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  1. Harker's post in EW Doesn't detect threats form C&D was marked as the answer   
    Your cockpit seems set up correctly, but you're outside of the detection range of these air defense units. The ZSU-23-4, for example, will only show up on the RWR when it's tracking you, which it'll only do if you're close enough.

    I start from cold and dark all the time and I don't have your issue.

    If you determine that the above is not the solution, post a track of a small mission, so we can see what exactly is happening.
  2. Harker's post in RWR and the F16 question was marked as the answer   
    The POWER button on the THREAT WARNING AUX panel. Left of the CMDS panel, left side.
  3. Harker's post in RWR and EHSI brightness was marked as the answer   
    IIRC the RWR should have a knob near it.

    As for EHSI, you need to press the CRS knob in (click it), and then rotate it.
  4. Harker's post in F/A-18 ATFLIR IR mode is just a blurry TV mode was marked as the answer   
    Try unboxing ALG (Automatic Level & Gain) and adjusting the Level and Gain values yourself. As soon as you unbox ALG, you'll get the LG option next to OSB1, click it and you'll be able to adjust level and gain values using OSBs 2/3 and 4/5 (they'll replace ZOOM and FOCS).
    You can also play with the DDI contrast knob and see if it helps, in addition to adjusting Level and Gain.
  5. Harker's post in JHMCS fine alignment mode toggle - doesn't switch to roll alightment on TDC Depress was marked as the answer   
    Cage/uncage works now.
  6. Harker's post in Should radar reacquire lock automatically after it was lost in STT mode? was marked as the answer   
    The radar will attempt to reacquire the L&S, by extrapolating its range and velocity and looking for a contact that matches the extrapolation (I'm sure the procedure is more complicated than that, but this is the idea) for a period of time. And to answer your question regarding acquiring the wrong target, it's possible, if the two aircraft are flying with a very similar velocities and are very close to each other. Remember that the radar has a limit to its resolution.

    1LOOK RAID doesn't need to be enabled for Memory mode to do its thing, although I suspect that it might increase the chance of reacquiring the wrong target, but that's more of an empirical understanding for me, right now (I don't know enough about what the actual wave changes between STT and RAID are, so I'd rather not speculate). It might increase the chance of reacquiring *a* target.

    You're correct in saying that the pilot will need additional information to judge whether the target is friendly or not. You can interrogate the L&S and get IFF and NCTR info, which should help differentiate the aircraft.
  7. Harker's post in Need some help with markpoints was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, that's a reported bug. Until it's resolved, assign the TDC to another page (any display other than the one with the FLIR), designate with WPDSG and assign the TDC back to the FLIR page.
  8. Harker's post in HUD symbology question was marked as the answer   
    AGR stands for Air to Ground Ranging, where the radar is used to get the slant range to the target. This mode is automatically enabled when you go SCS Fwd when in AG mode.
  9. Harker's post in TGP wrong color was marked as the answer   
    Could be my mod. I suggest you run a repair, if you didn't save a backup of your FA-18C folder in Mods.

    The file controlling the TV/IR color (and A/G radar video) is "flir_texture.dds", located in DCS World\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\IndicationResources\MDG\
  10. Harker's post in Wpdseg for WP using the LITENING - Ground Stabilisation? was marked as the answer   
    Are you sure your WPs are on ground level? If not, the TPOD will just look at a point in the air. The default waypoint elevation is 2000 meters, in the Editor. You can easily set ground elevation by inputting zero and it'll automatically correct it to match the ground.
  11. Harker's post in F/A-18C Laser Guided Bombs not working was marked as the answer   
    1. Select CODE on the STORES page.
    2. Select CODE on the UFC (it needs to become colonized). That's what a lot of folks miss.
    3. Type the code.
    4. Press Enter.

    You should see the XXXX below the bombs on the STORES page, change to the code you entered.
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