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  1. It was like: Let´s see what the unofficial roadmap has to offer... and few minutes later money was missing in my account. It is scary how fast and easy investing money is.
  2. No problems with my Paypal. Everything went smooth. It is scary how fast and easy investing money is.
  3. A C-130/AC-130 would be nice for sure, but I do not think we would get one from ED. If their policy has not changed then they do not want do model planes with more than 2 engines. I would love to have a C-160 Transall, C-27J Spartan or a smaller C-2 Greyhound for carrier. But I think we will get a C-47 Skytrain or C-53 Skytrooper (maybe both and hopeful an AC-47 conversion too).
  4. A "Mobile Riverine Force" would be amazing. And that could be our carrier/base with lots of firepower on smaller boats:
  5. I am really looking forward to the BO-105, followed by the Kiowa and Apache.
  6. Really strange. I tried using the map on my second 1920x1080 display below my ultrawide and it happens to me too. The map does not fill the display. I am not that good with editing .lua but could it be possible that the original source file gets exported with black bars?
  7. My ranking would be: 1. HH-60G Pave Hawk (CSAR & air to air refuelling would be amazing) 2. MH-60R Sea Hawk or older version SH-60B/ SH-60F (Because we need navy helicopter. SAR, ASW/ASUW & hellfires/rockets) 3. UH-60L Black Hawk ("External Stores Support System" for firepower and/or external fueltanks. Probably the best Black Hawk variant.) 4. UH-60A Black Hawk (Classic) 5. MH-60L DAP/ AH-60L (Let`s show the Apache what we got!^^) Further topics:
  8. I like the idea of ship modules, but I would prefere smaller ships over the Iowa-Class. It would be amazing to command an Arleigh-Burke-Class with supercarrier-like-functions for future navy helicopter. We could then store and command two ai navy helicopter or use the ship module in conjunction with other helicopter modules. We should get animated LSE/Marshaller and all sort of animated deck crew supporting your entire flight operation like rearm, repair, refuel (even refuelling while hovering), store and switch your helicopter in 2x animated hangars.
  9. Please for the time being no more desert maps. We need green or better icy maps like: Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Balkans, Baltic Sea, Northern Europe, Artic Circle (Lomonosov Ridge with ships/submarines breaking passages through sea ice) Perhaps not ideal for combat scenarios but nonetheless I would fly around there: The Alps, Scotland, New Zealand
  10. I welcome and probably buy every helicopter, but for now I would prefere a medium sized utility helicopter like the "HH-60G Pave Hawk", "MH-60R (SH-60B/F) Seahawk" or "UH-60L Black Hawk". I would glady accept any of the european medium sized helicopters too.
  11. I hope the naval environment and especially the sea/land rescue part gets more developed in the future. If a MH-60R would be to difficult I would gladly accept the SH-60B or SH-60F. Maybe a MH-60R and the entire ASW environment needs to be developed by ED. Since there a no news about a navy helicopter being developed or planned I pin my hopes on RAZBAM developing a SH-3 Sea King.
  12. I prefere the HH-60G too. My ranking would be: 1. HH-60G Pave Hawk (CSAR & air to air refuelling) 2. MH-60R Sea Hawk (Because we need navy helicopter. SAR, ASW/ASUW & hellfires/rockets) 3. UH-60L Black Hawk ("External Stores Support System" for firepower and/or external fueltanks) 4. UH-60A Black Hawk (Classic) 5. MH-60L DAP/ AH-60L (Let`s show the Apache what we got!)
  13. I do not get it. As soon something is announced people are losing all reason and are asking like mad for a release date. Looking at the BO-105 3-5 years of development seem to be rather short. ;)
  14. In spite of being german myself every time I hear that sentence "german efficiency" I wish to have at least meet one person who would conform to this prejudice. So, yes! Your fear would be justified.
  15. A hover with the ability to change altitude to get you behind or over trees/buildings, to turn into the desired direction and maybe be able to maneuver a bit forward/backwards and left/right would be great. So in singelplayer you could then move as pilot to a desired spot and then switch seats and finetune your alignment for the perfect shot. I do not think we would need an AI for forward flight maneuvers.
  16. So the sudden spin during landings I read about in the forum may be the result of too much dependence on the YAW-AP. Never happend to me because YAW-AP was always turned off during landing, but I got the feeling that the tail rotor seems to be pretty weak.
  17. Danke, if I heard it correctly. Next time I try to experiment more with the autopilot and try to have more focus on the trimmer. But basically YAW-AP is a normally turned off cheat if you are more used to the huey and a lot of legwork or just want to have a bit more challenge.
  18. Someone people above wrote that turning YAW-AP off would make the trimming behaviour more like the Huey or the Hip. So do you turn off YAW-AP normally during take-off and landing?
  19. Seeing this makes me want a short input delay after pushing the trim button for the cyclic. After trimming the Hind suddenly pitches up or down without enough time to recenter my stick. Never had this problem in the Huey.
  20. Was there ever a new module or map working in a stable release from the start on? At some point I left the stable releases behind and played only beta. W10 support should official end 2025, but I think that they will extend the support anyway. So there should be plenty of time without worrying.
  21. I have not gotten into a spin, but I noticed that the tail rotor seems to be very weak to counter torque. Sometimes you need a lot of deflection on the pedals. Maybe the spin happens when input to anti-torque measures comes to late and the already weak tail rotor can not counter the more increased rotational force. It may be that the weak tail rotor is a bug or a feature representing the real thing.
  22. I did my second round today and accepted that it is a brick with wings. Once you avoid harsh maneuver like to tight turns or sudden pitch up it flies really smooth. Beside the VSI it is important to keep a close eye on the rotor pitch gauge to never move to far away from the ideal rotor pitch for a forward movement take off. There seem to be a small delay on the collective so you can get into VRS easily even if you closely maintained a descendrate on the VSI. It happened a lot during my first try.
  23. I think it is all on the point. You described everything which I experienced during my first time in the Hind. Not even on my first time in the Hip I had to struggle with so much danger to get into VRS. Maybe we all expected the Hind beeing an attack helicopter a bit more forgiving and agile than the Hip.
  24. I tried the Hind for the first time today and it seems to be a VRS-beast. It likes only shallow descends and tight break turns or maneuver to bleed speed fast can be really dangerous. The timing for the collective to maintain a descend rate during tight maneuver without getting into VRS seemed really difficult. To me it seemed that you realize the transition from hover to translational lift to effective translational lift better in the Huey or Hip without constantly looking at the airspeed. Maybe I realize this effects better with more time in the Hind.
  25. I rather wait for the full video to publish. No need for spoilers.
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