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  1. lol how do you say "there goes the neigborhood" in russian? :lol:
  2. hey - great idea as long as it happens we've got lock-on NOW - a sim down the road is... a sim down the road (approx 3 yrs out, I'd say) mod lock-on with the hornet - we could have it in a year (?) just wishing - i know NOTHING about sim development ...except being on the receiving end and seeing launch dates move to the right
  3. i just want to see a light strike fighter - ANY (western) light strike fighter there's a red light strike fighter - we need a blue light strike fighter hornet would be GREAT so would an ED version of the F-16 but SOMEthing would be better than what we've got now
  4. at ANY rate... how revealing could a poll based on few more than a hundred *voluntary* respondents be? its not very scientific a company would be insane to base the future operations of their business on a poll such as this
  5. earlier today you know what? i think i must have hit "preview" instead of "post" and it never got posted silly me - i should've paid more attention in my high school Spanish class... lol
  6. i posted a new thread - now its gone ??? do you have to be someone of some standing to post here? or did i just make some collosal blunder and pressed "erase" in russian instead of "post"? :) the post had to do w/ the f-15's inlets
  7. exactly! YES! I would only add to that most-excellent list of recommendations -- . . . western AWACS good post
  8. but hey - you gotta admit - at the end of the day, for the money, this is one great sim
  9. don't get me wrong - ED's a great outfit and LOMAC is a great game - i think its a classic (if not in sales, unfortunately, in my heart - for whatever that's worth), but they're going to have to turn a corner, technologically they're going to have to be able to handle MFDs - no doubt about it other devs have cracked that nut - these guys can, too after all, the name of the sim is "...MODERN air combat"
  10. didn't know that Tharos - i don't follow lock-on like i used to SK - i think the poll is flawed - kind of a false dillemma (know what i mean?) just thinking about it... no jets w/ MFDs??? well, that pretty much limits it, doesn't it? F-14s don't have MFDs (the old ones) oops - no two-seaters in lomac! shucks
  11. you know, i would go so far as to say - release the hornet (its a light strike fighter - missing on the western mix of flyables) and make all the russian/eastern jets you want after that. the west will have a-a, a-g (slow), and strike (a-a/a-g) - a near perfect mix that's all we need! after that - go crazy w/ all the russian hardware you want knock yourself out the west will be happy...
  12. just for the record... i voted NO -- but I think the post is flawed i'll buy whatever ED puts out but I *seriously* prefer western flyables its fine if they introduce alternating western/eastern aircraft - fine but I would rather ED didn't do two eastern in a row you know how to catch big fish? fish where the big fish are isn't the US market the largest? why don't they appeal to the US market? release the HORNET! i've seen good posts above making good points about why the f-18 is the preferable choice :)
  13. why dontcha just get online w/ eachother and do some experiments?!? :lol:
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