice tip. @randomTOTEN - I'm going to try that too. So many acronyms. That's why it's a 'study level' aircraft. Reading is not enough. I can't imagine how it could get more complicated. Makes me wonder why the switches are not automated. I'm not a personal fan of the guy but I keep wondering what if they had asked Steve Jobs to re-design the instrument panel. He could probably have gotten away with using just 10 buttons max: engine, weapons (2), communications, countermeasures, flight and three or more button or switch modifiers. Maybe just one button and a Siri, Cortana, or Alexa equivalent flying a remote controlled A10. :-) P.S. Forgot to mention, I've had an unused X52 Pro for some time now. I should try use it but I'm wondering how adding more buttons from the X52 will simplify the A10c experience.
  12. Thanks... I created a test mission, improved my joystick settings and I was able to get rid of the shimmers. I'm going to try your other suggestions.
  13. I did a search of the forum before creating this post. Most of the issues and forum suggestions about the issues I'm experiencing are very old and did not work for me. I've had the A10-c for some time but rarely used it due to the steep learning curve. Now that I have time, I'd like to make another attempt. I'm using Win10 and a nVidia 1070ti card with this game. I've tried using nVidia Inspector (frame locked at 60 fps using a 27" Dell G-sync monitor, never used it in P3D) using the settings for DCS Black Shark and I also tried playing around with the Nividia Control Panel available on Window's main screen. I'm also using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. I'm still getting shimmering on the vertical lines of the instruments in the cockpit as well as in the trees in the far distance. (i've never had this problem using another flight sim Lockheed Martin's P3D v4.x when used with Nvidia Inspector). My joystick is also extra sensitive even though I'm using a curvature of 30 and a deadzone of 5-10 on the pitch, roll, rudder, and throttle. Additionally when I exit using the icon on the top of the screen, DCS re-cycles and keeps re-launching itself (I might have screwed it up by installing both the Steam and the direct download from DCS - I've since uninstalled the Steam version - bought it on sale, to use on my laptop). However, it exits fine using the Exit selection on the right side of the screen. My newbie questions: 1. How do I resolve the issues above (shimmer, extra sensitive joystick, exit re-cycling). 2. Does Ctrl-h for changing the color of the HUD work for you? 3. What is 'active pause' and 'levitation'? 4. Does the A10c have something similar to P3D's 'slew' functionality? 5. In the Mission Editor, how do I make the enemy units go around in circles without stopping? 6. Is there a way to disable the 'Pull-up, Pull-up' warning sound only (without muting the other sounds). 7. How do I run the A10c in windowed mode (with a frame around it)? 8. How do I pre-load a mission? 9. Are there non-functional buttons or switches in the A10-c? Thank you.
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