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  1. +1 I am seeing all of these issues I have also see the IR Mavs jump between targets repeatedly. I believe this has been reported in the bug thread. AKA_MattE
  2. And just to follow up on the Fuel, it does state in the manual to drain the Aux tank first to help with longitudinal stability (Page 140). The one time I did take 100% fuel and forgot to drain the Aux tank first it was a fight to climb out because of the instability. I am finding that I fight the instability with my rudder and I am making it worse.. Thanks for the attention to detail Yo-Yo! JD AKA_MattE
  3. I have got my moneys worth and then some! The Jug is just the icing on the cake! JD AKA_MattE
  4. BIGNEWY, you should sticky this thread and get rid of the old non relevant stickys in this section of the forum. With everything Keyless this should be the first Thread at the top. Thanks!! JD AKA_MattE
  5. Thanks Backspace, since you mentioned HOLD I figured out why I could not get it to work. The button I have Cage/Uncage assigned on my warthog is set up in TARGET as a pulse type not a hold type. Changed it to a hold and it works perfectly now. JD AKA_MattE
  6. Same, If I dont use the JHMCS things work correctly, but if I use JHMCS even an aircraft right in front of me (in the FOV of the seeker looking forward) will not pick the target up, something is wrong. JD AKA_MattE
  7. I think I am experiencing the same thing, but it is happening with the F-18 more for me. Are you losing keyboard commands as well? JD AKA_MattE
  8. This is why, long-standing issue with TWS. JD AKA_MattE
  9. Ciribob, Any chance of adding the AGM-65G back into the weapon loadouts for this round, there is a bug with the AGM-65E that causes the game to crash. It has been reported to ED but it did not get a hotfix today. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=218201 I was hoping you could make a last minute update to the weapon selection to allow for the Harrier to have a good Maverick. I cant get on Discord right now to ask. JD AKA_MattE
  10. Well that was easy, Thanks! JD MattE!
  11. Hi Ciribob, I have not been able to get SRS to work for about a month. When I click connect to the test/BF server the button will grey out and then just go back to connect. Looking at the log it just says 2018-08-10 22:24:21.5637 | Ciribob.DCS.SimpleRadio.Standalone.Common.UpdaterChecker | Running latest stable version: 2018-08-10 22:24:39.6130 | Ciribob.DCS.SimpleRadio.Standalone.Client.Network.ClientSync | Failed to connect to server @ 2018-08-10 22:24:39.6130 | Ciribob.DCS.SimpleRadio.Standalone.Client.Network.ClientSync | Disconnecting from server I have done the reinstall and have not pulled my Tacview script back into the Export.Lua One thing I did notice is that your link to .Net points to the 4.6.2 version and I am running the 4.7.1 version, could this be causing the issue? Thanks JD AKA_MattE
  12. I am not seeing this, I have had numerous attacks on A-10’s and F-15’s that do not maneuver and do not release any flares and my Magics appears to do little to no damage, this is especially true of A-10’s, it has gotten to the point where if I have both magics and know I am going after a A-10 I will shoot them both as the majority of the time the A-10 will shrug off the first hit. Same goes for the 530, the majority of the time when going against an F-15 or A-10 my first 530 hit will not do critical damage, and against an F-15 that tends to be a bad thing.. same hit on a Harrier or and F-5 blows them out of the sky. I suspect there are a few factors at work here and I am sure ED is working on it, but it can be frustrating. JD AKA_MattE
  13. On That Note, Ciribob by any chance have you reported this to ED? I know there was a thread about this on another part of the forum but it was vague and the response was it should improve with the memory manager, that was 2 months ago. I hope ED is clearly aware of what the SA-11 is doing to/in multiplayer. JD AKA_MattE
  14. +1 __________ Thanks for all your hard work Ciribob! JD AKA_MattE
  15. Dino, turn off Deferred Shading, the landscape does not look as good but the night looks better. JD AKA_MattE
  16. The IFF works, the system is prone to user error. That said, there has been a bug in the past, I am surprised some of the old hands dont remember. JD AKA_MattE
  17. I am having the same issue, at certain views the water is pixelated blocks. I will post a screen shot when I get a chance. JD AKA_MattE
  18. I am having the same issue (again). In Single player I am using about 9GB of Ram, when I jump in multiplayer it goes up to 13.5 before I have even moved, and it does not take long for the Low Memory warning to go off and soon after a crash. I was getting this in 2.0 but only with the Mig 21. JD AKA_MattE
  19. Which aircraft were you flying? I had the same in 2.0 but only with the Mig 21 and only online. Today had the same issue (ran out of RAM at 16 GB) but was flying the harrier online. JD AKA_MattE
  20. I have seen some bad Lag since the last patch, Most notable on the Blue Flag server and Dynamic Caucasus. There was some serious Rubber banding aircraft that bounce all over the place and I have been told my aircraft has done this. The amount of folks on the server did not seem to be a contributing factor, last night it was about 10 and this evening it was a little over 20. I checked my connection right after and it was going full speed so I dont think it was on my end either. I know other folks are seeing the same thing. Thanks JD AKA_MattE
  21. I have seen some bad Lag the last two days, not just on BF but another server as well. Rubber banding aircraft, and the amount of folks on the server was not that many, last night it was about 10 and this evening it was a little over 20. I checked my connection right after and it was going full speed so I dont think it was on my end. Just an FYI JD AKA_MattE
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