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  1. {WD} Cravgar has volunteered to stand in for me
  2. Unfortunately {WD}Junglie I have to withdraw from the CSAR flight due to family commitments. Sorry.
  3. {WD} Junglie Wardogs United Kingdom Blue Side: Mi8 CSAR
  4. There are, some but there is also a large dedicated group of "Veterans" that can be found on teamspeak, and they often team up to work togeather in the conflict zone and also with training if you so wish. :thumbup:
  5. I'll be on this evening for some warbird (Spitfire) Helo party time
  6. Awesome screenshots Dust. It was great fun learning some more F-5 the other day :thumbup:
  7. Just one request from me could the spitfire have some slots for duel
  8. Awesome ideas guys +1 all of these :thumbup:
  9. Looks very nice and seeing how good the Mig was, I expect this to be amazing... This and the Tomcat will definatly be in my hangar :-)
  10. NeilWillis As you can see, I am still new to this board. In response to your question, yes I do investigate causes before making a bug report, however on this occasion I obviously missed that this has already been addressed. Thanks for pointing this out to me!
  11. Hi all, I have the Gazelle in DCS 2.0 but when I load the sim it puts me straight into F10 view and the module is in AI. This is very strange but in my DCS 1.5 the module works fine!
  12. Awesome screenshots Dust. Have a safe trip
  13. Hi how would i be able to change my username to my multiplayer callsign? Thanks
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