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  1. I can't really find the answer to this: Is there any real purpose to TGP ATRK (area track) mode? As it seems now it works just as well to leave it in the slewable OPR mode. I can still use laser guided weapons by just designate the target point. What is the benefit of switching to ATRK?
  2. Thanks Frederf, what a great reply! What I get is that it is not always obvious what mode is best to use, and sometimes two different modes could do basically the same job. With your description and more testing I believe I will get a hang of it. With some experience one will probably know instinctively which mode is best in different situations.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Good info about EOM off boresight shots. I just tested and it works like charm. One question though: Why does PB have longer range? If I'm flying straight towards a SAM and launch, both EOM and PB will loft. Why is the range in PB longer? Shouldn't they be about the same in that case? I have to confess that I haven't tested in the game, but I will tomorrow. Also, another question. In the Nevada instant action mission with HARM and russian SAMs the briefing says "SAM target 2 and 3 are tactical mobile SAMs. As such, only their general position can be determined. SP2 and SP3 are in the general location of these SAMs. POS RUK mode is not viable for these targets. HAS is the recommended mode". Isn't POS RUK actually a good fit for the scenario above?
  4. So I'm studying the HARM at the moment, trying to get a firm grip of when to use which mode. Unfortunately there seems to be few descriptions detailing when to use each mode. Tell me if I'm right or wrong: EOM: The most exact mode. Primarily used when we have a steerpoint on the exact location of the SAM. HARM missile lofts for greater range. PB: A little less exact than EOM. Primarily used when we have a steerpoint in the vicinity of the SAM. HARM missile lofts for greater range. Lofting cues are also shown on HUD in this mode to increase range by aircraft pitch up. RUK: Used when we only know the general direction of the SAM and not the range. HARM does not loft, and goes active shortly after launch to search for targets with a 120 degree FOV. A few questions arise: 1) Is there any real benfit of using EOM over PB? PB seems to do the same thing just fine. 2) Even though lacking HUD lofting cues, lofting before launch seems to work fine in EOM too. Just pitch up 25 degrees and pickle. What is the advantage of lofting in PB mode? Also, lofting does not work like in the Hornet, where you hold the pickle button, pitch up and the missile is launched when the flight path marker passes the lofting cues. In the F-16C the missile is launched immediately when pressing the pickle button, even if the flight path marker is still behind the lofting cues. Therefore, exactly the same thing can be achieved in EOM as in PB (it seems) Thankful for some input from more experienced Viper pilots.
  5. I'm trying to make an SKU fix type 1 but I can't get it to work. I'm in SPA master mode, press LS/SKU button, radar trigger to T1, cross hair over target and hit TV, and nothing happens. No S1 is saved when I press "1" on the keypad. On the other hand, MÅL mode works as intended. After I've made the target fix, M1 is saved at position one and I can transform it to S1 by double clicking LS/SKU button and then proceed to make the second fix after 3 minutes. Have I misunderstood? Shouldn't it be possible to make an S1 point directly without first making an M1 point and having to transfer it to the SKU layer?
  6. First, after pressing L/Mål and hitting T1 the crosshair on the radarstick works as I have configured it in the control settings. Then, after converting my M1 to S1, I hit T1 again to take the second fix. Now the Y-axis on the radarstick is inverted, so if I previously pressed up to make the crosshair go up, I now must press down to make it go up. That has to be a bug right? @IronMike
  7. I mentioned this several years ago but coming back to the Viggen recently I noticed that it is not fixed yet. Such a simple thing to fix, yet so annoying when flying the module. 1) The weapon selector dials rotate left with a right click while the TILS selector rotates the opposite way. 2) The two radio knobs rotate in the opposite direction to each other. To make things easy I think all dials and knobs should rotate in the same direction. Preferably they should rotate right with a right click and left with a left click. Please fix this with the next patch! @IronMike
  8. I’ve been there and I have crawled through there too. The thing is, it is not big enough to walk, you’ll need to crawl (or at least squat). Either way, it’s quite cool.
  9. I'm trying to get a grip of the offset feature of the TGP. I'm running the instant action mission "GRound attack practice" for the Syria map. I slew the TGP cross hair over a target, go into ATRK (confirmed by display), hit TDC depress, and nothing happens. The little movable cross does not show. If I'm doing the same on point track mode it works like a charm. The cross appears and can be slewed around. Anybody else have this problem? Also, I'm wondering what's actual point of these functions are in DCS? Why not just use "normal" mode where you can slew around? ATRK mode, where the TGP is not slewable seems uttlerly pointless (unless I'm missing something).
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. Will have to work around this until it's solved.
  11. I'm learning JDAMS and I have two JDAMS loaded on the same station. There are two slots TOO1 and TOO2. First I use WPDSG to load the coordinates for target one into the TOO1 slot. I then switch to TOO2, change waypoint and press WPDSG again. When I go back to TOO1 the coordinates are erased from that slot. Only TOO2 now has coordinates. Why are there two TOO slots if they can't be programmed for different targets?
  12. Yes, but if I fire a Maverick, can I get the next one to slew directly to where the HUD TD box is pointing (ie where the previous Maverick was first ground stablized)?
  13. So I'm in Visual mode and I have designated a point with the HUD TD box, I press TMS up to ground stabilize. I slew the Maverick onto the target, lock it and fire. How do I get the next Maverick to slew directly to where the HUD TD box is? If I press TMS aft the TD box is boresighted and I have to start over again. If I'm having several targets in the same spot it would be handy to be able to slew consecutive Mavericks to the same spot.
  14. You are correct. I just tested again. Two TMS presses are indeed required to lock the target. Also, as you point out, after the first press nothing actually show that the target is now a system target, apart from A2 and 3 bars. This means that it is not practical (or even possible?) to mark several system targets when datalink is involved, because you will not be able to tell which are system targets anyway. It's nice that this behavior is confirmed, although the difference in meaning when it comes to hollow/solid tracks depending on whether datalink is used or not is a bit confusing. Yes, this is correct. Thanks for the clarification. This behavior is not very clear in the manual I think. Or am I not reading it good enough? Maybe the radar will be discussed more thoroughly when the manual is finished for release state.
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